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Book Bolt is a service for print-on-demand authors who want to sell “no content” books. This is a popular business model for Amazon and other self-published authors who sell journals, coloring books, and other books without traditional content. In this Book Bolt review, we’ll take a look at the growing field of no content books and the leading features of Book Bolt. We will also share an exclusive Book Bolt coupon code that you can use today, to save 20% off your subscription.

Why No Content Books?

At first glance, the idea of publishing books without content seems strange. However, if you ever visit Barnes & Noble or any store that sells print books, you’re likely to notice that they now sell lots of books without traditional content. These include:

  • Coloring Books. These are no longer just for kids. Adult coloring books are extremely popular.
  • Journals. There are general journals and ones for specific purposes such as food journals, dream journals, travel journals, fitness journals, and many others.
  • Sketchbooks. For drawing and doodling.
  • Notebooks. These are all-purpose blank books that people can use for anything, such as to-do lists, brainstorming, and any random information they want to jot down.

The essential idea of no or low content books is that the reader rather than the author fills in the content. While notebooks have been around for a long time, journals and coloring books are now part of the self-development field. Personal coaches, psychologists, and self-help gurus recommend writing down goals, feelings, and thoughts for greater insight. As a result, millions of people are buying these no-content books.

While some books are practically content-free, others are low content. These may provide chapter headings and perhaps guidelines for readers to follow. Still, the amount of content is significantly lower than the typical fiction or nonfiction book.

Just because they don’t contain traditional content doesn’t mean that no content books require no thought, effort, or design. In fact, they have a few crucial elements. For starters, you need a compelling, professional cover. In a book that’s mostly blank inside, the cover is of the utmost importance.

No or low content books also need an attractive design that makes customers want to use them. They also need a user-friendly interface so people can easily fill in the content.

Additionally, you need a marketing plan which includes market research, finding the right platform, setting the right price, and optimizing your book descriptions.

Book Bolt, created by the same team that created the popular Merch by Amazon research tool Merch Informer, is essentially a dashboard for the entire no-content book publishing process.

Features of Book Bolt

Here are some of the self-publishing tasks that Book Bolt helps you accomplish.

  • Market research. This is one of the most crucial aspects of self-publishing. Find the niches, keywords, and most in-demand designs.
  • Interior Wizard lets you create no-content books in several formats, including wide-ruled, journal, college-ruled, and sheet music.
  • Make beautiful covers. The cover designer ensures that your cover has the right dimensions and has the images and text that make your book as appealing as possible.
  • Simplified book listing. You can create one or lots of no-content books with this system and quickly list them on Amazon KDP.

Book Bolt is made to work with Amazon KDP. However, it’s a standalone software product that you use on your own. You don’t have to provide your Amazon login or password to Book Bolt to use it.

Pricing for Book Bolt

Book Bolt is a fairly simple and straightforward service, so there aren’t many plans to choose from. Your only choice is whether to pay monthly or annually.

  • $9.99/month
  • $89.99/year ($7.49/m)

All of these payment plans include all features such as market research, cover designer, future plugins, and 24/7 support.

You can try Book Bolt free for 3 days with no obligation.

We have an exclusive Book Bolt discount code for our readers; enter coupon code IMPROMOCODER on the sign-up page for 20% off any plan.

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Getting the Most Out of No Content Books With Book Bolt

While there are many tools for writers and even self-publishing, Book Bolt is unusual, focusing on no-content books. This is a specialized and potentially lucrative field. Here are some tips for publishing no/low content books with Book Bolt to maximize your chances of success.

  • Publish lots of books. One of the advantages of this type of book is that you don’t need to spend time creating content. The most time-consuming tasks, creating the design and cover, are made much easier by Book Bolt. So you may as well put out multiple books, which enhances your chances of success. Don’t think of it as a one-time project but as an ongoing publishing strategy.
  • Do your research. Market research is one of the most valuable tools you get with Book Bolt. Don’t skimp in this area. Keep in mind that trends in publishing are always changing. There are also many sub-categories within niches. For example, if you’re publishing self-help journals, different specialties such as meditation, dream journals, or affirmations might be popular right now.
  • Stay current with the latest trends. For example, if a bestselling book comes out in a particular niche, you may be able to turn the idea into a journal or coloring book (without using any trademarked phrases or images, of course).
  • Take advantage of seasons and holidays. Holidays, seasons, summer vacations, and special events can all be used as the basis for content-free books. With seasonal content, be sure to time your release so it’s published at least a month ahead of the date or season.

Book Bolt: Value and Recommendation

If you publish (or are thinking about publishing) no-content books, Book Bolt is a valuable resource that will make your task quite easier. No content books, especially with Book Bolt’s help, is such a simple publishing strategy that it can be used to supplement any other type of online business you may have.

Even though you’re not creating traditional content for these books, you still need to pay close attention to the covers and design. You can do this manually, but Book Bolt greatly simplifies the process. This will increase your output and hone in on the most profitable niches for your no-content books. Use our Book Bolt discount coupon after your 3-day trial expires to save an additional 20% on any plan you choose.


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  1. Paisley says:

    i hope this works with windows.

    • IMPromoCoder says:

      Hi Paisley, Book Bolt is an online tool and it works with Windows, Mac, and anything in between.
      Good luck!


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