RichWP Promo Code, Discount Code Coupon 25% OFF 2020


RichWP Theme promo code discount coupon

If you’ve reached this page then you’re probably interested in RichWP theme framework and are generally interested in finding a RichWP discount code, a promo code or a coupon of some sort. Well, first of all, let me assure you that this time Google has done a good job in helping you out as you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find the best RichWP Discount code offer available online.

My readers know that I’ve promised not to try and sell anything here, but only supply discount codes and rebates whenever possible,  to users that have already decided what they want to buy. I keep my word. However, take a look at the site you are currently surfing; it is using the RichWP framework with a “Magazine” child theme. And I do confirm that this framework is very comfortable and easy to use for both the experts and beginners because it is very agile and the options the back-end has to offer are never ending.

OK, back to the discount offer. I have to say that Felix, the owner of RichWP, is not very generous with promo codes. I myself have waited for the opportunity over a couple of months and finally gave up. Lot’s of sites say they have some coupons but they just want you to click on their link. The only place you will find genuine coupons Felix issues is here: or here ( last valid discount is valid till September 10th, 2014 use RichWP coupon code richmommy and follow this link to get 15% off. If you missed it, and even if not, keep on reading below for additional 25% off RichWP.

I ended up buying the framework for full price, plus two child themes later on, so I wish someone would have offered something like the offer you see below at the time I was just beginning my search. Oh well; I use it for so many sites now that I’m sure it’s already  paid off.

So, what do you have to do to get a discount?

As usual on my site:

  • Make sure to clear your cookies.
  • Buy the framework or the themes using my link in the banner here below. *These first two steps are vital in order for me to be credited for the sale and be able to give you a cash refund.*
  • Forward me the payment proof to my email at with ‘RichWP rebate’ in the subject along with your PayPal account details (email).
  • Once I verify this has been assigned to me, I will make a cash rebate transfer of the amount of 25% of your purchase to your PayPal account, within 24 hours.

RichWP Promo Code Discoun Code Coupon

That’s it; it’s as simple as that!

As I mentioned earlier, I myself use RichWP and I’m satisfied. However, should you decide after your purchase that you would like to cancel your order and get a refund within the allowed period of time, Kindly return me the rebate I have given to you as well. Thanks!

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1 Comment To RichWP Promo Code, Discount Code Coupon 25% OFF 2020

  1. Michael says:

    Just received my rebate from Arye, he is sincere, trustworthy and keeps his word. I recommend him anytime any day. No need to run around looking for coupons, he makes the whole process easier.
    Thanks once again


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