Drip Email Marketing Automation Review and Discounts 2021


Drip Email Marketing Automation Review and Discounts

Drip, a product from Leadpages, is an application that supports marketing automation so you can engage with customers more efficiently. Most marketers, especially those who engage in email marketing,  quickly realize the need for automation. You may, for example, use an autoresponder to automate the sending of emails.

Drip takes this principle to another level, allowing you to automate the whole process of capturing leads and sending emails based on certain actions. Whereas a conventional email service lets you send emails on a certain schedule you set up, Drip responds to what your customer or subscriber is doing, making the messages more relevant. This Drip review will explore the leading features of Drip and help you determine whether it’s a good value for your business. Seasonal Drip discounts will be shared here as well, once they are available.

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Lead Capture

Lead capture is the first step of any sales funnel. If you don’t have effective lead capture forms, you won’t be able to set up a profitable list. Drip has tools to help you set up customized lead capture forms that you can paste into your website. It also has more advanced features to help you capture more leads.

There’s a widget that lets you capture leads from any page on your website. This allows you to bypass the challenge of directing visitors to your lead page. Using this widget, you’ll be able to capture leads no matter where on your site visitors land. There’s also an exit popup that will grab some extra emails from people as they’re exiting your site.

Manage Campaigns With Visual Workflows

The ability to manage your campaigns with visual workflows is one of the most innovative features of Drip. It can be difficult to keep up with all of your campaigns and the criteria you use to send out messages. Drip makes it easy to plan your campaigns and keep them organized. The visual builder lets you set goals and plan the most logical tasks.

You set up goals using an “If…then” type of logic, which is a natural way to think. For example, someone subscribing to your newsletter will cause a series of emails to be generated. You can arrange it so that people receive emails based on their responses. This prevents unwanted and redundant messages, such as customers getting pitches for products they’ve already purchased. It lets you create very targeted and segmented campaigns.


The essential advantage of using Drip is the way it lets you automate email campaigns in a more sophisticated way than other tools. This is handled by the use of triggers. Drip has 18 triggers and 16 actions, which make it possible to set up a wide variety of messages based on subscriber actions.

To make it easier to manage your campaigns, you can apply tags to subscribers. These tags can be anything that’s appropriate for your campaign, such as “customer,” “lead for Product X,” or “signed up for a free trial.” Applying tags for very specific actions, such as visiting a certain page on your website or requesting information about a certain product, allows you to segment people into very targeted categories. This lets you set up campaigns that are actually relevant rather than sending the same generic messages to hundreds or thousands of people.

Integrate Drip With Other Marketing Tools and Services

If you’re interested in tools for automating your marketing, you’ll probably be using a variety of services. Drip is even more efficient when combined with other tools. Drip integrates with many different services — the following is only a partial list.

  • PayPal -You can automatically send emails that are triggered by PayPal purchases.
  • WooCommerce and Shopify – If you have an online store that uses one of these popular platforms, you can use Drip to segment leads and customers in many different ways.
  • Clickbank – By integrating Drip with one of the leading affiliate networks, you can build a targeted mailing list of customers.
  • Wistia – Drip helps you convert people who view your videos into subscribers and customers.
  • Thrive Themes -If you use one of their themes, you can place leads from Thrive’s own opt-in forms into your Drip campaigns.
  • Clickfunnels – This platform for setting up entire funnels becomes even more powerful when you connect it with Drip.

Plans and Pricing

Drip offers several different plans, depending on the number of your subscribers. Starting with $19/m for up to 1,000 subscribers and going up by approx $10/m-$20/m for each additional 1,000 subscribers you add.

Adding the SMS messaging option will cost an additional $15/m per 1,000 subscribers and double that for MMS messages. While this doubles the regular email costs, open rates of such messages are X 2-3 times than email, which makes it a very helpful add-on to get your messages to your audience consistently and in a timely manner.

All paid plans have a free trial period.

Drip Discounts

Nothing current. Contact us anyway, we’ll figure out a way for you to save some money.

Pros and Cons of Drip

Let’s look at some of the major pros and cons of Drip.


  • One of the most thorough solutions for automated and targeted marketing.
  • The visual interface is user-friendly and helps you plan and manage campaigns.
  • Many integrations make your other marketing tools even more effective.
  • Free plan and free trials for paid plans let you test it out with no risk.
  • Helpful training and marketing advice to help you improve sales and conversions.


  • Beginning marketers and those who only want to set up very simple lists and campaigns may not need all of the features offered by Drip.
  • Even though the visual interface is very intuitive, there’s a bit of a learning curve to master all of the features.

Why We Recommend Drip

Drip is a feature-rich, innovative and powerful tool for anyone who wants to automate marketing tasks. Using this product not only lets you accomplish more, but it can also open your mind to new possibilities.

Using the visual workflows, creating relevant tags and segmenting your campaigns is likely to inspire you and get you thinking in new ways, such as more possibilities for creating offers and more targeted email campaigns.  As Drip works so well with other applications, it’s a valuable addition to your marketing toolbox. Even as a standalone tool, it can help you accomplish a great deal. As you can start with no financial commitment, it’s certainly worth trying if you have any ambition to ramp up your email marketing.

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