EasyWebinar Discount and Review 2022


Webinars are one of the best ways to attract new leads and connect with audiences in any niche or industry. Until recently, however, it was complicated to set up your own webinar. You needed to acquire costly software and spend quite a bit of time mastering the technology.

EasyWebinar is a platform that has simplified the process and makes webinars accessible to everyone. Additionally, it includes marketing tools to help you promote your webinars. In this EasyWebinar review, we will point out some of the main features and benefits of using EW and provide an EasyWebinar discount or promotional offer.

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Why Webinars?

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There are quite a few advantages to running your own webinars.

  • Help build your credibility. A webinar is the digital version of a live class. When you lead such an event, you position yourself as an expert.
  • With a webinar, participants can comment and ask questions. Unlike most other digital marketing channels, it’s not just you talking to your audience but a group discussion.
  • Ideal for product launches. Whether you’re introducing an information product, course, membership site, or a new book, a webinar gives you a chance to inform and generate excitement.
  • Make sales or generate leads. You can use a webinar to sell a product directly or entice people to join your mailing list.

Features of EasyWebinar

Here are some of the leading features of EasyWebinar.

  • HD Quality. It’s important to project a professional image with your webinars. EasyWebinar provides high-definition images so viewers can see you, as well as other presenters and accompanying materials (web pages, charts, photos, etc.), clearly.
  • Top Quality Audio. If you want people to stay tuned to your webinar, audio quality is a must. EasyWebinar has TrueVoice technology with noise reduction to ensure that everyone’s voice can be clearly heard.
  • Real-Time Streaming. The whole idea of a webinar is that it’s a live presentation in which people can ask questions. However, many webinars have annoying lags. EasyWebinar uses advanced technology to ensure no-delay streaming, so everything is truly experienced in real-time.
  • Record webinars. You can record presentations so viewers can watch or re-watch them later. You can also turn them into videos and publish them on your website or YouTube channel.
  • Supports multiple presenters. A webinar can be even more interesting if you have guests or co-presenters. Interview experts, host a webinar with a friend or partner. EasyWebinar supports up to four presenters who can use their own mics and cameras. Of course, as it’s a digital event, presenters don’t need to be in the same location or even the same time zone.
  • Turn attendees into presenters. Another way to take advantage of multiple presenters is to make a webinar attendee into a presenter. Other attendees will be able to see and hear them after you authorize them as a presenter. This is a great way to get participants involves as you give various people a chance to take center stage.
  • WordPress integration. Promote your webinars directly from your WordPress site.

Automated Webinars

Automated (also known as Evergreen) webinars are one of the most powerful features of EasyWebinar. These are prerecorded sessions you can broadcast whenever you want. In many ways, they combine the benefits of live webinars with the advantages of prerecorded videos or podcasts. It’s similar to how people tune into a TV program. The difference is that it has the look and feel of a live webinar.

With automated webinars, your prospects can sign up and watch them at their convenience. Very often, marketers will show them at set times. This is often beneficial because it commits the viewers to tune in at a certain time. However, if they miss one broadcast, they can always tune in for another.

Marketing Tools

A webinar can be a powerful tool for attracting leads and customers. It’s not enough, however, to provide great content to attendees. You need a marketing strategy that motivates people to take action on your offers. EasyWebinar has several marketing tools built into its platform.

  • Send offers during the webinar. While marketers traditionally create a call-to-action at the conclusion of a webinar, it can be just as effective to send them out during the event. You can send offers out in real-time and track results.
  • Email notifications. Webinars and email marketing are more powerful when used together. EasyWebinar has a built-in email system that lets you send notifications before and during webinars. This helps you increase attendance.
  • YouTube and Facebook integrations. You can simulcast your webinars on YouTube Live and Facebook Live, giving you a chance to reach a wider audience. You can, for example, share your webinar with your Facebook friends or group. For advanced integrations, you need to sign up for the Pro or Enterprise version of EasyWebinar.
  • Customized registration fields. Use webinar registration as a way to compile information and segment your audience. You can choose what fields to place in your registration forms. You can load his information to your CRM for more sophisticated segmentation.

And since EasyWebinar allows you to keep track of webinar attendees, as well as people who sign up for webinars but don’t attend, it’s also effective for building a contact list. Read more of the great benefits of holding a webinar.


Webinars are not only an effective stand-alone marketing strategy but a tool to help you get more out of all your other marketing channels. EasyWebinar has many integrations that connect with your other tools.

  • GetResponse
  • AWeber
  • Drip
  • Active Campaign
  • InfusionSoft
  • Zapier
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact

By integrating your webinars with email marketing, content management, and other marketing tools, you can more easily attract attendees, track your analytics, and build your list of leads and customers. It works both ways as webinars help you attract leads, and you can send existing leads to your webinars.

Advanced Analytics Tools

It’s important to conduct analytics so you can make your webinars more targeted and effective in the future. EasyWebinar has advanced tools to help you track your results. You can look at your overall stats to find out how many people attended a webinar and how long they stayed. You can also look at engagement stats to find out if people participated in the chat or clicked on offers.

All the data you collect can be easily exported so that you can review it in a CSV report. Analytics help you to refine and improve your webinars, so you improve your results over time.

Training Resources

EasyWebinar provides ample training to help you get the most out of the platform. You can start with the Webinar Mini-Course, which covers every aspect of the software.

In addition to the training course, EasyWebinar has ongoing support and training. If you join at the Pro or Enterprise levels, you get a one-on-one onboarding call. The EasyWebinar blog is frequently updated and provides helpful advice on new features and the best strategies for promoting your webinars.

Pricing and Discounts For EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar has flexible pricing that lets you choose the plan that’s most suitable for your needs. There are 3 plans. You have a choice of being billed monthly or annually.

  • Standard: $78/month (billed monthly) or $59/month (billed annually). Supports up to 100 live attendees, unlimited automated webinars, WordPress integration, EliteWebinarMastery Foundation course, onboarding call.
  • Pro: $129/month (monthly) or $90/month (annually). 500 live attendees, custom fields for registration page, EasyCast live streaming tool for Facebook Live and YouTube Live, phone support.
  • Enterprise: $499/month (monthly) or $349/month (annually). 2000 live attendees, concierge dedicated account representative who provides customized support.

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How EasyWebinar Can Help You Grow Your Business

EasyWebinar is a platform that allows anyone to run webinars to attract more leads and customers. It includes many features to automate the process of creating, broadcasting, and marketing webinars.

Here are just a few of the ways that creating webinars can help your business.

  • Training or onboarding for employees.
  • Virtual Meetings. Arrange meetings with co-workers and employees who work from home or are traveling or with clients and prospects.
  • Build your authority by interviewing experts in your industry.
  • Demonstrate and sell products. Show attendees your products or explain your service. Answer questions.
  • Recurring webinars. You can do a webinar as a one-off or occasional event or as a recurring event. A webinar series is a fantastic way to build a following.

Is EasyWebinar Right For You?

Before you invest in any marketing tool, you need to consider your goals and needs. Webinars can help any business generate more leads and customers. They also go a long way in building your brand. EasyWebinar may be the ideal solution for you if you fit into either of these categories.

  • You’re new to webinars and haven’t created them out of fear that it would be too complicated or expensive. EasyWebinar makes it simple and affordable to get started.
  • You’re experienced with webinars but aren’t satisfied with the software or services you’ve tried so far. Perhaps you’ve been frustrated with sound or image quality or the lack of features or integrations. Many EasyWebinar customers have migrated from other webinar platforms.

With its flexible plans and pricing, EasyWebinar is a solid investment for anyone who wants a simple way to leverage the power of webinars. Use our EasyWebinar discount offer by purchasing via this page and start promoting your brand today!

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Still not convinced by this EasyWebinar review? Check our review of an EasyWebinar alternative.

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