Google Analytics April Fool’s 2013 – International Space Station Control Room Visitors


While checking my Google Analytics stats for today, I’ve noticed something very strange on my real time overview report. 41 visitors somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean are on my site right now. OK, so what is it, an entire pirate ship that is so much interested in getting my Facebook coupons or other discounts? I mean, yeah, that makes sense, but still, what are the odds..?

When I clicked on the dot, it showed me that the location is International Space Station Control Room. OK, now that makes a lot more sense. What else do these guys have to do other than surf the net and my site specifically? More likely, the station was taken over by aliens, looking to start their invasion with some social media management tools. Wait, the dot is moving to the east. Is this the control room or the space shuttle itself?

Google Analytics April Fool’s 2013 - International Space Station Control Room visitors

Well, of course this is Google Analytics April Fool’s trick for 2013, hopefully a few more to come ( the day has just begun ), and let’s hope Google will be forgiving enough to understand this humoristic post, for being so unrelated to any other content on my site.

And if by chance those 41 Space Station Control Room visitors want to subscribe to my mailing list, now’s their chance. I mean, where else will they find such an ugly web form.

Oh, and if someone has any clue of why Google Analytics decided that the number of International Space Station Control Room visitors will be 41, kindly do share it below. My best guess is it’s dedicated to the satellite they launched in 2008 along with GeoEye, providing Google with high-resolution (0.41 m monochrome, 1.65 m color) imagery for Google Earth. But that is a very wild guess.

Alright Google, I’ll be watching you, where are you hiding your Easter eggs?

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