Etsy Sellers Research Tool- Sale Samurai Review and Exclusive Discount


With the continued growth of e-commerce, selling products online is getting more competitive all the time. The main challenges are to find profitable products to sell and target the right keywords buyers are searching for. Sale Samurai is a marketing tool that helps Etsy sellers with these aspects exactly.

Many sellers are finding that Etsy is a good place to sell, either instead of or in addition to other platforms such as Amazon and eBay.  While there are many tools for Amazon sellers, there aren’t as many that specialize in Etsy. Sale Samurai is software that’s designed to help you find the best strategy and products to sell on Etsy.

In this Sale Samurai review, we’ll take a look at the growing niche of selling on Etsy and the leading features of Sale Samurai. We will also share an exclusive Sale Samurai coupon code that you can use today, to save 20% of your subscription.

What is Sale Samurai?

Finding the most profitable products to sell online takes a great deal of research. You have to consider, not only how popular a product is, but how much competition there is and how profitable it is when you consider costs. There are benefits to doing global keyword research, such as on Google and Bing. You can also use Amazon for research, even if you’re selling on other platforms.

If you want to optimize your Etsy business, however, it’s even better to find a tool that taps into this marketplace. Here are some leading features of Sale Samurai.

Easy to Install and Use

Sale Samurai works from a Chrome extension. You can do your research in real-time and while working on your Etsy store.

Find Keywords Etsy Shoppers are Searching For

With Sale Samurai, you can uncover keywords that Etsy customers are searching for, many of which won’t be found by your competition.

Advanced filters let you find long-tail keywords, related keywords, competition, and search volume. Simply type in a relevant term. You can also fill in words under “Must Contain” to narrow your results.

Optimize Tags and Titles

The titles and tags you use for your listings go a long way in attracting customers who are actually looking for what you’re selling. Aside from giving you an idea of what to sell, keyword research on Sale Samurai will help you optimize your listings with the right tags and product titles.

Learn From Your Competition

One way to use Sale Samurai is to monitor other sellers’ listings to find out which keywords are bringing them sales. You can browse competitors to find the best price points, the most profitable shipping days, and the listings that get the most engagement. Find top sellers in your niche and search for clues to their success.

Sales Analytics

Inexperienced sellers on Etsy (and other platforms) often fail to calculate all the relevant data before deciding what to sell. They may not factor in shipping costs or the price they’ll need to charge to make sales. Sale Samurai simplifies sales analytics, letting you quickly calculate all the data you need. You get a complete picture, including price spread, shipping costs, and shipping days.

Scale Your Business Faster

With a powerful research tool, you can more quickly scale your business by adding more products with less work. Sale Samurai lets you upload hundreds of print-on-demand products that integrate with Etsy. These types of products don’t entail any financial risk as they aren’t created until you have received orders. You have nothing to lose by selling lots of products and testing the results.

Sale Samurai: Plans and Pricing

Sale Samurai offers a single, all-included plan. Your only choice is whether to sign up for monthly or annual billing. You can pay $9.99/month with no obligation or save and pay $99.99 annually. Either way, you get:

  • Long-tail keywords.
  • Shop analytics.
  • Tag suggestions.
  • Etsy search volume.
  • Listing data.

While there’s no free plan, you can sign up for a 3-day free trial.

Sale Samurai Discount Code

We have an exclusive Sale Samurai discount code for our readers; use the coupon code IMPROMOCODER on the signup page for 20% off any plan you order.

Why It’s a Good Time to Sell on Etsy

As Amazon gets more saturated, sellers are targeting buyers on Etsy. While Etsy isn’t as large as Amazon, many customers are flocking there. During the last quarter of 2021 alone, there were over 90 million buyers. Although many shoppers use multiple platforms, people are often looking for something a little different on Etsy.

Etsy has many customers who are looking for creative, handmade, and artistic items, as opposed to mass-produced brand name products. In fact, Etsy has a strict rule that all products on its marketplace must be handmade.  This type of niche can be tricky when it comes to finding keywords or choosing the right products. You need a tool such as Sale Samurai to guide you.

Sale Samurai: Pros and Cons

Here are the top pros and cons for Sale Samurai.


  • A dedicated tool for Etsy sellers. It provides a more accurate analysis of what Etsy customers are searching for than regular search engine keyword tools. Helps you optimize your listings and save time.
  • Simple to use. Just install the Chrome extension and search for keywords.
  • Can help you build your business and start scaling with more products.


Not many cons if you’re an Etsy seller who wants to find more profitable keywords. The only caveat is that, if you want to succeed on Etsy, you need to optimize your shop beyond simply using the best keywords. The tips below will help in this regard.

Tips to Get the Best Results From Sale Samurai

  • Make sure your photos and product descriptions bring out the best in your listings. Sale Samurai will guide you to find the best titles and tags. Quality photos and accurate descriptions will help as well.
  • Place your listings in the appropriate categories and subcategories. When you discover a keyword with Sale Samurai or by any other method, take note of the categories similar products are listed under.
  • Develop relationships with customers. Aside from responding to questions on Etsy, you can build connections on social media and by building an email list.

Sale Samurai: Value and Recommendation

The Sale Samurai team runs several successful software suites. Book Bolt is software for creating and publishing low and no content books. Merch Informer is software for Merch by Amazon sellers. The team is here to stay and support their user base, as they’ve been doing for many years. With Sale Samurai, they’ve tapped into the growing niche of Etsy sellers. It is one of the best tools made specifically for this platform. The pricing is kept reasonable and straightforward and should pay for itself fairly quickly. There’s no real learning curve, as you simply search for relevant, profitable keywords and niches. Anyone selling on Etsy, or who plans to do so, should start with a Sale Samurai research first, to avoid unexpected low demand, and then use it to scale the store even faster.

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