Jungle Scout Market Review


If you have an Amazon-based business, you can’t overlook the value of outsourcing time-consuming tasks. There are freelancers who can help you with many aspects of your business such as graphics, video, copywriting, market research, and more. It can be challenging, however, to find people who are reliable and trustworthy.

Jungle Scout Market is a platform built by the team of Jungle Scout, a leading Amazon research software, that helps sellers identify the most profitable products and niches on Amazon (see our Jungle Scout review and exclusive discount). Jungle Scout Market specializes in Amazon freelancers so you can have all your needs met in one place. In this Jungle Scout Market review, we’ll look at the features of Jungle Scout Market and also look at how it compares to alternatives such as Fiverr.

Amazon and Outsourcing

Running an e-commerce business on Amazon is labor-intensive and requires many skills. You need to identify the most profitable products, create a professional website, display high-quality images of your products, market your business, and monitor reviews.

Not everyone has the time or expertise to do all of this on their own. Outsourcing lets you save time and tap into a global marketplace of skilled freelancers. The main issue that business owners have with this approach is finding freelancers they can count on. Jungle Scout Market has created a solution to this widespread problem.

Jungle Scout Market can help make your Amazon business more profitable. It also provides an opportunity for people who haven’t started their business, perhaps because they lack the time or skills.

How Jungle Scout Market Works

Jungle Scout Market is a marketplace where freelancers list their skills and rates. It’s a valuable resource for both e-commerce business owners and freelancers seeking work. Like most web-based platforms that advertise services, trust on Jungle Scout Market is mainly earned via ratings and reviews.

Freelancers get star ratings for their work. As on sites such as Fiverr and Amazon itself, ratings are between one and five stars. Customers can also leave reviews and provide specific details on their experiences.

It’s free to join Jungle Scout Market, either as a buyer or freelancer. The way the company makes money is by charging a commission on transactions. Freelancers keep 80% of the fee while Jungle Scout Market takes 20%. So if you buy services, the fee is absorbed in the listed price.

Jungle Scout Market vs. Fiverr

There are now quite a few platforms where you can find freelancers for almost any task. One of the best-known of these is Fiverr.com. Although the original intention of Fiverr was to offer $5 gigs, in reality, most sellers use the $5 gig as an introduction and a way to upsell buyers to higher value services. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you don’t expect to get extensive services for a mere $5.

You can certainly find sellers on Fiverr to help you with Amazon-related tasks. It’s hard to generalize about freelancing platforms as it really comes down to the particular seller you choose. In fact, in some cases, the very same sellers may have listings on both platforms.

If you’re an Amazon seller, the main advantage of using Jungle Scout Market is that it’s a specialized marketplace. You can be confident that the sellers there have experience with Amazon and are familiar with its requirements. This isn’t always the case with Fiverr and other more general freelance sites.

Sample Gigs Offered on Jungle Scout Market

To give you an idea of what you can find on this marketplace, let’s look at a variety of gigs that are currently listed.


Photography is extremely important for any e-commerce business. Customers tend to notice images before anything else. Finding the right freelancer can make a big difference when it comes to your results.

Amazon Product Photography Package

This photographer boasts 40 years of experience and has, as of this writing, 34 reviews with a five-star average. Packages are $365, which include unlimited usage of the images you receive.

The same seller also offers a related service:

Lifestyle With Professional Models

For $425, service gives your pages a professional look by using experienced models who demonstrate your products.

Top Selling Amazon Product & Lifestyle Photography

This seller, who has 52 reviews and an average 5-star rating, offers product photos at $50 per photo. They offer additional services such as models for an additional fee.

When shopping for a photographer, be sure to browse the seller’s portfolio in addition to reading reviews. You want to find someone with a style that’s compatible with your tastes and needs.

Copywriting and Translation

Copywriters can bring out the best in your listings. The way a product is described can be the difference between someone feeling indifferent or saying “I must have this!” These services also may include Amazon SEO as sellers find keywords that customers are searching for. Translators can help you reach a wider market by translating your descriptions into various languages.

100% Optimized Amazon Compliant Listing 500W + PPC Keywords

This seller offers many services such as product listings, product launches, keyword research, HTML-formatted product descriptions, and more. His current price for a package is $115. He’s accumulated 74 reviews with an average 5-star rating.

Comprehensive PPC Keyword Research to Crush Your Competitors

This is a good choice if you only want keyword research and you’re able to write your own listings. For $20, this seller will compile a list of 500 relevant keywords that help your listing outrank others.

Professional German Amazon Product Listing + PPC Keywords

German native speakers will create your German listing along with PPC keywords. They have experience with copywriting and marketing as well as translation.  The $159 package includes unlimited revisions.

Graphics & Design

This category overlaps with photography to some extent. Photography services are advertised here but you’ll also find designers who work with your images and who help you create infographics, logos, and other custom images.

Logo Design + Label

A professional logo helps you create a memorable brand on Amazon. A $150 package includes a logo in styles such as 3D, hand-drawn, watercolor, signature, and others. The seller has 43 reviews and an average rating of 5-stars.

This seller also offers another service:

Box Packaging & Label

Your packaging is another way to establish trust and build your brand. This package, which sells for $200, provides you with branded packaging design to help you stand out.

10 Infographics/Lifestyle Pictures for Amazon

This package, which sells for $320, includes 10 infographics and 4 lifestyle images. You supply product photos and the seller illustrates their benefits.

Professional Background Removal Service

This seller will remove the background from photos so you can use them for your own purposes. The package, which sells for $30, is useful if you want to repurpose product photos for your listings.

Digital Marketing

These are services designed to help you promote your offers and get them ranked more highly on Amazon. Some of this overlaps with the keyword research offered in the Copywriting section but also includes other approaches such as influencer marketing, videos, and strategies to improve reviews.

Add 5 Questions and Answers to Your Amazon Listing

Having a Q & A section is a powerful way to boost your listing. This seller adds 5 Q & A for $50. This is another task that you could do yourself but can be a little tricky as Amazon has a special section for Q & A that needs to be correctly formatted.

Advanced Done For You Organic & Verified Reviews Strategy

The $300 package includes a Facebook ads strategy and Zonpages (Amazon landing pages), chatbots, and ad monitoring to help you get organic reviews. The seller claims that this strategy helped him increase conversions by 200%.

Spy on Your Competitors

Researching the competition can help you design more effective listings. This seller has a $25 package that uncovers the exact keywords your competitors use to sell products. Seller has 36 reviews with an average 5-star rating.

Video & Animation

Videos can attract more attention and give customers a better appreciation of your products.

Promotional Motion-Graphic Videos

This seller, an Amazon-certified professional, has a $300 package that includes a promotional Full HD 60-second video in MP4, MOV, or WMV format with two revisions.

360 Infographics Motion Design

This $450 package provides you with an interactive infographic that lets customers drag across and rotate images to highlight different features. The seller claims that customers enjoy a 55% increase in conversions from these 360 infographics videos. The seller has 4 reviews with a 5-star average.


Amazon has a complex TOS that’s constantly updated. Sellers sometimes run into trouble by accidentally violating rules. There are experts who can help you resolve such issues. You may also want to consult with one of these specialists to prevent future difficulties. There are also sellers who help with legal matters such as setting up an LLC or obtaining a patent.

Amazon Account Suspended? Get It Back Now!

This $499 package helps you get back your account after a suspension. Includes unlimited custom appeal letters and a money back guarantee if your issue isn’t resolved. The seller has 22 reviews with an average 5-star rating.

Provisional Patents

The seller is a patent professional who helps you get a provisional patent. They also help with patent searches and online filings. Packages are $400.

We Will Get You Approved For Amazon Categories + Free Bonus

Getting approved in the right category can help you sell more products but Amazon is picky about approvals. This seller helps you get approved for 5 popular Amazon categories. The package, which costs $59, has 97 reviews with an average 4.5-star rating.

These are just samples of services you can find on Jungle Scout Market. If you have or plan to start an Amazon business, it’s worthwhile to browse and see what kind of services might help you. You might find a valuable service that you hadn’t even thought of.

Jungle Scout Market Helps You Build Your Amazon Business

Jungle Scout Market is a helpful site for anyone seeking help for their Amazon business. It costs nothing to join and browse the listings. As with any freelance platform, it’s important to do your research and check the reviews and gig descriptions before buying a service.

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