Analyze and retarget every link you share with PixelMe (review and discounts)


If you run an online store or sell digital products and services, there’s a constant need to generate traffic and know more about your audience. URL shorteners can be a useful tool for such purposes. PixelMe allows you to shorten your URLs for retargeting, analytics, and managing campaigns. While there are other link shortening services, PixelMe has several features that are especially attractive to the more savvy digital marketers. In this PixelMe review, we’ll take a look at PixelMe to help you decide if it can be a valuable addition to your marketing toolkit. PixelMe discounts, if available, will be provided as well.

Why Use an URL Shortener?

First of all, why should you use an URL shortener for marketing campaigns? It may seem like an unnecessary complication if you’re not familiar with the practice. There are a few good reasons to implement this strategy. 

  • Links are more appealing to customers. Many links, especially tracking links, tend to be long and full of odd characters. These are clunky and less likely to be shared than shorter URLs. They can also improve your click-through rate.
  • Saves space. When you have limited space, such as on Twitter, you want to conserve characters.
  • Lets you track performance. Tracking ability is one of the main reasons experienced marketers use URL shorteners. When you share links, it’s important to measure your results. An URL shortener such as PixelMe lets you track clicks and conversions.

Introducing PixelMe

If you already shorten your URLs or are considering it, there are quite a few services to choose from. PixelMe, however, offers an impressive array of advantages compared to its competitors. Here’s a summary of the main features.

  • Create short links with retargeting pixels. Every link you shorten automatically comes with retargeting pixels. You can use this with destination URLs, branded domains, or retargeting networks. 
  • Track link performance. You can track every click, as well as unique vs. total clicks. You can also break down clicks by location, browsers, referring websites, and operating systems to learn more about your traffic. 
  • Custom domains and slugs. Many people are suspicious of links that are shortened with familiar services such as Tinyurl or PixelMe lets you create branded links specific to your domain and custom slugs for specific purposes or pages. 
  • Supports major advertising platforms. Add retargeting pixel codes for Google Ads, Facebook (Meta) Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest Ads, and more. PixelMe is also integrated with Amazon Attribution, so e-commerce sellers can track purchases, page views, and add-to-cart stats on Amazon. 
  • Micro Landing Pages. With PixelMe’s One Link feature, you can quickly generate customized bio pages that link to sites such as YouTube channels, Instagram, Spotify, Amazon, and others. Choose your template and create a branded micro landing page that sends visitors to all of your social media and other important pages. 
  • Generate QR codes. A feature not often used with link shorteners is the ability to create QR codes out of links. This can be very useful if you want to share a coupon or other content that users can access via a QR code. 

PixelMe Pricing

PixelMe offers several plans as well as a 7-day free trial. 

  • Growth: $99/month. Includes 5,000 tracked clicks per month, 500 branded links, 3 retargeting pixels, 3 custom domains, 1 landing page, 
  • Scale: $149/month. 20,000 tracked clicks, 5 retargeting pixels, 5 custom domains, Amazon attribution. 
  • Elite: $249/month. 50,000 tracked clicks, 10 retargeting pixels, 10 custom domains, link expiration, team members, workspaces/sub-accounts.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing. 100,000+ tracked links, unlimited branded links, 3+ custom landing pages, 10+ retargeting pixels, more.

PixelMe Discounts and Coupons

Annual plans are discounted by 30% vs. the month-by-month plans. Additional discount codes are currently not available. Contact us for exclusive discounts.

Who Can Benefit From PixelMe?

There are many possible ways to use PixelMe for boosting traffic, branding, and understanding your audience. This service can be beneficial for:

  • Amazon Sellers. As PixelMe works with Amazon Attribution, it can be a powerful tool for performing analytics for your campaigns. You can also send customers to your Amazon products via Facebook (either posts or paid ads) using retargeting pixels. 
  • Video marketers. Anyone with a YouTube channel can use Facebook ads to retarget visitors to your YouTube videos. It’s simple to connect Facebook Pixel to PixelMe and then add links to your videos. You’ll then be able to send retargeted Facebook ads to anyone who clicks on your videos. 
  • Text message marketing. PixelMe can get better results from SMS or text message marketing. Just as with online marketing, it’s important to track analytics with text message campaigns. You can create unique branded URLs for your campaigns and send them to your customers via text and track the results. 
  • Crowdfunding campaigns. With campaigns on sites such as Kickstarter, the challenge is to find a large audience of donors as quickly as possible. Unless you already have a large following, paid ads are the most efficient way to do this. You create a retargeting URL that fits your campaign and uses a pixel from Facebook Ads or another ad platform such as Google or Twitter. If you’re marketing a physical product that’s already selling on Amazon, you can use PixelMe to retarget visitors to your product and send them to your Kickstarter campaign. 
  • Musical artists on Spotify. Spotify is an excellent opportunity for artists to reach their audience, but it’s pretty competitive. PixelMe helps you plan profitable campaigns to promote your latest song or album. Send traffic to Spotify from Facebook or other ad platforms using a PixelMe custom URL. If you’re using Facebook, you can then build a custom audience that will be a good market for your work. 

These are just a few examples of how you can use PixelMe to create campaigns that are easier to track.

PixelMe: Value and Recommendation

PixelMe gives you the ability to create shortened URLs that can be used for various marketing purposes. There are quite a few URL shortening services, some free, others paid. If you want access to a range of powerful features such as custom domains, QR codes, and micro landing pages. One of the best reasons to use PixelMe is that it gives you an edge with retargeted campaigns, as it provides you with retargeting pixels with every link you create. 

PixelMe is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to boost the effectiveness of their marketing. If you’ve tried other URL shortening services, you may appreciate some of the features PixelMe offers. Anyone who is interested in trying it out can do so risk-free, as you can sign up for a 7-day free trial without a credit card.

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