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Some of the links on are affiliate links, and you should assume that all of them are.

In short, affiliate links mean that I may earn affiliate commission if you click on the links or make a purchase using the links and banners.

In the case that you do make a purchase after using the affiliate link, the price you pay is the same (and sometimes lower) than when you go directly to the vendor’s website using a non-affiliate link. Meaning, the use of the affiliate link does not make the customer (mostly, you) pay more than the original price.

Most of the digital tools and services nowadays have an affiliate program of some sort. My recommendations of specific services here on IMPromoCoder are not caused solely due to the fact that they have an affiliate program, but rather because I genuinely recommend them over the other tools or services (which, in most cases, also have an affiliate program). In other words, despite the fact that there is a financial interest here, which I openly disclaim, I also want to point out that the recommendations of the specif tools themselves (over the others) are not affected by that interest. The recommended tools are indeed the best ones, from my professional point of view.

By using the affiliate links, you are in fact helping to continue its service, providing discounts and rebates whenever possible. I genuinely appreciate your support.

In case of any questions related to the use of affiliate links and promotions on this site, feel free to contact

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