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Are you looking for HideMyAss discount coupon codes? Well, the (not so) shocking truth is that there aren’t really any HMA discount coupons out there, because, well, when you’re the best, you don’t issue coupons (wait, you’ll save money here nonetheless). Whilst all the coupon sites are offering fake Hide My Ass coupons, we’ll show you how to save money and be confident while you’re at it.

HideMyAss don’t have discount coupons? True, but they do have holiday promotions, allowing you to save 50% of the annual expense! HMA  promotional period is the best time to get the best VPN service out there. Even if you buy a monthly or six-monthly subscription you can take advantage of the promo by choosing the “recurring” option. As long as you keep your subscription, the price will stay at the HMA discounted price.

The best option, by far, is the annual subscription. You can save up to 50% and pay less than 5$ a month!

If you’re not sure whether HMA is for you – take it for a test drive; Follow this link and get 30 trial days (money back no questions asked!). I had that in mind when I first subscribed but didn’t need to use this option as the service turned out to be perfect for me.

New Xmas HMA Discount! Discount valid till January 7th at midnight, make sure to take advantage of it by pressing the option suits you best below.

Hide My Ass Discount Coupon Promotion



Whether you can’t access a Geo blocked sites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora BBV iPlayer TV and others from your country, need to keep your web surfing anonymous or want to see how your Geotargeted online campaign ads look like on Google or other sites from different countries, VPN is the best solution for you.

Just log in, choose the best server for your needs and you’re all set. From this point onward there is no way to track you back to your location or computer. From the point of view of the sites you’re surfing, you are located in the US or UK  ( or any other global location you choose) and they will serve you as such.

For example, in China, VPN is almost the only solution for checking your Gmail account or visiting different social networks without being blocked by the restrictions the Chinese government imposes.

Why Hide My Ass

Hide my ass is one of the best VPN provider out there, with servers in over 123 locations, 63 countries, 519 servers and over 61,000 IP’s.

You can switch servers as many times as you like, no restrictions. All servers have an up time of 99.9% and are super-fast. You don’t pay more for bandwidth, switching servers, changing protocols or secure connection.

Hide My Ass limits the number of users per IP/server enabling a very fast connection. In most cases you will not feel any deference between your own internet service provider and Hide My Ass VPN. This is very important specially if you’re watching movies on Netflix or just used to super fast surf speed. Take advantage of the special HideMyAss discounted offer valid now by following this link and trying it out with no risk for 30 days!

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