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UpViral is a new software that helps you leverage the power of viral marketing. This refers to the type of promotion where people are motivated to share your posts and content. A typical example is a contest where people earn extra entries by sharing information with others. The challenge is to come up with a strategy to make this happen. Most content doesn’t get very much engagement. UpViral is an advanced system that makes it easy to create viral campaigns. In our Upviral review, we’ll be exploring some of the features and benefits of Upviral to help you decide if it provides real value for your business. We will regularly update all the available UpViral discounts.

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77% Off UpViral Annual Starter Plan

The Power of Viral Marketing

Everyone wants viral content. Whether it’s a YouTube video, Facebook post, or Instagram image, this is something that is widely shared. The main benefit of having something go viral is that your followers are doing the promoting for you. You may or may not use paid advertising to start such a campaign, but once you build up momentum, all the promoting is done for free.

Another big advantage of this type of marketing is that it makes your content more engaging and credible. There’s ample research indicating that people trust recommendations and referrals more than paid advertising or something posted by a stranger. So viral marketing is both more effective and cheaper than advertising.

Features of UpViral

Let’s look at some of the features of UpViral that make it so powerful for creating viral marketing campaigns.

  • Motivate people to share your posts with giveaways and rewards. For example, you might create a giveaway where people unlock a reward if they share your post with 5 or 10 friends. There are many ways to customize your campaigns using points, instant discounts, downloadable files, goal-based rewards (such as rewards for sharing a post), and more. You can create customized referral links so you can decide on factors such as points rewarded and provide unique invite links.
  • Create contests and sweepstakes. These are always popular, especially on Facebook and other social media sites. Contests are a powerful way to promote your product or business but can also be complicated to create. With UpViral, you can create a viral contest in five minutes. This makes it easy to run multiple contests at the same time. You can customize the way that people share links for your contests.
  • Create automated email campaigns. Send timed emails that are triggered by your subscribers’ actions. Insert social media buttons inside your emails to make it easy for people to click on your promotions.
  • Cloud-based software. Because UpViral is a cloud-based software application, you don’t have to install or download anything. It’s compatible with all browsers and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices. You can manage campaigns from any location and any device.
  • Integrates with many other marketing tools. You can use UpViral with your existing marketing platforms such as autoresponders, templates, and landing pages to make them far more effective.
  • Run campaigns from your own domains or hosted by UpViral.
  • Import campaigns. The Upviral campaign share feature lets you import successful campaigns, including landing pages, share pages, and all emails. All you have left is a few tweaks to the text copy and the prize, and these tested and proven campaigns are ready to collect your leads.
  • Mobile optimized with fully responsive displays for all devices.

Ways to Benefit From UpViral

If you don’t have viral marketing experience, you might be wondering how your business can use UpViral. There are quite a few possibilities.

  • Sell products online. If you have an online store/e-commerce site, you can offer coupons, promotion codes, and contests for your products.
  • Spread the word about your book, album, or other creative projects. Kindle (and other self-published) authors, independent recording artists, visual artists, and other creative types can promote their work with contests and coupons. Hold a contest to win a copy of your book, CD, painting, etc.
  • Promote your service-based business. If you have a business that provides services, such as a salon, pet grooming, medical practice, auto repair, or anything else, you can offer discount coupons or giveaways for services.
  • Promote your restaurant or club. Get more customers by launching coupons for meals or drinks.
  • Online product launches. Whether you’re launching a physical or digital product or perhaps promoting an event, the key to success is generating excitement and getting people to share the information. UpViral has tools to make this simple.
  • Promote affiliate offers. You might use a report or e-book as a giveaway to build your subscriber list. This can be something you created, outsourced, or purchased as PLR (private label rights). You can also promote products within these digital giveaways to make more sales.
  • Make your paid advertising more effective. You can use UpViral campaigns to increase the power of Google, Facebook, or other types of advertising. Send paid traffic to your contests or giveaways and build your list or promote your products.

These are just some of the ways that UpViral can help you promote any type of business. You can use it for any type of product or business where you need targeted website traffic. Once you are an UpViral customer, you are encouraged to join the official UpViral members’ Facebook group to get inspiration and ideas for your new campaigns.

Pricing and Plans

UpViral offers three plans, Starter (previously known as Standard), Business (previously known as Pro), and Premium. Here are the features and prices for each.

  • Starter – Unlimited email subscribers, viral giveaways, and contests. Email automation, autoresponder integration, CSV exporting, email support. This plan’s cost is $79/month.
  • Business – In addition to all of the Standard features, you also get A/B split testing, premium support, removal of UpViral brand name from your campaigns, one-click shares and signups, 3 email identities, support for pixel retargeting, and autoresponder tagging. This plan’s cost is $119/month.
  • Premium – Same as Business, with unlimited campaigns, 100,000 participants, and 10 different brands. $299/month or $219/m (30% off) if you go annually.

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We will update here on all available UpViral discounts. Contact us if there is no current promotion listed below, and we’ll provide you with an updated discount offer.

Upviral Trial Offer

UpViral 77% Off Annual Starter Plan

Value and Recommendation

Viral marketing is a powerful way to build your business, get more subscribers, and attract new customers. While both SEO and paid advertising have their place, you have to do all the work to get more attention with both of these methods. With viral campaigns, your fans and followers do the promoting for you. UpViral provides the most convenient platform to run any type of viral marketing campaign.

If you want to get the most out of it, you’re probably better off with the Business account. This plan includes A/B split testing for elements such as emails, thank you pages, and landing pages. Testing is very important if you want to learn how to launch the most successful campaigns. The Business plan also has useful features such as one-click shares to make it easier for people to spread the word about your offers.

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