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LandingCube offers Amazon sellers powerful features for engaging with customers and selling more of their products. Landing pages specifically made for Amazon are the main offering but there are also other perks such as messenger bots and link shorteners. In this LandingCube review, we’ll help you decide if LandingCube can be a valuable tool to help you boost your Amazon business. The latest LandingCube coupon codes and discounts will be summarised as well.

The Advantage of Landing Pages For Amazon Products

Selling products on Amazon can be very profitable, but it comes with its challenges. There’s massive competition in almost every product niche. If you send potential customers directly to Amazon, they will most likely see hundreds of items very similar to yours. Customers have various criteria for making a selection. Some will choose the lowest priced product, others the item with the most reviews. In general, larger sellers have the advantage. A dedicated landing page helps you stack the odds in your favor.

A landing page gives you a chance to explain your product without customers being distracted by competing products. Those who are convinced by your brand, copy, and images will choose your product when they reach Amazon.

A landing page also lets you build a mailing list, something you can’t do if your potential customers find you on Amazon. Amazon isn’t designed to help businesses stay in touch with their customers. They want people to keep returning to Amazon, not to your website. When you send your traffic to a LandingCube landing page, you can start building your own mailing list. Being able to contact your customers directly is extremely valuable. In the future, they can order from you directly, receive notifications about new products or promotions, and generally keep you on top of mind when they need your specific niche product again.

Features of LandingCube Landing Pages

  • Choose a template that matches your brand. You can choose Bold, Classic, Elegant, and Moder templates. Choose the look that best fits your brand and products.
  • Build attractive, responsive, and high-converting landing pages in minutes. If you had to design a landing page from scratch, it could take hours, and that’s if you have a taste for design. E-commerce sellers may sell a wide range of products that require separate landing pages. With LandingCube, you can create as many landing pages as you want in minutes. Landing pages are fully responsive so they work well on all devices.
  • Use their fast, reliable hosting or connect landing pages to your domain. You can either use LandingCube’s own speedy hosting or add Amazon landing pages to your own website, using a subdomain, WordPress plugin, or embed code.
  • Offer promo codes. LandingCube makes it easy to offer customers incentives to join your list. You can send them promotional offers such as single-use or group promo codes that they can receive when they sign up.
  • Create scarcity. You can add a countdown timer to your pages, creating urgency and improving conversions.
  • Add videos to your landing pages. A video is a powerful way to explain your product. You can also encourage customers to submit video reviews.
  • Display reviews. You can feature positive reviews on your landing pages for social proof.
  • Amazon Attribution. With the Individual Seller and Business plans, you can link to Amazon Attribution, which lets you track data such as purchases and items added to shopping carts.
  • You can track the traffic and visitor behavior on your landing pages so you can make changes and improvements. Track metrics such as unique visitors and conversions. You can also link your URLs to Amazon Attribution for more comprehensive tracking.
  • Many integrations. LandingCube can be integrated with many popular apps, including Facebook Messenger, MailChimp, AWeber (our choice for ESP, see our AWeber review and discounts), Zapier, Drip, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, ActiveCampaign, and many more.

Messenger Bots

Another powerful marketing feature that comes with all LandingCube plans is the ability to reach your audience on Facebook Messenger with chatbots. You can use this tool with Facebook ads. When someone clicks on your ad, it will trigger a bot that engages with them. Customers can receive promo codes from the bot, which will drive them to your landing page. Messenger is one of the best ways to reach new customers for a number of reasons.

  • Wide reach. Messenger has over 1 billion users. It’s the top messenger app in the United States and Canada.
  • Higher engagement and open rates than email. Studies show that Messenger has 4x higher open rates and at least 3x better click-through rates than email.
  • Sets you apart. Most Amazon sellers are not marketing via Facebook Messenger.

URL Shorteners

A link shortener can bring more traffic to your landing pages. It also gives you a chance to brand your URLs. Instead of links starting with “Amazon” they can have your business and products names, as in

The typical link to an Amazon is a very long sequence of numbers, letters, and characters. This isn’t appealing for anyone to copy or share. A shortened URL that can be customized to your product and brand is much better for sharing on social media, email, or elsewhere.

On some platforms, for example, YouTube videos, viewers can’t click on a link; they need to type it in manually. It’s unlikely anyone will take the time to type in a long Amazon product URL, while a shortened URL is much more convenient.

Still another advantage of shortened URLs is for tracking purposes. It’s important to know your traffic sources, so you know where to focus your future marketing efforts. You can connect your URLs to Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel for more comprehensive analytics. Facebook Pixel also gives you the ability to retarget customers who have previously clicked on your links.

LandingCube Pricing

LandingCube provides three plans to choose from. The right choice depends on the size of your business and how many products you’re selling. An active campaign includes a landing page and messenger bots.

  • Beginner: $29/month (billed annually) or $49/month (billed monthly). Includes one custom domain, three active campaigns.
  • Individual Seller: $47/month billed annually or $79/month billed monthly. Five custom domains, ten active campaigns, remove LandingCube branding, Amazon Attribution integration.
  • Business: $119/month billed annually or $199/month billed monthly. Unlimited custom domains, unlimited campaigns, priority support.

LandingCube Discounts

LandingCube annual plans are currently discounted at around 40% cheaper than going month by month. Additional LandingCube discount codes are added here as soon as new promotions are available. If by the time you’re reading this nothing is in sight, contact us for the latest promos.

How to Get the Most From Amazon and LandingCube

LandingCube offers several powerful tools to help anyone who sells on Amazon. To make the most of landing pages, Messenger bots, and other features, however, you need to optimize your entire approach to e-commerce. LandingCube offers valuable resources to help you get the most out of your account.

  • Reviews. Getting positive reviews is crucial for selling more products. Reviews, either written or in video format, help make your landing pages more persuasive as well. LandingCube provides a helpful list of actions you can take to get more reviews.
  • Traffic and sales funnels. The whole point of building landing pages is to create effective sales funnels, which may include promo codes and building an email list.
  • LandingCube shares advice on sending traffic to your landing pages and Amazon product pages. This includes advertising on Facebook and other places. As noted above, using a Messenger bot can help you get more out of Facebook marketing. Facebook and other types of marketing also require you to do market research, choose quality products, and identify your audience.

While these are all helpful, you might want to add one or more all-in-one tool suites for Amazon (and Walmart) sellers to your arsenal. We’ve reviewed the best of such tools on this site before and you might want to try them out and take advantage of the exclusive discounts we have for these tools, such as the 50% off Jungle Scout, 50% off Helium 10, and the extended trials and discounts for Seller Labs.


Whether you are new to Amazon or have years of experience, LandingCube can help you take your marketing to another level. It’s getting more complicated to post products to Amazon and compete with the largest sellers. By creating optimized landing pages, you can develop relationships with customers apart from Amazon and gain an edge.

LandingCube makes it possible for even newer and smaller accounts to get started and build a loyal customer base. With plans starting at $29/month, this is a solid investment for anyone who wants to build a profitable, long-term business on Amazon.

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