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It’s getting more difficult all the time to engage with website visitors, social media followers, email subscribers, and other contacts. You need to make yourself visible and stand out among all the competing voices. provides interesting, targeted, and interactive funnels that help you connect with people and give them compelling reasons to learn more about your offers. In this review, we’ll analyze if it’s a solution that might benefit your small business and also provide a special discount for new users looking to try it out.

The Benefit of Interactive Content

Getting visitors to your website is only your first challenge. After that, you need to engage with them, so they take action, whether that means signing up for your newsletter, downloading a product, following you on social media, or eventually buying your product. Interactive content is a proven way to connect with people. Rather than just passively reading or watching, this is content that gives the visitor something to do. offers a variety of interactive tools to build engagement. These include templates for:

  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Personality tests
  • Membership sites
  • Online courses
  • Contests

These features draw visitors into your funnel by capturing their interest and motivating them to take action. However, it’s not enough to create something like a quiz or poll. has a whole set of customizable features that let you target multiple audiences’ needs. Let’s take a look at some of the ways helps you create engaged leads and customers.

Embed Content on Your Website

Linking to quiz, poll, or other interactive feature doesn’t help you if your visitor ends up on another website. lets you embed interactive features on your site without having to do any coding. You copy and paste the code and place the content on any part of your website you choose. You can then customize various elements like background and more.

Create Responsive Landing Pages

Interactive content such as quizzes and personality tests make for great landing pages. You can send traffic to these pages from ads, social media posts, emails, or anywhere else. People who might not click on a link about a product might want to take a quiz. You can use any of the templates from to create interactive quizzes for just about any interest or industry.

Lead Generation Quizzes

While quizzes are fun, they should also serve a purpose. It doesn’t do you any good if someone fills out a random quiz and then leaves your site. A lead generation quiz is designed to capture important information about your audience. This lets you capture email addresses while learning valuable information about your subscribers. You can then segment leads based on what you know about them, which lets you target them with more relevant offers.

In addition to quizzes, you can create surveys and personality tests that ask users for their opinions on any issues you choose. This allows you to collect valuable data while also keeping your visitors interested. People always enjoy to share their opinions and learn more about themselves.

Get Recurring Payments

If you depend on one-time sales, you have to attract new customers regularly. Subscriptions are one of the best business models for the simple reason that you collect regular, ongoing payments. makes it easy to set up recurring payments for many purposes.

  • Digital products and services are ideally suited for the subscription model. Membership sites are another way to get customers to pay a weekly, monthly, or annual fee. Examples include SEO services, content such as PLR (private label rights), graphics, web design, web hosting, and lots more.
  • Physical products can also be sold using the subscription model. You’ve probably noticed that many successful internet businesses use the subscription model, enticing customers to sign up to receive vitamins, coffee, wine, razor blades, and many other items.
  • Online learning has really exploded in recent years. Last year, it grew even faster as many live classes had to be put online. If you offer online classes, such as music, languages, coding, fitness, or any coaching, you can charge a monthly fee.

Logic Jumps and  Multiple Outcomes

Logic jumps allow users to skip questions that aren’t relevant to them, thus improving relevance and engagement. This is a way to make quizzes, surveys, and other content more targeted. They also create personalization, such as calling the user by their name. You can choose between different formats such as multiple-choice, yes/no, or images and provide personalized interaction based on answers given.

Multiple outcomes work in a similar way, sending users to the most relevant destination based on their preferences. When you set up an element such as a quiz with, you can set it up to reach different Thank You or Signup pages. This is a powerful segmentation feature that helps you personalize offers and content based on factors such as location, interests, age, gender, or anything else.

Send Customized Emails

Just as you can customize Thank You pages based on the information you collect with; you can also send personalized emails. This works well with segmented lists. You don’t necessarily want to send everyone the same emails and offers. For example, if you have a food-related business, you can create a quiz asking about preferences and send email content tailored to individual tastes. Integrations works with many other apps and software programs, including:

It also offers tracking integrations with Google Analytics and Facebook and payment integrations with Stripe and PayPal. Plans and Pricing offers several plans, including a free plan.

  • Free: This plan is free forever and not just a trial. It includes 100 submissions per month, partial submissions, and all basic features.
  • Starter: $25/month. Single user, 1,000 submissions per month, Google fonts, Starter features.
  • Professional: $75/month. 5,000 submissions per month, buy team seats, 1 custom font.
  • Business: $195/month. 15,000 submissions per month, 2 team members, 10 custom fonts, business features.

You can also ask for custom quotes if you need more than 15,000 submissions. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial for all paid plans. Discount Coupon Codes

When you get an annual plan, you get up to 25%-35% off. You can use our exclusive discount coupon code (applied automatically by signing up with this link or enter the coupon code REFERRAL-BONUS) and get an additional 15% off your first payment (monthly or annual).

Once you apply the coupon on the annual plan, you can get up to 50% off

involve me discount coupon codePin Pros and Cons

Here are some of the leading pros and cons of


  • A variety of tools to help you engage with website visitors to help you generate leads.
  • Web-based, so it works on all devices and operating systems.
  • Helps you to segment users into categories for more targeted messages.
  • Lets you share quizzes on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Many useful integrations to connect quizzes and surveys to apps for analytics, email marketing, and other purposes.
  • Provides a “forever free” plan, which is good for testing the platform and for smaller businesses.


  • Although doesn’t require coding skills, there’s still a bit of a logical learning curve for creating quizzes and other content.
  • If you want to create large amounts of interactive content, you may find the pricing a little steep. On the other hand, if the tools improve your conversions, the service can pay for itself fairly quickly.

Value and Recommendation has many interactive tools that can help you generate more leads. It’s also valuable for providing ways to segment customers and deliver more targeted content. Quizzes, surveys, and personality tests can all be leveraged to learn more about your prospects and customers. You can use to create engaging marketing funnels that are fun for people to use. can work for businesses in just about any niche or industry. The free plan provides a convenient way to try the platform without any cost. You can also sign up for free trials of the paid plans. If you’re seeking a convenient way to increase engagement, collect useful data on your visitors and customers, and segment your lists, I’d recommend giving a try.

Not sure whether is for you? See our review of an alternative solution,

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