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VidIQ has one primary function: to help you get more views on YouTube. There’s a lot more to the service than that, of course. Anyone who uses videos for marketing has the challenge of competing with the millions of other videos that get posted daily to the world’s largest video-sharing site. VidIQ has both free and paid tools to automate many video marketing tasks. In this VidIQ review, we’ll explore some of the site’s most powerful features as well as the different plans you can choose from. As VidIQ users and VidIQ marketing and business partners, we have VidIQ promo codes and discounts to share with our readers, which will be mentioned in the pricing section of this review.


VidIQ Promo Codes and Discounts: VidIQ’s annual plan will include three months for free with the Pro plan, 3-6 free months with the Boost plan (depending on the number of channels), and two free months with the VidIQ Boost+ plan.

Using one of the VidIQ promo codes THINK or NEWTUBERS will provide 90% off the first month’s Pro and Boost plans.

Also, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, VidIQ gives new users with channels smaller than 1,000 subscribers a special monthly discount. Enter the VidIQ promo code letsgetyoustarted for 35% off any monthly plan for three months.

May 2024 VidIQ Promo: For a limited time, you can use the promo code WELCOME35 to get 35% off the VidIQ Pro and Boost monthly plans for the full 12 months. Use the promo code LEVELUP for 50% off for two months. All promo codes require using a credit card and not PayPal.

Real-Time Stats

One of the most convenient features of VidIQ is the Real-Time Stats Bar, which does just what the name suggests. You can instantly see views, subscribers, time watched, and other stats for all of your videos. 


The Scorecard is a powerful tool to give you quick insights into essential stats about your videos and those of your competitors. You get an overall score based on a variety of metrics and information about your subscribers. These include social engagements (how often your videos are shared on social sites), YouTube SEO, tags, historical data on videos, and a Video Optimization Checklist, that instantly tells you how to improve your score. 

Learn About Your Audience

As with any other search engine, it’s crucial to know your audience. YouTube itself has analytics tools, but VidIQ makes it simpler to quickly access key facts about your audience, such as their location, age, gender, and viewing habits.

Keyword Tools

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine after Google. When users search for videos, YouTube, like Google, suggests popular options. Choosing the right keywords for your video titles and descriptions is a critical aspect of ranking your videos. VidIQ has a suite of keyword tools to help you.

  • YouTube Search Keyword Tool -Reveals important metrics about keywords such as average views and subscribers. You can also bring up a Keyword Score to get a quick assessment of how popular a given keyword is. 
  • Keyword Inspector -Start with a root keyword and get recommendations for related videos, related terms, and interests over time.
  • Keyword Score -Get a quick idea of how effective a keyword is by comparing its score against others.
  • Keyword Translator -Translate keywords into multiple languages to reach a global audience. 
  • Tag Auto Complete -Get keyword suggestions by typing in tags.
  • Inline Keywords -Get ideas for new keywords by bringing up tags your competitors use in their videos. 

Track Your Competition

No matter what kind of videos you’re creating, it’s inevitable that you have plenty of competition. Understanding and tracking them can be the difference between success and failure on YouTube. VidIQ has several powerful tools (such as the Scorecard) for comparing your videos against competitors. For example, you can compare view velocity, which provides real-time feedback about how your video (or channel) compares with any other. Velocity focuses specifically on how well a video does right after its launch, which dramatically impacts its rank. 

Channel Audit

If you’re serious about video marketing, you have to look beyond individual videos and consider your channel as a whole. One of your goals is to get subscribers who regularly tune in to your latest videos. VidIQ lets you track important metrics about your channel, such as:

  • How has your channel performed over the last 30 days?
  • Most viewed videos.
  • What’s working? Reveals which of your videos get the most engagement, views per hour, new subscribers, and more.
  • What’s not working? Get hints on what to change based on your worst-performing videos. Identify videos with the lowest engagement, worst like ratios, and those that result in the most lost subscribers.
  • Recommended changes. Get better results from your channel by changing titles, descriptions, tags, and other elements.

Trends Alerts

Trends are constantly changing on YouTube. Identifying what’s popular today helps you connect with your viewers, attract a wider audience, and figure out what’s working for your competitors. VidIQ helps you find keywords that are trending in your niche and the broader world. Keep in mind that you can often tie popular keywords and topics to your own business even when they’re not directly related. For example, if there’s a big sporting event, movie, or other event coming up, you could make a video that refers to it and then segue into your area of interest. Set up trend alerts, so you get emails on top-trending videos. 

Thumbnail Generator

Thumbnails are a crucial and often overlooked aspect of video SEO. Thumbnails are the first image potential viewers get of your videos. YouTube creates a default thumbnail for each video, but you also have the option of creating a customized one. VidIQ helps you optimize your thumbnails to help you get more views. You’ll be able to add elements such as images, shapes, and custom images to help your thumbnails stand out. 

Daily Ideas

Daily Ideas uses artificial intelligence to show you relevant content ideas, refreshed every single day. The algorithm will inspire you to create even more great content to wow your audience. As a free user, you’ll see three new ideas every day. Premium plans users will see up to 50 ideas.

Chrome & Firefox Extension

You can access VidIQ either as a web app or a browser extension. Certain features, such as the Scorecard and Live Stats Bar, can only be seen with the extension. To get the most out of VidIQ, use both the web app and browser extension. 

VidIQ: Free and Paid Plans

VidIQ offers quite a few choices. The pricing is a little complicated, as paid plans “start” at a certain rate and go up depending on how many users you have. On the other hand, this lets you pay only for what you’re actually using. Here’s a breakdown of the plans and what you get.

  • Basic (Free) – The free plan is relatively limited but does give you a good overview of how some of the tools work. You’re limited to one user and channel, and can track three competitors and one trend alert. With the Chrome extension, you can access the Live Stats Bar, basic analytics, and Video Scorecard. 
  • Pro: Starts at $10/m or $60/year. One user and channel. Track 6 competitors, one trend alert, keyword research tool, top trending videos, historical analysis, Youtube description campaigns, email + chat support.
  • Boost: Starts at $49/month or $294/year. 1, 3, or 5 channels. VidIQ Keyword Engine, track 20 competitors, 5,10, or 15 trend alerts, SEO title & description recommendations, Facebook syndication, video archival, bulk SEO optimizations, and channel-wide tags. 
  • Coaching: Starts at $99/month or $948/year. Previously known as Max and Boost Plus, it includes all the Boost features, plus customized coaching for agencies and dedicated video creators. Bi-monthly coaching call, analytics deep-dive, personalized tips. 
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing for accounts with more than five channels.

VidIQ reports that the Boost plan users can expect twice as many views on new videos for the first seven days. 

VidIQ Promo Codes and Discounts: Getting an annual VidIQ plan will get you six months for free on the Pro plan, six months for free on the Boost plan (for any number of channels), and two months for free on the Coaching plan.

Using one of the promo codes THINK or NEWTUBERS will give you 90% off the first month of VidIQ Pro or Boost plans.

The promo codes MAYTHEVIEWSBEWITHYOU and VIDCON will get you 50% off VidIQ’s first two months of Pro and Boost plans.

In addition, for a limited time during the COVID-19 pandemic, VidIQ gives users with channels smaller than 1,000 subscribers a special monthly discount. You can use the promo code letsgetyoustarted for 35% off any monthly plan for your first three months. You can also contact us for an additional discount on the annual plans.


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Pros and Cons of VidIQ


  • The free option lets you test the features.
  • Comprehensive features for optimizing videos.
  • A wide selection of plans let you pay based on your needs and usage.


Only one potential “con” that some users might experience:

  • The vast number of features can be a bit overwhelming. There’s a certain learning curve as you figure out how everything works. In the long run, however, you’ll save time as you get familiar with the process.

Recommendation and Value

YouTube is more popular than ever. At the same time, competition is getting fiercer. Ranking a video is comparable to ranking your website on Google. You need to optimize your videos in terms of titles, descriptions, keywords, topics, and other factors. There are many ways to optimize your videos manually. However, most business owners and marketing professionals have limited time. Researching keywords, competitors’ videos, current trends, and other factors can mean spending hours on each video. 

VidIQ automates many essential video marketing tasks. You can quickly pull up the best keywords, identify your videos’ and channels’ performance, size up the competition, and create customized thumbnails. The browser extension is especially convenient as it lets you look at stats right from your browser. 

I’d recommend VidIQ to anyone, whether a small business owner, solo entrepreneur, agency or marketing professional in a larger organization who is looking for a way to get better results from YouTube. If you put in a little time to familiarize yourself with the suite of tools, you’ll find that VidIQ can give you a powerful advantage and help you outrank the competition.


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