Long Tail Pro Discount 2022


Long Tail Pro (formerly known as Long Tail Platinum) had many changes to their plans, landing pages and sales pages within the last couple of months (after the ownership switch), and it was practically impossible to follow their pricing and provide any actual Long Tail Pro or Platinum discount. Even the name was inconsistent, is it Long Tail Pro or Long Tail Platinum? I know I got confused. Anyway, you can stop searching for an LTP discount as here are your best options for 2020 below;

Free Trial + 30% Off Monthly/Annual Plans [Active]

So, here’s your best bet above to get a Long Tail Pro/Platinum discount. And I can’t let you leave without some bonuses. I’m guessing you’re an online marketer, like me. And since I have an LTP license, and I use other tools too, you are likely to need those as well. So, if you make an annual purchase via the buttons above, I will provide you with an annual license for The Best Spinner or 3 months of AWeber, whatever you prefer. Just follow the bonus instructions at the bottom of this post. If you need more info, please contact me.

[Click here for our full Long Tail Pro review]

In sum, Long Tail Platinum is a top-notch keyword research tool, initially developed by Spencer Haws one, of my favorite bloggers and probably one of the most proficient guys out there to fish and discover those unattended niches and long tail keywords. I recommend checking his blog at Nichepursuits.com as well; you’ll have a great read.

For the bonuses, please follow our instructions detailed below, and you will enjoy this great software along with the bonuses;

  • Clear your cookies now. This is a vital step, so we are assigned as your referrer, and we could send you the bonus.
  • Subscribe to the free trial or purchase the annual plan right away using any of our links and buttons above or via the banner below. If you already signed for the free trial before, you will need to create a new subscriber account with different personal details, email, etc.

Long Tail Pro Discount Promo Code

  • Once you use our links and make the purchase, forward us the payment confirmation to info@impromocoder.com along with your Long Tail Pro discount/bonus preference, and we will instruct you regarding your bonus within 48 hours, as simple as that!

Contact us for other bonuses!


  • We will send you the bonus no matter which of the options above you choose to go with. However, you must use our link, and no other coupons or codes are allowed.
  • Once you purchase via our link for a discounted price, you still get lifetime support and updates from the Long Tail Pro team, just like the rest of the regular buyers.
  • If for some reason you decide to cancel your subscription, kindly return to us the bonuses sent as well.

And if you’re not sure about using this Long Tail Pro discount yet, check our other keyword research tools available for a great discount;

Keyword Research Tools Promo codes

45 Comments To Long Tail Pro Discount 2022

  1. Krastio says:

    I bought the subscription to LTP using the link found on this page and emailed impromocoder my receipt. Less then one hour later I got my rebate. Great job!

  2. Dirk says:

    Worked out great. I love saving money. I’m very pleased and will use this seller again.

  3. Stefan says:

    Great service! Got my rebate in 30 minutes!

  4. Mark Morphew says:

    Excellent promotion!

    Followed the instructions, used the $50 off link and sent my purchase details to IMPromocoder and within 25 minutes (yes 25 minutes) my rebate arrived in PayPal – if you’re on the fence don’t wait this is a great deal!


  5. Marsh says:

    As stated, I followed the steps, bought LTP through the link provided and received my rebate no questions asked! I’m very satisfied and will definitely come back for more great deals like this.


  6. Affiliate Guides says:

    Tks! I got 25% of $47 longtailpro price. 🙂

  7. Fredy says:

    Worked out with no problems at all. Great discount for an amazing tool (although still getting the hang of it) and got my refund into my paypal account within minutes.

    Very happy with the service.

  8. Matt says:

    Sweet Deal, I love discounts….

    email sent at 2:16, rebate received at 2:34.

  9. Johnny Nguyen says:

    WOW, very impressive. I have bought this software via his link to day (26-10-2013). After that i send him a email. And i receive my bonus 30 minutes after.
    Thanks again.

  10. huy le says:

    I bought great Tool on 26-10-2013 .Great service ! Great rebate ! Thanks alot.

  11. Rob says:

    great! I received the rebate in less than 5 minutes. 🙂

  12. Conrad says:

    Excellent! Great Service! What a deal!

  13. Super quick refund in 10 minutes – wow thank you!

  14. Kavya says:

    Awesome! Got the promised offer within an hour of mailing.

  15. Dima says:

    Great service! I like discounts and so fast! This is the best discount I’ve found today.

  16. This was the best Long Tail Pro promotion to be found, and I’m glad I did!

    Thank you for the great deal and the quick rebate as well. I’ll be keeping a look out for more great stuff from your site!


  17. Vik says:

    Thank you for the sweet discount!

  18. Belén says:

    Thanks for the rebate! I got it very fast!
    I think it is a unique opportunity to get Longtail Pro for only $35,25!

  19. Riz says:

    I’ve just purchase the LTP. I got the rebate within minutes of e-mailing him. Don’t look further, this is the best discount of Long Tail Pro. Thanks again! 🙂

  20. Johann says:

    I decided to purchase Long Tail Pro after finding a review on Google a few hours ago. I found this website on my search for a good discount since $100 seems like a bit too much (since i already have MS), so, i bought it through IMPromoCoder’s link. Impressively, 9 minutes later he had replied to my email and had send me a Paypal rebate.

    I am really happy with my discount and i have just signed up for the newsletter! Since i am always buying new tools!

    Have a happy holidays everyone!



  21. oliver says:

    Service is reputation and fast. Thanks a lot. I will definitely come back to buy more

  22. Richard says:

    I ordered Long Tail this evening and within 10 minutes the rebate was paid…. fantastic!!

    Thank you!

  23. Francis says:

    Super fast action on the 25% refund! Amazed is all I can say. Thank you so much!

  24. Clive says:

    Got my rebate qucikly after my email. Good service!! Thanks!

  25. Lance says:

    Got my rebate as expected, nice and quick! Thank you!

  26. Gavular says:

    Nice Work. I thought this might be a scam and it isnt. Money straight in Account.

  27. Andrew says:

    Great service. Highly recommend

  28. cesarmart says:

    Todo es completamente cierto. Seguí al pie de la letra todas las instrucciones, y en unas horas recibí el reembolso prometido en mi cuenta de Paypal. 100% recomendado, muchas gracias.

  29. Mike says:

    Everything went smoothly with the transaction. The rebate came very fast! Thank you!

  30. Graham says:

    Promotion still stands, I got my discount. Thanks IMPROMOCODER

  31. Gary Williams says:

    Well I was a bit suspicious but I am glad to say these guys are true to their word. I followed their instructions and they sent the rebate direct to my Paypal in a day. Nice one. Thanks. 🙂

  32. Suyash says:

    Thanks for the deal! I have to say I was surprised to get the money in my paypal account.

  33. Reo says:

    Is the rebate offer still available?

  34. David says:

    Wow, I got LTP for $67 AND IMPROMO sent me $16.75 directly to my paypal account…. I was also suspicious but it’s legit.

  35. Neil Butler says:

    Purchased the product and got my rebate in less than 20 minutes. Confirmed and in the paypal account!!

  36. Pat says:

    Amazingly awesome. Extra discount received. It really works. Thanks a lot

  37. Benedikt says:

    And still in 2015 it just works perfect, thank you!

  38. Soo says:

    Got a rebate in 10 minutes. Awesome job and email response. Thanks for a great deal!

  39. Juiceman says:

    this was pretty awesome. I got the rebate in exactly 10 minutes after purchasing LTP. its legit

  40. Juti says:

    excellent service. seller gave the rebate to my paypal quickly.

  41. Don says:

    I was actually looking for a Long Tail Premium discount and was naffed at all the “great” and “massive” discounts that are plastered all over the net and I admit it was by chance that I ended up on impromocoder.com

    But the proof was in the pudding!

    The owner of this site stands by his promises because “he talked the talk” and HE ACTUALLY SENT ME AN EXTRA $22… now that ain’t bad by anyone’s standards :))

    The money is already in my Paypal account. A nice start to the day!

  42. Paola says:

    Wow, I was impressed with the software and more impressed with Arye. He issued the $22 discount almost immediately. Fantastic customer service, 100% recommended!!!

  43. I love to save money ..who doesn’t. Just got a cool instant bonus from this site for Long Tail Pro, Bookmarked your site and thanks again !!

  44. Jay says:

    I purchased Longtail Pro earlier today after a few questions I had asked prior. Each question was answered promptly and quickly, and a bonus was given in under an hour.

    As of the date of my post (11-04-2015), it’s still active, and I’m glad I googled before I purchased it somewhere else. Thanks again!


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