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Camtasia promotional Code CouponLooking for a Camtasia promotional code coupon or a discount? I was too, until recently.  And then it hit me! OK, TechSmith ain’t gonna offer no coupon on their behalf, definitely not online to the general public, but there gotta be retailers or resellers that purchased loads of licenses and got a discount for quantity, right? And they can offer a discount and still be in profit! I got my Camtasia Studio 8 PC license at a $30 discount. Also, even though there’s a big discount for MAC users and also for educational customers (teachers, students) resellers probably offer Camtasia discounts for them as well!

In this review we will be exploring some of the benefits and features of Camtasia and show how you can save big money without using any Camtasia promo codes or Camtasia Studio discount coupons (cause basically – there aren’t any). This post will gather all the available Camtasia promotion prices, discounts or shops that offer special deals for the software. All the details are below.

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Best Selling Camtasia Class

Camtasia Class for Windows Users

Camtasia Class for MAC Users

Alright, so here it goes. You might prefer other vendors, but I personally trust and love buying over at Amazon. If the links below are outdated just make a new search and you will find the latest Camtasia discounts as well, even though I do try to keep this post updated.

Camtasia License Discount 1 Camtasia License Discount 2

Camtasia MAC License Discount Camtasia Educational License Discount

 Camtasia Studio Review

Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder and Video Editor is a popular software put out by TechSmith that provides both Windows and Mac users with a variety of useful features. This product is used by many online businesses, as well as anyone with the need to present videos or other presentations to the public.

Main Features of Camtasia

The main purpose of Camtasia is to capture screen images for use in presentations. It is often used to create instructional videos where a series of steps must be illustrated. While there are other ways to capture screen shots, Camtasia comes with some benefits that make it extremely useful and versatile.

For one thing, Camtasia makes it easy to pinpoint exactly what part of the screen you need for your presentation. Very often, you don’t want the whole screen, which might include ads and irrelevant content, but only a certain portion of it. With this software, you can capture only what you need to make your point clearer. It’s also possible to use Camtasia in conjunction with other programs, such as PowerPoint. In this way you can convert a slideshow into a dynamic video.

You are not limited to using screen capture images with videos made with Camtasia. You can also import photos, music and camera video taken at different times and incorporate it into your video. Presentations created with Camtasia can be saved in a variety of formats, including MP3, GIF, Windows Media and Adobe Flash. This allows you to create videos that can be viewed by just about everyone with an internet connection.

Editing and Interactive Features

One of the best things about Camtasia is the ability it gives you to edit your videos. You can enhance your videos with features such as graphics, callouts, themes and animated backgrounds. This can transform an otherwise ordinary presentation into one that is more entertaining and professional looking.

Another useful feature is that you can make your videos interactive. You can insert search capabilities and clickable links into your videos. This is especially useful for marketers who may want to guide viewers to a sales or purchase page. These features can also enhance the content of a video by giving viewers links to sites that provide additional information.

Tutorials and Support

Camtasia is a very rich in features program but it also has many helpful features that make it user friendly. There are extensive tutorials on how the software works, and tech support is always easy to reach. In addition, there is a community support, which is a forum with over 20,000 members. If you have a question related to Camtasia or any TechSmith product, chances are good that a member will answer you promptly.

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Best Selling Camtasia Class

Camtasia Class for Windows Users

Camtasia Class for MAC Users

Pricing and Camtasia Promo Codes

Camtasia for Windows costs $299. The Mac version is less expensive at $99. Either way, you have a choice of downloading it or receiving a boxed version. There are special prices for educational institutions and governmental offices. Camtasia also makes a free trial version available for 30 days. Use the below Camtasia promotional discounts that we’ve gathered around the web. We keep this post updated with the best Camtasia discount offers available!

Camtasia License Discount 1 Camtasia License Discount 2

Camtasia MAC License Discount Camtasia Educational License Discount

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