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Getting visitors to your website is only the first step for getting leads and customers. You also need to engage your audience and motivate them to take action. Hello Bar is a flexible marketing tool that helps you capture email addresses, send notifications, and connect with visitors who might otherwise leave your site forever. In this Hello Bar review, we’ll explore the various features, benefits, and plans offered by this service. Any available discounts will me mentioned in the pricing section of this review.

Hello Bar: An Overview

Hello Bar is a tool for creating notifications, popup screens, sliders, and other effects to engage visitors. Features such as notifications and exit popups are quite common on websites today. What sets Hello Bar apart is its flexibility. Users can create a large number of customizable notifications for many purposes. Hello Bar can help you:

  • Build your email list.
  • Promote new products, sales, and special offers.
  • Send visitors to your social media pages.
  • Call visitors’ attention to specific features on your site.
  • Generate phone calls.

With the ability to create any type of notification, you can choose where to direct your traffic. Hello Bar has several plans, including a free option, to meet the needs of all-sized businesses.

Types of Notifications

At the core of Hello Bar is the ability to create custom notifications for any purpose. Here are some of the options.

  • Modal Popups. These are a common type of popup that appears in the center of the screen and requires users to take some action to reach the desired page.
  • Sliders catch the viewer’s attention by appearing from the left or right side.
  • Alert Bells. Small floating buttons that expand when the user clicks on it.
  • Page Takeovers. These are popups that cover the entire screen.
  • Push notifications. This is a feature that will soon be available.


There are many choices for customizing notifications.

  • A choice of templates for each type of notification.
  • Choose which fields appear with notifications (e.g., name, email, phone)
  • Add GDPR compliance.
  • Add and edit images and text.
  • Choose where to redirect visitors who respond. You can send them to another page or show another message.
  • Target by device. With paid plans, you can also add geotargeting, location, number of past visits, referer, and other variables.

Analytics and A/B Tests

Testing is one of the most important aspects of marketing. With a feature such as popups, you can do your best to customize the appearance and style to your audience. However, only by looking at the actual numbers, can you tell how receptive they are.

With Hello Bar, it’s simple to test and refine your approach as you learn which notifications provide you with the most conversions. Create an A/B test using different notification types and styles. You can also test other variables such as devices and type of action requested. With paid plans, you can conduct unlimited tests.


You can get even more value out of Hello Bar by connecting it with other marketing tools you might already be using. Here are some of the available integrations.

Hello Bar can help you get better results from autoresponders and other marketing services. Zapier integration makes it possible to connect Hello Bar to thousands of other apps even when there’s no direct integration.

Support and Training

Hello Bar has an efficient support system and has a good reputation for responding to tickets quickly. There’s also a knowledge base where you can find answers to common questions. You can also derive a great deal of value from the blog, which covers many aspects of marketing, such as email campaigns, improving conversions, e-commerce tips, and much more.

Plans and Pricing

Hello Bar offers a free plan as well as three paid options.

  • Free: Includes unlimited subscribers, 5,000 views/month, limit of 10 popups, basic design features, limited device targeting, 1 A/B test, basic integrations.
  • Growth: $29/month. Includes 50,000 views/month, unlimited popups and subscribers, advanced design features and targeting options, unlimited A/B tests, advanced integrations, and removal of HB logo.
  • Elite: $99/month. Includes Growth features plus 500,000 views/month, premium design features, premium integrations, and support.

Paying annually gives you 2 free months. Discounts are available on occasions such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Christmas/New Year’s and such.

We will update here on any new discounts and promotions Hello Bar currently runs.

You can also contact Hello Bar to inquire about larger, custom plans.

Additional Services

Hello Bar also offers specialized plans and services.

  • Support for agencies. You can offer Hello Bar as a service to your clients.
  • High traffic sites. Special plans for sites with over 500K per month traffic.
  • Integration with multiple URLs or subdomains.
  • Discounts for nonprofit organizations.
  • Migration from other popup and notification tools.

Guidelines to Get the Greatest Benefit From Hello Bar

One of your biggest challenges with a website is to convert visitors into leads and customers. You can send traffic to your site using a variety of methods, such as SEO, social media, and paid advertising. However, the key is what happens when they arrive. Research shows that the majority of visitors leave a site without taking any action.

Hello Bar is a tool that can help you retain more visitors and entice them to leave their email addresses. At the same time, to get the most out of any marketing tool, you need to find the right way to use it. Here are some guidelines to help you profit from Hello Bar.

  • Create notifications that match your brand’s voice and style. Hello Bar lets you customize your notifications. Make sure you use templates, colors, and wording that are a good fit for the rest of your website and your brand.
  • In addition to building your email list, remember to use notifications to promote sales, trials, special offers, and new products/services.
  • Make sure your notifications are well-targeted. Not all audiences respond to the same offers. For example, for some businesses, it’s often more practical to ask prospects to call you rather than email (or give them a choice). Create offers, such as opt-in gifts that address your customers’ needs and pain points.
  • Consider where to send your traffic. Depending on your goals, you may want to send traffic to your landing page, social media pages, informational video you’ve created, or to an article or blog post. Hello Bar notifications are useful for these and other purposes. Be sure to align your campaigns with your goals.
  • Always test your results. Take advantage of Hello Bar’s A/B testing capabilities, so you can improve your results over time.

Hello Bar: Recommendations and Value

Hello Bar can be a valuable asset for any business that wants to improve engagement, get more opt-ins, and reduce problems such as high bounce rates and non-converting traffic. If you have never used pop-ups or notifications, Hello Bar is the ideal way to get started. It’s also an attractive option for anyone who’s been using a less flexible method for creating notifications.

Popups can be effective, but they can also be a turnoff if not applied properly. Generic popups that aren’t customized to your brand voice can be intrusive and annoying. When you have more control over your notifications, you can make them blend more harmoniously with the rest of your pages.

Hello Bar gives you a convenient and versatile way to connect more effectively with website visitors. If you want a better idea if it’s a good fit for your business, you can always try out the free version.

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