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In my series of posts about getting a Facebook ads couponsBing ads coupons and LinkedIn ads coupons, it’s time to talk about Twitter. Twitter has become one of the most popular social media sites today. Pretty much everyone has a Twitter account nowadays. Using Twitter ads gives you a golden opportunity to present your marketing message to thousands of people worldwide, and using Twitter ads coupons is a great way to save money and test if Twitter is even the right marketing platform for your business. Mind that when the Twitter ad platform just launched, Twitter was giving away coupons like candy. In the beginning, only to US advertisers, and later expanded to Canada, UK, and only then worldwide. But today, this is no longer the case. Most of the methods mentioned below no longer work, but some do. Let’s take a closer look at some of these ways of getting Twitter ads coupon codes;

Start Twitter Retargeting and Get $100 Free Ad Credit

Boost Your Twitter Activity

Get Fb/IG Ad Credit


Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is a retargeting/remarketing platform that lets you remarket your website’s visitors across the web, mobile, Facebook, Twitter, and more. By putting a simple code on your site, Perfect Audience will continue exposing your visitors to your message. Most of us are quite accustomed to seeing brands follow us around, and this platform lets the small businesses do the same. They provide $100 in free ad credit for just trying out their platform.


Fiverr has established itself as one of the hottest micro-jobs marketplaces existing today. You will find many individuals selling Twitter advertising/promotion servicesFacebook advertising servicesBing Adcenter coupons, and so on, for just $5. You will find discounted services for pretty much every advertising platform you might think of on this site. It is important to check the ratings each seller has, and if most of them are positive, go for it. Purchasing coupon codes on Fiverr will help you optimize your marketing budget. Currently, it seems that there are no active Twitter coupon sellers. However, we recommend you register there for free and run a check every once in a while.


If you are based out of the UK, O2 is the official Twitter partner for UK small businesses. You can get a $50 Twitter ad credit by following this link. If you are not in the UK, we recommend HideMyAss VPN to help you with that.

Namecheap (No Longer Offered)

Namecheap is a leading domain registrar service. Their clients enjoy super professional service and get to enjoy special promotions and deals with Namecheap’s partners. One of them is Twitter. Once you become a Namecheap client, you could give a go at this Twitter ads coupon ( yet you will have to be pre-approved by Twitter, as opposed to the above offer on Fiverr, where you receive the Twitter ad coupon code immediately).

Internet Marketing Forums

Internet marketing forums are known for helping thousands to learn and run successful online marketing campaigns. They provide invaluable resources and internet marketing tips. They also have a marketing section that allows members to sell products and services. You will not have trouble finding bargains on sites such as The Warrior ForumWicked Fire, and Digital Point. You must also perform your due diligence on sellers advertising on these internet marketing forums.

What Can You Do In The Meantime?

We update this post whenever there are new promotional credits available. In the meanwhile, we recommend the following;

  • We update this post whenever there are new promotional credits available. In the meanwhile, we recommend the following;
    1. Sign up for our newsletter, where we share the very best online promos and free advertising coupons across various ad networks (Bing, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others).
    2. Sign up for a free account on Fiverr. Various ad coupon sellers pop-up frequently.

    Twitter has become one of the most popular social mediums in the world today, along with Facebook and LinkedIn. Millions have a Twitter account, and advertising on Twitter is a solid way of getting your message out there.  So why not to try it out, especially if there’s such a simple way of getting a Twitter ads coupon for some mere $5? So check out Fiverr, Namecheap, or PerfectAudience to get a Twitter ad credit!

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