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WPX Hosting Coupon DiscountWPX Hosting is the hosting service IMPromoCoder.com is currently using, let it be strong enough of a statement regarding what I think about their service. In this post, I will mention just a few of the reasons I moved IMPromoCoder from HostGator to WPX and I will also share an exclusive WPX Hosting coupon with you (make sure to read the instructions at the bottom of the post, as it’s a bit tricky to make the coupon work), so you could save a few bucks in case you decide to move as well.

Copy WPX Hosting Coupon: IMPROMOCODER

Why I moved to WPX

Well, basically, I’ve had it with HostGator. Yes, they’re cheap, and work OK (most of the time), but not great and not all of the time. And that’s what I needed for this site. So after a small research, I ended up moving to WPX. A couple of major factors made it an easy decision for me. The first reason is that they do the move from the old host over to them for free. I know that’s not too much of a task for many, for some (like me) any technical task can hold me from doing it for months. In fact, the move took really only a couple of hours (with zero downtime), and I was completely hands off, which is great for me. Again, if you’re a techie and need or want to do it alone, you can, but WPX WordPress hosting is designed to do everything for you.

Second major issue is speed. Load speed is so important and I personally think it’s a huge ranking factor and even more importantly, UX factor for the readers themselves. What will they think of the site, how annoying the waiting will be for them. With HostGator, I always felt it could be better. So yes, installing a caching plugin made it much better, but just see in the image how it got even better after the move. I’m not sure it is entirely clear from the image, so I’ll just say that the move alone, with no other changes what so ever, improved load speed by 35%!!

Traffic Plnet Hosting Why I Moved From HistGator

I’ll also try to update here with the latest performance reports, as we all know, many hosts start off with a great start and perform poorly over time. Here’s the performance for February-March 2017;

WPX Hosting coupon and stats

WPX Hosting Coupon

WPX is not the cheapest of hosts out there. If you’re looking for a cheap option see our recommended hosting here. However, if you have a website that you are successfully monetizing (or seriously intend to monetize in the near future), you understand the value of having the website up all the time and fast all the time, you have to realize that you need to invest slightly more as well.

We have a WPX Hosting coupon to offer you. It’s not huge, but it’s something (and the best thing). Follow the link here, use coupon code IMPROMOCODER on the billing cycle page and you will save 50% off of the first month. This WPX coupon will only work with the monthly plans, as the annual plan is already offering two months for free, and the bi-annual plan is offering six months for free. Mind that you have to click the “Use promotional code’ link in order for the code to work. I know it sounds weird, as the coupon box is already open, but that’s how it works.

WPX Hosting Use Promotional code

You have to click the ‘Use promotional code’ link before entering the coupon code.

WPX Hosting Promotional coupon code entered

And that’s how it looks once the coupon is applied


You can also contact us for additional custom bonuses we provide.

Final Words

These are just a few reasons why I moved to WPX. If you have any questions you can email (info[at]impromocoder[dot]com) and ask me anything. Make sure to take advantage not only of the WPX coupon but also contact for additional bonuses. And if you’re looking for the cheaper shared hosting services, see our recommendation here.

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