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If you want to sell more products, social proof is one of the most important factors to focus on. Proof is an efficient software that makes it easy to show potential customers how many other people are buying your product or browsing your website. This information sends a powerful psychological trigger to people’s minds, making them more likely to hit the “buy” button themselves. Let’s take a look at why social proof is so important and how Proof works to leverage this principle. If you’re interested in a special discounted Proof offer, see the pricing section below for all currently active promo codes.

UseProof Free 14-Day Trial

UseProof Discount

The Power of Live Social Proof

Most business owners understand that some type of social proof is essential to acquire new customers. Ratings and reviews are currently the most familiar types of social proof for online marketing. No one wants to be the first to try something. Even on low-cost items, humans are conditioned to behave as members of a tribe. They want assurance that what they’re doing is socially acceptable and perhaps wise, cool or hip.

While reviews are very important, Proof provides an even more compelling type of message in the form of live social proof. When visitors to a website see real-time evidence of others buying something or taking another action (such as signing up for a webinar or ordering a free sample), it’s the digital equivalent of watching people line up. That’s why stores that are busy tend to get busier, and the longest queues at events such as trade shows stay busy while passersby ignore empty stores and shorter lines.

Proof sends a very simple message. If you’re selling Product X, customers see messages such as “John Smith from Des Moines, Iowa just bought the product.  These are small, non-intrusive yet easily seen messages that flash across the screen as the visitor browses. The effect is mostly subconscious, sending the message that this is a popular product. Proof has many diverse applications. It can be used on:

  • Landing pages. When people click on your page, either from an ad, social media post, email, or blog post, Proof makes your call-to-action more compelling.
  • Check-out pages. Even when people choose a product and place it in their shopping cart, the sale isn’t complete. Abandoned shopping carts are a pervasive problem with online shopping. Proof can help to reduce this problem and get more customers to complete their purchases.
  • Registration pages. For example, the registration page for a webinar. When visitors see how many others are signing up, your event looks more exciting.

Features of Proof

Here are some of the features that make Proof an effective tool for increasing sales and motivating other actions.

  • Simple to install and use. You only have to copy and paste a pixel on the page where you want the messages to appear.
  • Proof provides important visitor information. In addition to showing social proof to your visitors, you’re getting easy access to valuable data yourself. You not only see who’s viewing your pages, but you get detailed profiles of visitors such as where they’re from and how they found your page. Get a clear picture of the customer journey to find out which pages and features on your site drive the most conversions.
  • Translate into multiple languages. If your business is global, you can set up Proof in different languages for custom audiences.
  • Hot streaks and live visitor count. In addition to informing visitors how many people have bought your product, if you have the Pro or Business version, you can set up messages such as “X number of people are viewing this site,” or “X number of people have bought Product X in the last 24 hours/month.”
  • Proof works with many other apps. While Proof by itself is an effective tool to turn visitors into customers, it’s even more powerful when you combine it with other apps. Proof integrates with many other services, such as WordPress, Clickfunnels, Zapier, HubSpot, LeadPages, AWeber, InfusionSoft and many other popular marketing apps.
  • Customize to your own needs. You can control when visitors see the messages and how long they appear on the screen. You can test different settings to find out what works best.
  • Mobile optimized. Many of your customers are probably using mobile devices. Proof is designed to look great on mobile phones and tablets.

Plans and Pricing

There are several plans to choose from based on how many visitors you get. All plans include unlimited domains and notifications.

  • BasicExclusive offer – $29/month. 1,000 unique visitors per month.
  • Pro – $79/month. 10,000 unique visitors per month as well as live visitor count, hot streaks, and more.
  • Business – $129/month. 50,000 unique visitors per month and priority support.
  • Premium – $199/month. 100,000 unique visitors per month and priority support.
  • Platinum – $299/month. 300,000 unique visitors per month and priority support.
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing for 300,000+ unique visitors per month.

If you decide to take an annual plan, you will receive 2 months for free and double the unique visitors limit.

Proof also offers a 14-day free trial so you can test all of the features without any commitment.

UseProof Free 14-Day Trial

UseProof Discount Promo Codes

Use promo code save15 (all lowercase letters) on the UseProof website checkout page to receive 15% off any Proof plan.

By following this  Cyber Monday Proof promotion discount link you can get 50% off all the annual plans and 25% off all the monthly plans (while supplies last).

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Proof: Value and Recommendations

The principle of social proof applies to everything, so it doesn’t matter if you’re selling a physical product, digital product, or trying to get people to sign up for a newsletter or webinar. When prospects see live evidence that what you’re offering is popular, they can’t help but feel pressure to join the crowd. You already know the power of ratings and reviews, and you should still do everything you can to get positive reviews. However, adding the power of live social proof will help you increase conversions even more.

Proof is useful for anyone who wants to increase conversions by providing social proof. It’s a simple concept and easy to implement on any landing page or website. Whether your goal is to sell products, increase opt-ins, get people to sign up for your webinar, or take any other action on your website, Proof can help you get better results.

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