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Website calls to action solution sidespurUpdate 2014 – SideSpur is no longer providing service, the coupon code is no longer valid and this review is irrelevant. Please do check our other special promo code offers.

For a website that is trying to engage its visitors in an interactive and intuitive way, having a call to action that presents itself quickly, easily and in a functional fashion is one of the best ways to accumulate members and draw people in. has attempted to corner the market on website calls to action by providing a programmed side scrolling window which features a call to action such as an area to become a member of a site, sign up for an email mailing list, enter a contest, give feedback on a website, fill out a survey, participate in a promotion, watch a video or engage in other interactive site content that may otherwise easily be overlooked. Read further below and use our promo code to enjoy a full year of FREE Sidespur service.

Having a call to action as a part of a website is absolutely necessary when trying to engage viewers. Without an effective call to action, visitors may come to a website, look at it briefly and never return. If a call to action is not intuitive it is easily overlooked, and if it is too intrusive, then it is just appears as spam. This can stop visitors from returning to a site, leaving it without traffic or proper feedback.

While many sites use common browser pop ups as a call to action, SideSpur is a fun alternative;

  • It appears on the side of the screen without causing severe interruption to the activity in the browser.
  • It can feature a number of types of calls to action, or can be closed if the user does not immediately want to participate but reopened if they change their mind.
  • A SideSpur window takes only 60 seconds to create with the use of templates and a visual editor that allows a site owner to use their own branding to make their window unique and personalized.
  • By simply embedding the SideSpur code into your own website code, the call to action window will appear whenever someone visits the site.
  • Thanks to the use of JavaScript, the SideSpur window can be modified via the main website without the embedded code ever needing to be edited.
  • SideSpur allows users to view a variety of helpful statistics and results, letting them know exactly how effective their call to action window has become.
  • The website allows users to engage in demos of many SideSpur window styles.

There are a few potential downfalls to the use of SideSpur, although outnumbered by the positives;

  • On first glance, visitors may think that the SideSpur window is in fact an advertisement of some sort. You have to be creative to engage them to take action and open it
  • Visitors with older browsers or Java that has not been updated may not see the SideSpur window in the fashion it is meant to be seen, or at all.
  • SideSpur windows do have an additional cost per month aside from the cost of web hosting.

Despite these drawbacks, the use of SideSpur can be effective as a call to action tool. And to solve the matter of the monthly cost, IMPromocoder has some 1 year free promo codes for you to use on your site!
Use the code: impromocoder upon signup and you get the service for free for a whole year. There is a limit of 15 users to enjoy this code so I hope you are one of those. Please do share your experience of this service with the rest of us below!

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