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ClickFunnels is a complete system for building a sales funnel. It was designed to replace the large number of separate tools on which so many marketers depend throughout their conversion funnel. ClickFunnels, which was created by the well-known marketer Russell Brunson, provides a more efficient all-in-one solution. In this ClickFunnels review, we’ll take a close look at this system and help you decide if it’s the right solution for your business. Whenever available, ClickFunnels discounts will be mentioned, and if none available, we have a special bonus offer to our readers further below.

ClickFunnels 14 Days Trial

Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass [6-Months ClickFunnels Included]

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The Purpose of ClickFunnels

Most marketers are familiar with the concept of an online sales funnel. This is the type of system where you start by getting the email address of your prospect, usually by offering them something for free such as a report, e-book, or course. You might then send subscribers your newsletter or a series of emails that sells them on your product. You might also implement other tools to connect with your audience, such as webinars or conference calls.

The most successful marketers know how to upsell their customers once they purchase something. For example, if they buy a $9.99 product from you, you might try to upsell them on your $27 product and eventually perhaps your $999 product.

Connecting with a targeted list of customers requires a sales funnel. To set this up, you need several different things: a website, a sales page, an email service or autoresponder, an order page, and shopping cart. On top of all that, you also need effective tools to test your results. Putting together a decent sales funnel may sound simple in theory, but, in practice, it can be time-consuming, complicated, and expensive.

ClickFunnels provides you a way to set up a sales funnel using only a single tool. This one service replaces all of the following:

  • Website Hosting
  • Testing/Tracking Software
  • Landing Page Software
  • Autoresponders (services such as MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, etc.)

In addition to the above, many businesses also hire programmers and designers to help them with many marketing-related tasks. There are a couple of advantages to using ClickFunnels rather than relying on a number of distinct services. First of all, it’s much easier to set up and manage your campaigns this way. When you’re using a different company for every task, it makes things confusing. You have to worry about compatibility and learning how to fit all of the parts together.

The other big advantage is the money you save. It really starts to add up when you want to set up a sophisticated sales funnel. The more your business grows, the costlier it gets. Autoresponder services, for example, charge you more as your email list grows.

Setting Up Your Sales Funnels

Sales funnels come in many forms. You may be using a sales funnel to sell physical products, to get members to sign up to your membership site, to sell digital courses or to market a book. Your funnel will differ depending on your target audience, your prices, and if you’re using upsells.

ClickFunnels provides you with six templates that you can choose from:

  • Best Seller Book Funnel -This if for authors who want to market their books. If you’re a self-published author or plan to be, you already know that marketing your book is at least as challenging as writing it. You can’t rely on sellers like Amazon to promote on your behalf. Building an effective sales funnel is the best way to generate interest in your book and make sales. The Best Seller Book Funnel helps you set up an effective system for selling more books.
  • Product Launch Funnel – If you’re launching a new product, having a powerful sales funnel is essential. You need to introduce your market to the product and generate excitement prior to the launch. The Product Launch Funnel gives you the formula for doing this.
  • Perfect Webinar Funnel – Webinars are increasingly popular for connecting with an audience. The challenge, however, is getting people to actually sign up and attend your webinar. Once again, the secret is a great sales funnel, which the Perfect Webinar Funnel provides.
  • The “Real Stuff” Funnel – This is a funnel for selling physical products online. Selling products via Shopify or  Amazon can be an immensely profitable business model -if you do it right. The Real Stuff Funnel will help you get a growing list of loyal customers for your physical products.
  • Fishbowl Funnel -This is a funnel for traditional, offline businesses. Nowadays, it’s important for offline businesses to market online. The Fishbowl Funnel helps you attract leads that will bring you more local business.
  • Network Marketing Bridge Funnel -Leads are the bread and butter of network or multi-level marketing. Hardly anyone joins MLM companies without first being exposed to a sales funnel. Whether your company is marketing health supplements, phone service, beauty care products or anything else in the network marketing arena, the Network Marketing Bridge helps you get the targeted leads you need to build your downline.

Once you’ve chosen your funnel, you design it to your specifications using a drag and drop editor. ClickFunnels has high converting page designs into which you can add your own headlines, messages, images, and videos.

Actionetics and Backpack

The above features let you set up your sales funnels. All of this is included in the basic ClickFunnels plan. There are also two optional features that work well with ClickFunnels.

Actionetics is a tool for analyzing and segmenting your audience. This allows you to arrange it so that certain people receive certain messages. For example, you might have a separate series of messages for prospective customers and customers who’ve already bought something from you.

Backpack is a system for setting up an affiliate referral program. This gives you the chance to recruit a team of affiliates who will be promoting your products for you.

Pricing for ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels lets you try their system free for 14 days, which is enough time to set up at least one funnel of your own. After that, you can choose between two plans:

Basic Plan – $97 per month. This plan lets you create 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors per month. It gives you access to all six funnels.

ClickFunnels + Actionetics + Backpack – $297 per month. This gives you access to all the features of ClickFunnels, the marketing analytics and segmentation tools of Actionetics, and the ability to build your own affiliate program with Backpack.

ClickFunnels Discounts

You get 6 months of Clickfunnels for free when you sign up for the Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass. The Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass has a 30 days trial, so in either case, you’ve got yourself 30 days of ClickFunnels Enterprise account for free (and not just the regular 14 days). Additional discounts soon to be updated, contact us for custom bonuses.

Is ClickFunnels Right For You?

ClickFunnels can be helpful to anyone who wants to create effective sales funnels without having to purchase lots of services separately. This is a tool that gives you the capability of dozens of other tools, such as web hosting, autoresponders, shopping carts, and much more.

At price points of $97 and $297 per month, this isn’t the cheapest software you can buy, compared to the alternatives. However, when you consider how much it would cost to purchase all the functions separately, it’s really quite economical. That said, ClickFunnels is designed for marketers who are serious about building their businesses and who have something to promote.

Whether you need a sales funnel for your digital or physical products, retail business, book or network marketing opportunity, ClickFunnels is a tool that can help you build your business much more efficiently.

ClickFunnels 14 Days Trial

Funnel Giveaway

Funnel Hacks Webinar

 Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass [6-Months ClickFunnels Included]


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