SEMrush Review, Extended Trial, and Special Offers


SEMrush is a comprehensive resource for marketers that helps with tasks such as keyword research, SEO, research on competitors and more. It is used by many large companies, including ForbesPayPal, Hyatt, and Remax. SEMrush has a variety of useful features and is worth considering if you are looking for ways to improve your website and SEO or PPC campaigns’ performance. In this SEMrush review, we’ll be exploring the features of SEMrush to help you decide if it provides good overall value. We can also provide you with an exclusive SEMrush extended trial coupon code IMPROMOCODER-VD1MQE2G (2 weeks of free Guru plan).

Keyword Research

  • Keyword research is essential for both PPC and SEO campaigns. SEMrush makes it easy to locate the most profitable keywords.
  • Find Your Competitors’ Most Profitable Keywords -The SEMrush Keyword Research tool allows you to pinpoint the keywords your competitors are using to rank on Google and Bing. You can see which companies rank for which keywords and even identify the most highly trafficked landing pages.
  • Related Keywords and Phrase Matches -When you enter your main keywords, SEMrush will suggest helpful alternative keywords and phrases. This helps you to find a good variety of keywords for your campaigns.
  • Find Long-tail Keywords -There are lots of lesser-known keywords that can help you get traffic. These are low competition keywords that you will find it easier to rank for in the search engines.

Backlinks Data

Backlinks have always been a crucial aspect of SEO. SEMrush helps you fine-tune your backlinking strategy.

  • Deep Backlink Analysis -Some backlinks are more valuable than others. Some links, in fact, do more harm than good to your site. That’s why you want to know not only how many links are pointed at your site but where they come from and whether they are of good quality. You can check backlinks by root domain or URL.
  • Learn Whether Backlinks are Follow or No-follow -This determines whether or not the link provides any link juice to your website. SEMrush reports tell you whether backlinks are considered follow or no-follow.
  • Identify Location of Backlinks -SEMrush Backlinks Reports tell you where in the world all of your backlinks are coming from as well as the IP addresses.

Analytics Reports and Charts

SEMrush provides you with a deep-level analysis of your competitors’ metrics.

  • Paid Advertising -Find out what kind of ad campaigns your competitors are conducting and how much they are spending. See your top competitors’ display ads.
  • Identify Keywords and Ad Copy -Analyze what is and isn’t working for your competitors.
  • Charts -Compare domains and conduct valuable competitive analysis on your competitors’ metrics.

Keep Track of Your Projects

  • Position Tracking -Track your ranking for all of your target keywords. Data is updated daily to show you what kind of progress you are making on each keyword. You can also compare your keyword rankings alongside your competitors to help you formulate more effective campaigns. You can also track your competitors’ keyword strategies by location.
  • Site Audit -Helps you optimize your on-site SEO. It provides you with a thorough analysis of your website’s strengths and weaknesses. It shows you how to optimize links, add tags, remove error pages, add meta descriptions, correct broken images, and more.

Plans and Pricing For SEMrush

SEMrush has three plans to choose from.

  • Pro -$99.95/month recurring. Provides 10,000 results per report. Tracking for 500 keywords and 5 campaigns.
  • Guru – $199.95/month recurring. 30,000 results per report. 5,000 reports per day. Tracking for 1500 keywords and 50 campaigns. You also get historical data and branded PDF reports.
  • Business – 399.95/month recurring.  For agencies or large websites, it includes white label reports, API access, and extended limits. 50,000 results per report, 10,000 reports per day. Tracking 5,000 keywords and 200 campaigns.

Get an annual plan, and you will receive 2 months for free.

SEMrush also has an online demo that lets you explore the features.

Additional current SEMrush discounts are listed below. At the moment there is a 25% discount offer on the SEMrush Guru plan;

Previous SEMRush discounts; 

Get 30% off on the annual SEMrush Competitive Research bundle.

SEMrush BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: Double Keyword Bundle.

SEMrush: Overall Value

In our SEMrush review, we featured many (yet not all) different services you can use for keyword research, SEO and analytics. SEMrush allows you to gain easy access to various metrics that help you optimize your website, identify the most profitable keywords, and track your competition. To obtain all of the data provided by SEMrush, you would otherwise have to use several different services and/or software applications.

For smaller businesses, the Pro version at $99.95 per month provides sufficient data to help you improve your ranking and gain an edge over your competitors. For more established businesses with high traffic websites, the Guru version is well worth the price, as it can help you take your business to the next level. Anyone interested in finding out more about SEMrush can try the demo version without any obligation.

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