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No matter how many times Google unleashes a new algorithm, search engine optimization remains vital to the health of your website. Some of the rules may change over time, but it’s always essential to take the most effective measures to optimize your site for the search engines. One comprehensive tool that has been designed to make this easier is SEO PowerSuite. In this SEO PowerSuite review, we’ll be going over some of the key features of this powerful software and keep the post updated with all the available and relevant SEO PowerSuite discount coupons out there.

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Free vs Paid Editions

The first thing you should know about SEO PowerSuite is that it comes in three editions: Free, Professional and Enterprise. As you might expect, the free edition is very limited in its capabilities compared to the paid versions. At the same time, it provides some real benefits and it’s a good way to get an introduction to the software. The main difference between Professional and Enterprise is that the former is mainly for people who want to rank their own websites, while the latter gives you a license to perform SEO on your clients’ sites.

Unlike many software programs, SEO PowerSuite runs on Windows, Mac or Linux. As the name suggests, this is not really a single piece of software, but an entire collection or suite. You can buy each element separately, but it’s a lot more powerful and economical if you purchase SEO PowerSuite as a unit. Let’s look at each of the programs.

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Rank Tracker Review / Rank Tracker Discount Coupon

Knowing your ranking in the search engines is really the first step in your SEO efforts. If you don’t know how you’re doing now, how can you improve? Rank Tracker makes it easy to know exactly where you stand. Without a tool such as this, you would have to search for your site manually, keyword by keyword. Unless you’re already ranking on page one for all your keywords, this can be a tedious process, not to mention that the results you see are personalized for you by the search engine, and are not the ones other users will see.

With Rank Tracker, you simply enter your URL, as many keywords as you want, and you can find your rank on dozens of search engines within seconds. There’s also a “Suggest Keywords” feature to help you come up with more keywords. The tool even lets you know which keywords are most competitive, helping you to decide which ones are worth focusing your efforts on.

Rank Checker Professional currently sells for $125.75. Rank Tracker Enterprise costs $299.75. There is also a Rank Tracker free version with limited features.

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Website Auditor Review / Website Auditor Discount Coupon

This is a tool that works equally well for SEO beginners and experts. It makes it simple to optimize every page on your website. It performs a detailed analysis of your site for features such as:

  • Page Rank
  • External Links
  • HTTP Status Codes
  • Total Links
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Link Value

It would be very time consuming to analyze these factors individually, but Website Auditor sends you a report that gives you all of this information quickly. It also gives you specific suggestions on changes to make to your site, such as where on your site you should include keywords and information that Google considers valuable. It also analyzes keyword density on your pages and allows you to analyze your website’s source code. This is an essential tool for onsite SEO optimization.

Website Auditor Professional costs $124.75. Website Auditor Enterprise costs $299.75. There is also a Website Auditor free version with limited features.

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SEO SpyGlass Review / SEO SpyGlass Discount Coupon

This software provides you with a simple and legal way to spy on your competition and find out why they are outranking you. It will show you exactly what the #1 site for your chosen keyword is doing to get that ranking. This will show you which keywords and anchor text you should be focusing on.

SEO SpyGlass also tells you:

  • How to outrank your competition for page rank.
  • The Alexa Traffic ranking for your competitors’ links.
  • The most valuable backlink any site has.
  • Which top web directories your competition is listed in.
  • How many of your competitors’ links come from social media sources.
  • If they are buying links from other sites.

The Professional version of SEO SpyGlass is $124.75. The Enterprise version is $299.75. There is also a SEO SpyGlass free version you can download with limited features.

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Link Assistant Review / Link Assistant Discount Coupon

If you know anything about SEO, you know how important links are. However, you probably also know how dangerous it can be to do link building the wrong way. Link Assistant is designed to ensure that you build valuable links that help your site, rather than ones that will get your site penalized by Google!

Some of the key features of Link Assistant include:

  • Suggests keywords to help you build more valuable links.
  • Helps you find link partners by analyzing your site’s keywords.
  • Automatically sends link submission forms to potential link exchange partners.
  • Detects sites that link to yours to help you identify potentially bad links.
  • Finds sites that link to your competitors’ sites.
  • Harvests URLs from any web page to find where it links to.

These are just some of the ways that Link Assistant helps make your link building safer, faster and more powerful. The Professional version of this software is $124.75. The Enterprise version is $299.75. There is also a Link Assistant free version with limited features.

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Buying SEO PowerSuite as a Package

There are four main programs that comprise SEO PowerSuite. As noted, you can purchase them separately. If you were to buy all four of them together, the Professional versions would cost you $499. The Enterprise versions would cost you $1199.

If you buy the complete package, however, you can get the Professional version of PowerSuite for $299 and the Enterprise version for $699. This is quite a substantial savings over the individual prices. Some people may feel they only need certain features, but the fact is that SEO is a complex process that involves many different elements. If you leave anything out, it can adversely affect your ranking.

It’s also possible to get some benefit from the free versions. This, however, will give you only limited access to the powerful features that these software offer. With the free version, for example, you cannot save projects, export SEO data, or even copy data to your clipboard. On the other hand, the free version can be good for giving you an introduction to SEO PowerSuite.

All in all, each of the tools by itself is useful, but when combined, they comprise SEO PowerSuite, one of the most powerful and comprehensive SEO tools you can purchase anywhere.

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Link-Assistant has released another great tool, this time it’s a Social Media Management software called BuzzBundle.

BuzzBundle  is the social management tool that lets you track your brand mentions, join conversations about your brand, easily register multiple social accounts and generate more social buzz one person could ever produce.

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