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Special Deal Discount for Jungle Scout

If you sell products on Amazon, one of your biggest challenges is identifying profitable categories and products. Product research is extremely time consuming and complicated if you only use free tools such as Google and Amazon’s own search capabilities. Amazon is a huge marketplace and there are many important points to consider before choosing an item to sell.

You want to choose items that, among other things, are popular, reasonably priced, in stock and well-reviewed. There are many tools and services to help you with such e-commerce tasks but it’s hard to find something that puts all of the relevant information at your fingertips in one place. Jungle Scout is one of the most complete and user-friendly tools that gives you this capability. We took Jungle Scout for a spin, so go ahead and read our review further down below. Jungle Scout discounts,  Extension discounts, and discounted bundles will also be shared further down the review.

Jungle Scout Annual Bundle Discount (Better Than New Year’s or Black Friday Deals!)

50% Monthly Bundle Discount (Best Offer for New Users)

Main Features and Benefits of the Jungle Scout Extension & Extension Lite

Here are some of the features that make Jungle Scout a useful e-commerce tool.

  • Do research right from your browser. There is no software to download as Jungle Scout works with Chrome, letting you do your research right from your browser. The Pro version is also available as a web app.
  • Identify profitable products and niches. The main benefit of Jungle Scout is that it lets you quickly identify popular, top-selling products in any niche. Find out monthly sales and revenue for items. Analyze the competition for any product so you don’t sell items that are oversaturated. Because new niches are always coming along, it’s also helpful to be able to find these categories before they get too competitive.
  • The latest data. E-commerce trends are always changing, making it essential to have the very latest data. Jungle Scout analyzes millions of data points monthly, ensuring that everything is up to the minute.
  • Check reviews and ratings. Customer reviews are a major factor when it comes to popularity. You can quickly find the products with the best ratings and avoid ones with too many negative reviews.
  • Find bestsellers in any category. Browse categories and instantly locate the bestselling products.
  • Support nine Amazon marketplaces. Currently, Jungle Scout supports the Amazon US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and India stores. The Jungle Scout website has a dedicated info page for Spanish, German, Italian, and Chinese speaking sellers (look for unique Jungle Scout discounts available on these local sub-domains).

All of these features are available with the Lite version of the Jungle Scout Extension, which you can buy for$29/m or an annual fee of $108 (discounts offered below).

Pro Extension Version Features

The Pro version includes all Lite features plus:

  • Profit Calculator. Type in any product and get an instant estimate of your profits after factoring in Amazon’s fees.
  • Follow trends. Track seasonal or long-term trends to identify which products are selling well right now or that are likely to be profitable during holidays, during the summer or at other times.
  • Works with the web app. With the web app, you can find and analyze products even faster. The Chrome extension and the web app can be used together.

You can get the Pro version for $39/m or an annual fee of $228 (discount offered below).

Benefits of Jungle Scout (Web App)

The Jungle Scout web app is a powerful cloud-based application that also supports nine Amazon marketplaces (same as the extension), so it can be used in almost any country where Amazon is active. It includes a product tracker, product database, and a niche hunter (for Standard and Business plans). Jungle Scout recently added a supplier database exclusively to the web app, giving you real shipment and customer data on any supplier who’s shipped to the USA (find where your competitors source their products from, who their suppliers are and more). While the Chrome extension pulls data directly from Amazon as you’re browsing it, the web app taps directly into Jungle Scout’s own constantly updated website. Here is the pricing plan available for the web app:

  • Starts at $49/month – $468/year -The price is based on how many orders your account processes in a 30 day period 
  • Tracks 150 products
  • Gives you access to the Product Tracker, Database, Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, Launch, Sales Analytics, and Supplier Database features
  • Up to 5 additional users

When you sign up for a Jungle Scout annual subscription plan, the pricing used is based on the number of orders in the last 30 days (from the moment of your subscription) and disregards the number of orders you’ll be having each month during the duration of your annual plan.

Meaning, even if you get 10,000 orders during the duration of your annual plan, the price of your subscription won’t be affected until you cancel or renew you subscription

Jungle Scout Discounts

Jungle Scout Discount - Special Deal for Lite & Pro Extensions

These Jungle Scout Chrome extension and web app discounts are currently active;

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Discount

Get up to 50% off the Jungle Scout yearly plan

Get %15 off the Jungle Scout extension, yearly or quarterly

30% off the Jungle Scout and Extension yearly bundle or 20% off the quarterly bundle

Jungle Scout Discount

Get 50% off the Jungle Scout Web App plan (first month only)

30% off the Jungle Scout and Extension yearly bundle or 20% off the quarterly bundle

Evergreen Jungle Scout promotions; 15% discount on all products to active and former U.S. Military service members. Scholarships to students studying computer science, business or entrepreneurship-related fields. One scholar is selected every autumn and spring semester. Check out this year’s application deadlines.

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Jungle Scout Free AMZ PPC Guide

Which Version is Best for You?

All versions of Jungle Scout are very useful for finding profitable products in any niche. The Chrome extension is great for using on any device and getting data while you’re browsing Amazon. The web app also has many powerful features and may be more suitable for desktop use. Of course, you can also get access to both with the Pro version.

One thing you should realize is that you need a Professional Seller’s account on Amazon to get the most out of the Pro version of Jungle Scout. This is a good idea anyway if you want to build a serious e-commerce business. With a Pro seller’s account, you have access to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) which makes your listings visible to more shoppers. With the Pro version of Jungle Scout, you need to enter API keys for products, which you can only get with a Pro seller’s account on Amazon. In general, the Pro extension (and web app) integrate nicely with Amazon’s pro seller services. You have to pay $40/month to upgrade to a Pro seller on Amazon but the first month is free.

Beginners or those with smaller stores can still get a great deal of value with the Lite extension and without upgrading to Pro seller on Amazon. You can start off this way and, as you learn how to use all of the features and get comfortable choosing products, upgrade with both Jungle Scout and Amazon.

Jungle Scout: Recommendations

E-commerce is quickly growing, with Amazon leading the way. With popular features such as Prime and same-day shipping, Amazon is making it more and more attractive for people to order almost anything online. This also means, however, that there’s more competition. Everyone wants to get their share of the online retail bonanza. In order to succeed, you have to do thorough research and make sure you’re selling items that are in demand, high quality and competitively priced. While it’s possible to identify this information on your own, it takes painstaking research.

Jungle Scout makes it practical for anyone to save time and find the best products to sell. This is a tool that removes much of the guesswork out of selling online. On your own, you might have to do lots of trial and error to find out which items are selling. With Jungle Scout, you can access essential data at a glance and avoid dealing with products that are too competitive, have poor reviews or don’t provide you with a good ROI.

What we like best about Jungle Scout is the ease of use. It’s very convenient to be able to do research on Chrome while browsing the Amazon site. The more advanced features available with Pro are very useful for keeping track of more inventory and drilling down even further when researching products.

Another nice thing about the Jungle Scout extension is that both versions are currently available for one-time fees, while most comparable software companies have monthly costs that become another ongoing expense for your business. With Jungle Scout, it can easily pay for itself within a month or two and then you can use it forever and everything is pure profit. Jungle Scout is a valuable tool for anyone who is selling products on Amazon or who wants to start doing so.

Up to 50% Off Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Bundle 30% Yearly Discount 20% Quarterly Discount (Cheaper Than New Year’s Deal!)

Jungle Scout was created by Greg Mercer as part of a whole suite of Amazon products that includes Fetcher, an analytics and accounting software for Amazon sellers (click for our Fetcher review and discount); Splitly, A B testing software (read our Splitly review and discounts); JumpSend, an email automation, and coupon distribution tool (click for a Jumpsend review and discount); and Jungle Scout Market, a freelancers marketplace dedicated to serve Amazon sellers (full review here).

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