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MasterWriter is a suite of tools to help all types of writers gain inspiration, write more effectively, and improve their efficiency. Writing is a creative process, but it’s also hard work. It requires discipline, research, and attention to detail. Even the best writers can get stuck and wish they had better resources to help them.

MasterWriter is a unique tool designed to assist all writers, whether your niche is nonfiction, articles for business, short stories, novels, screenplays, or even songs! Even the best software can’t do your writing for you. It can, however, make the process a lot smoother. MasterWriter provides an array of tools that you can call upon for all types of projects. In our MasterWriter review, we tested some of the top features and also got an exclusive MasterWriter discount and bonus offer for you! Scroll to the pricing section to get your bonus!

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MasterWriter Helps You Find the Perfect Word or Phrase

One of the biggest challenges for writers is coming up with the ideal word for the occasion. You can use a dictionary or thesaurus, but these are really pre-digital age tools with limited benefits. Of course, there are online thesauruses that are a little more efficient, but you’re still basically getting a list of synonyms. This is helpful but only takes you so far. MasterWriter provides far more advanced ways to find the words you need quickly. You get a whole range of options:

  • Synonyms – Like a thesaurus, MasterWriter can suggest synonyms for any word. This, however, is just the beginning.
  • Phrases – Sometimes, you need not just a word but a whole phrase. You type in a word and get entire phrases that might be appropriate. The phrase dictionary has over 33,000 phrases to draw from.
  • Rhyming Dictionary – Whether you’re a poet, songwriter, or just want to insert a few rhymes into your writing to make it more creative, the rhyming dictionary lets you do this easily. You can search for rhyming syllables as well as words.
  • Speech Types – Search for words based on speech types such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, or adverbs.
  • Intensifiers – Figures of speech and intensifiers help make your writing more distinctive and expressive. These include alliteration (e.g., “prancing pony”), onomatopoeia (e.g., “Swoosh,” “Moo”), metaphors, similes, and more.
  • Word Families – This feature opens up vast possibilities for every word you suggest, drawing upon synonyms and related words. You can search for “primary” or “extended” words.

An Example of How MasterWriter Works

To give you a better idea of how you can use MasterWriter to suggest words and phrases quickly, let’s try an example. I’ll choose the word “smart” as a starting point.  First, it gives me several options for usage, including “intelligent,” “well-dressed,” and “pain” (an older meaning of “smart” means hurts). I decide to go with “Intelligent.” I can then choose between “Primary” and “Extended.” I can also specify parts of speech (nouns, adjectives, etc.) Primary adjectives that come up include “clever,” “brainy,” and “quick-witted,” along with many others. Then I switch to “Extended.” These aren’t exact synonyms but related words. Here I get another long list, including “enlightened,” “all-knowing,” “far-sighted,” and “masterful.” A few rhymes include “flowchart”, “rampart”, “jumpstart”, and “apart.” Phrases include “smart money” and “you’re too smart for your own good.”

The above is only a brief example and only includes a handful of possibilities for one word out of the hundreds that came up for only one part of speech (adjective). From this, you can hopefully get an idea of how you can get lots of creative suggestions for any word you start with.

Quick Research

MasterWriter has a very useful heading called “World” that gives you quick access to lots of helpful information you can use in your writing. You may need to reference specific people, events, places, or objects. For example, if you’re writing fiction, you need a setting. You may want to reference certain brand names, celebrities, historical events, or facts to make your writing more specific. MasterWriter provides quick references to such information, including cities, brands, cars, foods, Bible phrases, regions, and much more.

To use a quick example once again, suppose you’re writing a story and want to come up with a good setting. You can click “Water” and choose between bays, lakes, rivers (US and world), and oceans. You can also lookup deserts, landmarks, mountains, and islands.

When writing fiction, you may also have trouble coming up with character names.  Under the “People” heading, there’s a list of first names as well as names from fiction and folklore to draw upon. You can also use the People heading to get ideas for referencing well-known actors, politicians, musicians, newsmakers, or other types of people. This is also good for nonfiction if you’re writing an article or essay and want to refer to certain people.

Tools For Songwriters

In addition to its value for creative writers, MasterWriter is an extremely useful tool for songwriters and poets. Many of the tools are exceptionally good for creative writing, rhyming, and finding phrases or intensifiers that let you lyrically express your thoughts.

Songwriting is a challenging process. Even if you’re gifted enough to come up with your own phrases, it’s still helpful to have a tool to help the process along. In addition to songs, you can also use these tools for writing poems, greeting cards, jingles for commercials, and anything that requires a creative or lyrical tone. The software is designed so that it’s simple to create projects. This can be very helpful if you want to create a whole album with a certain theme.

Many active and successful songwriters use MasterWriter. As the testimonials on the website explain, this tool can’t actually write songs for you. However, it can help you find the perfect words and phrases to express your ideas and inspirations.

2024 MasterWriter New Releases and Updates

  • Release of Versions: Versions gives the user the ability to create any number of versions under the same project title.  This feature allows you to try different versions of the project without disturbing the original.  It also allows you to compare the different versions effortlessly.  In addition, if you have co-writers, you can easily share these versions for their comments.
  • Updates to Dictionaries:  Substantial updates to Word Families, Speech types, and other dictionaries were made. Recently added “Verbs” to the unique “Intensifiers” dictionary, a one-of-a-kind source of intense descriptive words.
  • Keyboard paging shortcuts:  Conveniently page through the entries in various dictionaries on your computer using the arrows on your keyboard.
  • Resizing:  MasterWriter now gives you far more horizontal width, and most importantly, in Split mode, the layout has been adjusted so that filters no longer cover your text.
  • Sharing:  MasterWriter now gives you the ability to quickly and easily share your text and/or audio tracks with others.
  • Export:  Concerned about accessing your projects when you’re offline or want a copy of your projects downloaded to your hard drive?  Go to the List page, choose Export, and you can export the projects of your choice or your entire database.
  • Sorting:  Now, you can sort your projects by Date Created, Date Modified, or A-Z.
  • Searching:  In addition to being able to search your titles, you can now search your Text or Sketches.  Try to find that story with a certain word or line, or maybe you want to see all your projects with the word “love” in them.  Easily search all 3 for whatever word or line you’re looking for.
  • Updates to Audio:
    • Gone are the days of having to record audio using the dedicated audio app on phones and tablets.  You can now record directly into the program through your browser on iOS and Android.
    • The recording process has been greatly simplified.  Gone is the recording session and the need to upload; now all audio is automatically uploaded, and even better, you don’t have to wait for the upload to complete.  While your audio uploads, you can continue to use the program as needed.
    • You can now import audio files of all common audio formats (not just .mp3).  MasterWriter now accepts .wav, .mp4, .m4a, .aiff, .ogg and more.

MasterWriter Discount

How MasterWriter Helps Anyone Write Better

We’ve looked at some of the features that make MasterWriter a powerful ally for anyone who communicates with words. However, when it comes to a writing tool, you can’t always judge its usefulness simply by counting off features. It’s also essential that you can easily access these features and figure out how to make the best use of them.

Some software programs have incredible capabilities, but you have to spend many hours learning how to use them. You want something you can start using right away. MasterWriter passes the user-friendly test as well. Here are some reasons that make this such a good choice, even for people who aren’t technically oriented.

  • Cloud-based. You don’t have to worry about downloading or installing anything. You log in when you want to use it. This also means it’s easy to access from any device or operating system.
  • Create and organize projects. MasterWriter has a simple system for creating and keeping track of your projects. You can also import and export projects to and from other applications.
  • You learn as you use it. Some tools just do work for you. MasterWriter actually helps you learn and become a better writer. As you use it, you have a chance to learn new words and how to use familiar words in new ways. You can learn to use literary devices such as alliteration, metaphors, and similes. If your grammar is rusty (or you’re learning English grammar for the first time), you can learn the different parts of speech.
  • Compare different ideas. MasterWriter has two features, Sketches and Split, that make it possible to test different versions or ideas for a single piece of writing. With Sketches, you can create an alternative version of a section without editing the main piece. You can then use Split to compare the two.
  • Solid training and support. There are many help features and tutorials to teach you how everything works. There’s also phone and email support.

Pricing for MasterWriter

MasterWriter has a free 10-day trial with no obligation; you can use all the features without having to enter any credit card information. If you want to purchase the software, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee, and you can choose out of three options:

In addition to the discount offered above, we would like to provide our readers with an additional bonus. Purchase the annual or bi-annual license and receive 25% off a lifetime license for ProWritingAid Premium, a leading grammar checker and style editor. Contact us after purchasing to receive your bonus coupon.

Pros and Cons of MasterWriter

There are many writing tools on the market. MasterWriter, however, has some unusual features that make it stand out. Although the program comes with a spell checker, this isn’t the main purpose. There are quite a few spelling and grammar checkers out there, some of them free. It can, however, replace a dictionary or thesaurus. This is a brilliantly designed software for helping writers come up with the ideal word or phrase for any occasion. Additionally, the research tools make it simple to come up with material (names, places, people) that helps you write faster and give your content more depth.

Who can benefit from MasterWriter? Almost anyone who does a substantial amount of writing, whether for school, business, or as a hobby. This includes:

  • Professional writers – even if you have an above-average vocabulary, this tool helps you find the exact word you need when you need it.
  • Students – Write a more memorable term paper or thesis.
  • Copywriters – The right word or phrase can make all the difference when you’re writing a sales page, ad, or email.
  • Poets and Songwriters – The rhyming and literary phrases can help you come up with more effective lines.
  • People Who are Learning English – If English isn’t your first language, you’ll find that MasterWriter is especially valuable for helping you find the appropriate words for any purpose. In addition to learning words, popular phrases will help you get accustomed to American-style English.

Are there any flaws or drawbacks to MasterWriter? No program is ideal for everyone. Although this software has a wide range of features that can help writers of all kinds, there are a few limitations that some people might find disappointing.

  • Not a grammar checker. There’s a basic spell checker but not a grammar checker.
  • Not for storyboarding. Unlike certain writing programs (such as Scrivener), MasterWriter isn’t really made for organizing chapters, scenes, or sections. In particular, screenwriters may want to use another program for this purpose though MasterWriter can still be of great value for your moment-to-moment writing.

The above aren’t really flaws, as the program doesn’t claim to do this. However,  MasterWriter bills itself as “The most powerful suite of writing tools ever assembled in one program.” You might conclude from this that it does everything writers could need, which isn’t completely true. If you want these capabilities, you have plenty of choices (e.g., ProWritingAid, a good free version for grammar, Scrivener, and many others for storyboarding).

What MasterWriter IS extremely good for is helping anyone find words and phrases. In fact, there probably isn’t another single source where you can find anything that does this as well. For about $5 a month, if you use our MasterWriter discount below, it’s a good investment for anyone who wants to improve their writing and cut down on brainstorming and research time.

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