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Scrivener is a powerful writing tool that can help you with many aspects of writing, whether you write fiction, nonfiction, content for the web, academic papers or even scripts. Scrivener is one of the leading software applications for writers and is available for Mac, Windows, and even iOS.

One problem that many people find with Scrivener, however, is that it’s challenging to learn how to use it. Once you understand all of the features, it’s fairly straightforward and packed with useful features. There’s definitely a learning curve, though. That’s why Scrivener Unleashed was created. This is a learning application that makes it much faster to learn how to use this powerful but complicated writing program.

The Purpose of Scrivener Unleashed

Scrivener Unleashed is a course created by author and entrepreneur David Lee Martin, who was, like many people, originally frustrated with the complexity of Scrivener. After applying himself, however, he soon recognized that Scrivener was a powerful tool for simplifying the writing and publishing process -once you learned how to use it. So he put together a course designed to get you using Scrivener efficiently within an hour or less.

Every day, thousands of people purchase programs and software that sits uselessly on their desktop or laptop. They simply don’t have the time or motivation to spend hours of trial and error learning all of the quirks and demands of unfamiliar software. Unfortunately, many people who purchase Scrivener fall into this category. David created Scrivener Unleashed to help you avoid this problem so you can use Scrivener to make your writing more successful.

Features of Scrivener Unleashed

Scrivener Unleashed is designed to help you get the most out of Scrivener as quickly as possible.

  • Every aspect of Scrivener is covered. Just a few of the modules include Understanding Scrivener Icons, Adding Files &_ Folders to Your Project, Importing Text Files, Compile Novel as eBook, Distraction-Free Writing, Endnotes & Footnotes, The Outliner View, The Corkboard, and much more.
  • Learn faster with short videos. Concise videos are one of the most efficient ways to learn. You’ll see exactly how to use every feature. There are also PDFs you can consult if you need further clarification. There is a total of over 200 short videos. You don’t need all of these to get started, but you can watch them as you want more information.
  • Mobile-friendly. You can absorb the information from your mobile phone or tablet and download it. That way, you can study it offline at your convenience.
  • Useful for beginners as well as more experienced Scrivener users. If you’re new to Scrivener, this course gets you comfortable with the basic features in 30 minutes or less. If you already know the fundamentals, Scrivener Unleashed can show you how to use more advanced features and get more out of the software.


In addition to the basic course, which includes 200 training videos, Scrivener Unleashed comes with a few bonuses.

  • Access to future content. Scrivener is frequently updated, so Scrivener Unleashed also releases new material to help you keep up. When you order the course, you get full access to everything that’s currently available or will be in the future.
  • Scrivener For Bloggers. Scrivener is best known as a tool for fiction writers. It can also be beneficial for nonfiction, academic writing, and blogging. This module specifically tells you how to make your blogging easier and more effective using Scrivener. Some of the points covered include Blogging Template Overview, Copy & Paste Into WordPress, Document Notes & Keywords for Bloggers, and Multimarkdown Introduction.
  • Extra Backgrounds. One of the most useful Scrivener features is distraction-free writing mode, which lets you change the background and only see the chosen image. The course provides a bonus of 18 inspiring backgrounds to use in this mode.
  • Additional training formats. A collection of mind maps on topics such as blogging, novels, nonfiction books, and digital & print editions gives you an efficient summary of how to accomplish many popular tasks using Scrivener. There’s also a fast start e-book that gives you an introduction to all of Scrivener’s features for easy reference.

 Cost and Refund Policy

The original price of Scrivener Unleashed is $99 (For Windows or Mac, $149 for a Win/Mac/iOS bundle). You can also get the Scrivener Unleashed for iOS course alone for just $69. All courses come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use our exclusive discount coupon aryeb50 (applied on the checkout page) to receive a 50% discount.

When you combine that with Scrivener’s free 30-day trial, that means you can try both for 30 days with no risk.

Value and Recommendation

Scrivener is a great writing tool, but many people struggle with learning how to use it. Scrivener Unleashed is a good value if you want to use Scrivener to make your writing more efficient. This course is a useful tool if you already own Scrivener and are frustrated with its complexity. It’s also appropriate for anyone who’s thinking about ordering Scrivener and who wants to start using it as quickly as possible.


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