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ConvertKit provides an array of useful tools for email marketers. Email marketing has been around longer than most other types of online marketing. It predates social media, Google, YouTube, and mobile. While its death has been frequently predicted, it remains one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with a highly targeted audience.

Yet, email marketers face many challenges, such as increased competition, spam filters, and shorter attention spans on the part of their readers. While email marketing can still be viable and profitable, unless you find a way to stand apart and get people to open and respond to your emails, you won’t get very far.

ConvertKit helps to solve these and other issues related to email marketing. There is a multitude of email-related tools on the internet. What makes ConvertKit special is that it combines many different tools into one cohesive product, covering every essential aspect of email marketing. We’ll look at some of its main features and update the post with ConvertKit discounts and promotions whenever available. Read further below to enjoy a 25% ConvertKit discount (3 months free!) and a few other great bonuses.

Disclosure: We are Convertkit’s marketing partners and receive compensation if you join their service, at no additional cost to you (in fact, at a discounted cost to you). While we recommend their service, we use AWeber as our email service provider. You can find more info on our AWeber experience and discount here.

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Responsive Opt-in Forms

The opt-in form is the foundation of your email list. This is where you get people to sign up for your emails in the first place. ConvertKit makes it easy to create all kinds of customized opt-in forms. You can create a form that offers people an incentive, such as a giveaway, to sign up for your list or newsletter.

You can test various opt-in forms, such as ones that promise a different incentive, to find out which one provides the best results. You can create forms that will work on any type of device, browser, or screen. The responsive opt-in forms offered by ConvertKit can help you build your list more quickly.


Design High Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages are another essential element in any sales funnel. They have a wide range of uses. You can use landing pages as “coming soon” pages for sites under construction; as a page where people can sign up for your list; as a place to send people who have responded to your email, video, or podcast ad.

There are three basic templates to choose from, and you can build any type of landing page from these. You can customize these pages by changing the fonts, colors, layout, and text. Your landing pages can either be hosted with ConvertKit or on your own domain using a WordPress plugin.

Customize Your Emails

Research shows that personalized emails are more likely to be opened than messages that are addressed to an email address or to “subscriber,” “friend,” or “opportunity seeker.” ConvertKit allows you to create personalized emails that use the subscriber’s name.

The emails you create with ConvertKit have a simple yet professional appearance, making them look like they were sent by an individual rather than a large company. They also look equally good on mobile devices as on computers, so readers will be able to read them wherever they are.

Automate Your Email Marketing

Once your email list grows beyond a certain point, it can get very tedious to manually keep up with it. If you have multiple lists, this becomes even more complicated. ConvertKit has several tools that let you automate many tasks.

  •  Follow-up Emails -You may want to send out automated follow-up emails after someone has requested information about your product. You can regularly send out reminders, such as once or twice per week (or every day if you prefer).
  • Broadcasts -A broadcast is a single email sent out to your whole list. These can be used for product launches, special sales, and telling your subscribers about your latest video or blog post. With ConvertKit, you can send out an announcement to as many people as you want.
  • Email Courses – You can create drip email courses, meaning that you send out a series of lessons on a schedule you determine. This way, people can sign up for your 4, 7, or 10-week course and receive the emails according to whatever schedule you set up. All you do is write the emails, type in when you want them sent, and your subscribers will be able to access them in the correct order.

Segmenting and Excluding

The more targeted your email marketing is, the more effective it becomes. You want to tailor your messages, so they reach the right audience. Segmentation is a way to send out different messages to people on a list, depending on various factors that you determine. Some of your subscribers may be more interested in low-cost items, while others are willing to pay for your premium products.

You may want to segment your list according to gender, geography, interests, or recent actions. In some cases, you may want to exclude certain subscribers from receiving your emails. For example, once people have purchased a certain product, you don’t want to bother them by sending emails promoting that same product. So, in some cases, you want to exclude certain people from an email.

ConvertKit allows you to efficiently segment your lists, which is something that top marketers do on a regular basis. You can segment your list in any way that works for you. The best way to use this feature is to do plenty of testing to learn how which segment of your audience responds best to which messages.

Integrate ConvertKit With Other Platforms

You can connect ConvertKit to other platforms and services you’re currently using. If you use WordPress, you can embed your opt-in forms and landing pages on your blog. If you sell products on Gumroad, you can add your customers to your email lists.

ConvertKit uses Zapier, an integration tool that lets you connect with many other platforms as well.

Pricing For ConvertKit

Pricing for ConvertKit depends on how many subscribers you have.

Up to 1,000 subscribers – $29 per month.

Up to 3,000 subscribers – $49 per month.

Up to 5,000 subscribers – $79/month.

Up to 10,000 subscribers – $119/month.

Up to 25,000 subscribers – $199/month.

ConvertKit has flexible pricing that increases the rate every 5,000 subscribers, which allows you to grow your list while not being bumped into a much higher membership plan, which can happen with some email services.

ConvertKit Discounts

Though the team mentions on the FAQ page that there are no ConvertKit discounts available, we would like to reward you for stopping by this site and reading this ConvertKit review. First of all, by subscribing to ConvertKit via our ConvertKit discount link, you will get one month of free trial (instead of 2 weeks). In addition, if you join the annual plan, you will receive an additional two months for free. That is a total of three months for free, a 25% discount!

Furthermore, Email marketing requires additional tools and expenses other than the service itself. One of those is a lead capture/popup plugin, just like we use on this site. That is why, in case you purchase ConvertKit using our link here or via the button below, forward us the purchase proof to, and we will award you with the Ninja PoPups plugin, one of the most popular email collecting plugins and the one we choose to use here on

Also, as with any marketing tool or service, there is a learning curve to go through. We’ll also award you with this ConvertKit email marketing course as a bonus (valued at $99). This will also save you the costs of ConvertKit Academy. Again, just send us an email after purchasing (or before, if you have inquiries).

So, even though no official ConvertKit discounts or coupons are currently available, with the 3 months for free promo and our additional bonuses, you will save a few hundred dollars throughout the year to come.

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ConvertKit Academy

ConvertKit provides training to help you get the most out of its tools. ConvertKit Academy has written and video tutorials on the basic principles of email marketing and tips on how to use the features more effectively. The course also includes Photoshop templates for creating incentive graphics.

Although the course costs $300, it includes a six-month membership, which is what it would cost to subscribe for six months at $50/month. This training is only open to 10 members per month to provide as much personalized support as possible.

Who Can Benefit From ConvertKit

ConvertKit was considered the new kid on the block (founded in 2013) compared to the leading email marketing services marketers used for the past years. Yet, the recent years have been great for them as some of the top bloggers and creators started using and recommending them. A big one was Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income Blog. After that, many other influencing bloggers and creators made a similar move. See some of their stories.

Both experienced email marketers and novices can use ConvertKit. Although any type of business can use these tools, ConvetKit is especially geared to bloggers, course creators, and authors. Book writers can create landing pages and incentives such as free sample chapters, with follow-up emails to remind readers to order the rest of the book.

Bloggers can use email lists to monetize their blogs by selling their own courses, products, or affiliate products.

If you want to automate your email marketing, you can choose among many types of software and services. Some of the advantages of ConvertKit include a simple interface and simple but professionally designed templates that make your emails seem more personal rather than like marketing hype. This can help differentiate you from the kind of mass emails sent out by many email marketers.

And make sure to use our ConvertKit discount/promo offer mentioned above!

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