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Helium 10 is a powerful software bundle for anyone who sells on Amazon. E-commerce has grown exponentially over the last few years, with Amazon controlling a large industry percentage. Selling products on Amazon has allowed millions of people to start home-based businesses. Yet online selling is now more competitive than ever. While Amazon gives you millions of choices when it comes to products and niches, the large number of sellers means you have lots of competition. To succeed, you need to do plenty of research into products and keywords. You also have to know how to price your products. Helium 10 is a solution that helps you stay ahead of the competition and succeed as an Amazon seller. Here’s our detailed Helium 10 review and also 10%-50% discount coupon codes if you’re patient enough to read through this review. More on that under the pricing and discounts section.

2023 Update: E-Commerce, and Amazon in particular, are booming right now, but some businesses are feeling it more than others. Helium 10 wants to help those who decided to help themselves and announced some of their best deals. Contact us for additional, exclusive Helium 10 coupons and discount offers.

Helium 10 Free Plan

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The Challenges of E-Commerce Today

Many people are inspired to start an e-commerce business because it seems like a simpler, low-cost, and low-maintenance alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar business. This is true in many ways, as you don’t need to pay rent for a storefront or even hire employees (unless you get big enough that you need help). If you dropship, you don’t even need to stock products.

However, online commerce still entails quite a bit of research and management. Identifying the products with the greatest demand and offering them at the right price can take hours of work. If you do insufficient preparation, Amazon will overlook your products (e.g., giving the coveted Buy Box to other vendors), and customers will buy from your competitors. Helium 10 helps you overcome these challenges.

Features of Helium 10

There are quite a few e-commerce tools and services that can help you find niches, products, and keywords. While Helium 10 does address these issues, it’s far more than a simple keyword tool or niche-finder. It has a wide range of sophisticated features to help you succeed on Amazon. It’s actually a complete software suite rather than a single tool. The following is a summary of what each tool helps you accomplish.

Keyword Tracker

Identifying the right keywords on Amazon is not a “set it and forget it” process. Keywords are constantly fluctuating in popularity. You need a dynamic tool that tracks the very rankings. The Helium 10 Keyword Tracker allows you to monitor your rankings and maximize traffic to your product listings. With this tool, you add an ASIN, and you’ll know where any product page ranks for your chosen keywords. It also helps you identify low-competition keywords. It even lets you research the competition to find out how their pages are ranking.

Index Checker

This keyword tool reveals which of your keyword search terms are actually indexed by Amazon at any given time. It shows you which “bad” keywords might be stopping Amazon from ranking the good ones. This is crucial information that, without  IndexChecker, could take you hours to acquire. You can also use this tool to find out which keywords your competitors are ranking for.


Helium 10 has several keyword tools as part of its software suite, each performing a distinct and essential function. Magnet is a powerful keyword aggregator that helps you identify the most profitable keywords to target for your products. This is an essential tool to optimize your Amazon SEO. Start with any relevant keyword, and Magnet provides a list of related keywords, complete with estimated monthly search volume and keyword rating. Magnet lets you quickly identify the keywords your customers are searching for.


Yet another Helium 10 keyword tool, this is one of the most powerful keyword processors found anywhere. Takes long lists of keywords and organizes them into useful lists. You can filter your keyword results by popularity and remove any unwanted characters or words. This tool is especially helpful when combined with Magnet, which generates your keyword lists. You can then paste the more manageable keyword list into Scribbles, the keyword optimization tool we’ll look at next.


This is an Amazon keyword and SEO tool that helps many top sellers dominate the listings. By generating lists of “used” and “unused” keywords, Scribbles ensures that you don’t overlook valuable keywords. With so much competition on Amazon, leaving out even one vital keyword phrase can cause you to lose your ranking.


Cerebro is a reverse ASIN lookup tool that gives you insights into what keywords customers are using to look up products. It also helps you research the keyword strategy your competitors are using. Cerebro draws data from actual Amazon queries and tells you the broad and exact match search volume for products as well as the number of competing products. This completes the suite of Helium 10 keyword tools and, when combined with Scribbles, Frankenstein, Magnet, 5K Checker, and Keyword Tracker, gives you the most comprehensive Amazon data available anywhere.

Black Box

This tool greatly enhances your ability to identify profitable products to sell. With so many millions of products on Amazon and new ones being added all the time, it’s almost impossible to keep up if you depend on manual searches. You can search for products based on criteria such as price, popularity, and niche. Product profiles reveal the latest trends and sales estimates.

Refund Genie

One way that many sellers lose money without even realizing it is when the merchandise becomes lost or damaged. In such cases, you end up paying customers refunds through no fault of your own. You may be entitled to refunds from FBA, but it’s up to you to claim them. Refund Genie automates a process that can otherwise take painstaking research. You’ll get detailed inventory reimbursement reports that you can file for refunds. This will prevent money from leaking out of your profits without taking hours of your time every week!

Hijacker Alert

Hijacking is a serious problem on Amazon. Hijacker Alert helps protect you from people trying to sell your private label products or cheap knockoffs. This not only takes money out of your pocket but harms your reputation when inferior products are sold under your brand name. When you catch hijackers, you can usually get their listings removed. this, however, takes time if you have to look for these violations manually. Hijacker Alert monitors your ASINs and alerts you whenever someone else tries to sell your products as their own. This tool monitors your product listings 24/7.

Brand Gate Checker

Helium 10 offers two tools that protect you against hijackers – Hijacker Alert (described above) and Brand Gate Checker, which lets you know the level of protection you have against hijackers. By entering an ASIN, you’ll instantly know how vulnerable the product is to hijacking. With this information, you can ensure that your brands are gated so only you can sell them.


Many people misspell words and product names when they search on Amazon. If you’re able to take advantage of this, you can increase your sales. Misspellinator gives you the most common misspellings that are typed in so you can direct these customers to your products. This is a seldom-used secret that only top Amazon sellers use to capture more sales.


Popular trends determine what sells best on Amazon, and you need an effective way to keep up with shoppers’ latest preferences. Trendster gives you the ability to analyze products and determine how popular they are and if it’s the right season to be selling them. When you enter product keywords or a product’s ASIN, you’ll get an analysis of how that product has performed over time. This lets you zero in on the most profitable products of the moment.

Additional tools just released by the Helium 10 team and not yet reviewed by us are Xray (for measuring competitor review velocity), Profits (shows a variety of analytics that gives users a look at their Amazon business’ financial status in one place), and Follow-Up, an Amazon email automation tool.

50K Free Email Follow-Ups

Helium 10: An Unmatched Amazon Software Suite

It can be a bit overwhelming to consider all of the tools offered within the Helium 10 suite. While you can benefit by only using one, two, or three tools, you’ll gain even more if you use all of them. It’s definitely to your advantage to invest some time into learning how the whole system works. Helium 10 does provide thorough training on how to use each tool. When you’re studying the system, you’re also learning the ins and outs of Amazon SEO. Thus, using Helium 10 has the added benefit of making you a true expert when it comes to Amazon e-commerce.

Plans and Pricing

Helium 10 offers several plans, starting with a free one with limited access to features.

  • Free – 20 keywords for Keyword Tracker, unlimited Brand Gate Checker, Inventory Protector, 20 Black Box uses per day, 2 Cerebro uses per day.
  • Starter Plan – $37/month: Full access to Xray, Profits, and the Freedom Ticket course. Limited access to the rest of the tool suite.
  • Platinum Plan – $97/month: 150 Index Checker uses per day, 300 Keyword Tracker uses per day, 300 Hijacker Alert ASINs, 5000 follow-up emails per month, all other services included.
  • Diamond – $197/month: 300 Index Checker uses per day, 600 Keyword Tracker uses per day, 600 Hijacker Alert ASINs, 15,000 follow-up emails per month, all benefits of Platinum.
  • Elite – $397/month: 500 Index Checker uses per day, 5000 Keyword Tracker uses per day, 1000 Hijacker Alert ASINs, 50,000 follow-up emails per month, all benefits of Diamond and priority access to newly released tools, such as the PPC automation tool.

Compared to most software suites, Helium 10 has an extensive range of tools. You have to carefully consider what you need for your current business. You can always start with the free plan or Platinum and upgrade as you need greater access to features.

December 2022 Update: Starter, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite Helium 10 members now get full access to Freedom Ticket – one of the most thorough Amazon training programs available to sellers at all levels. Freedom Ticket (normally $997) includes 90+ modules and was just completely re-filmed, meaning it’s the most up-to-date Amazon training on the internet.

Helium10 Discount Coupon Codes

New coupon code! Use Helium 10 coupon code IMPROMOCODER50 to get 50% off your first month’s payment (or an extra 10% off annual, which is 28% off the annual plan in total).

Helium10 First Month 50 Percent Discount CouponPinSeveral other discount codes are running around, but they’re all basically the same – 10% off any plan, forever. You want to use this month-to-month coupon if you think you will be using Helium 10 for at least six months. Or use it on the annual plan, and you’ll be saving 28% in total vs. paying monthly. Use coupon code IMPROMOCODER to get your 10% off.

Helium10 Free Plan

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Helium10 Lifetime 10 Percent Discount CouponPin

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Who Can Benefit From Helium 10

Helium 10 is one of the most thorough Amazon sellers’ tools on the market. The only drawback is that casual users looking for a quick fix may find this software suite a little intimidating. Those who want to truly master Amazon e-commerce and build a long-term business are the people who will gain the most from it. That said, anyone can try out the free version and gain access to some of the most useful tools such as Black Box, Keyword Tracker, and Cerebro. What you get out of Helium 10 really depends on your goals and how much you put into learning the software. If you apply yourself, this software package can give you a significant edge over other Amazon sellers.

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