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Perfect Audience is a service that simplifies retargeting, a type of advertising that is now a key strategy for marketers who want to improve conversions and reach the right people who are truly interested in what they have to offer. Perfect Audience allows you to set up multiple retargeting campaigns using a single dashboard. You can manage campaigns for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, web, mobile, and other types of retargeting all in one place. In this Perfect Audience Review, we will go over its features, discuss its value, and offer our readers a free $100 deposit credit to use towards your retargeting campaigns.

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How Retargeting Works

Retargeting is a practice that helps businesses make sales by capturing visitors who might otherwise never return. People often visit websites, get distracted, and leave. Even if they are interested in the product, they may forget what they were looking at and never return to that site. Retargeting allows you to put your ad in front of such visitors no matter where they go online.

Everyone who uses the internet is familiar with retargeting, even if they aren’t aware of the term.  Retargeting uses cookies to show website visitors ads that are consistent with their recent online behavior. That’s why, for example, if you browse shoes on Amazon, you will probably see ads for shoes all over the web. While this practice is often associated with large companies such as Amazon, it is now possible for anyone to take advantage of this powerful form of advertising. Using Perfect Audience makes it much easier.

Main Features of Perfect Audience

Retargeting has become such a huge phenomenon that it can now be applied across many platforms and sites. One of the biggest benefits offered by Perfect Audience is that you can manage multiple retargeting campaigns across many platforms from a single dashboard.  The following are some of the ways that you can use this dynamic form of advertising for almost any type of campaign.

  • Facebook Retargeting -This is a popular type of retargeting that helps you convert visitors who have left your website by showing them your ad on Facebook. Since Facebook has almost one billion active users around the world, this is a powerful way to increase conversions. One option is Perfect Product Retargeting, which shows visitors the exact product they’ve been looking at in the form of a Facebook ad.
  • Display Retargeting -Your ads are retargeted across many top display networks, such as Google, OpenX, and Rubicon. Ads can be displayed on top news sites such as Huffington Post and The Guardian, major blogs such as Bleacher Report, YouTube videos, and much more. You will have access to more than 100,000 websites.
  • Twitter Retargeting -In this case, a person who visited your site without making a purchase will see a promoted tweet when he or she logs on to Twitter. This works whether the user is on a computer or mobile device.
  • Mobile App Retargeting – This allows you to recapture lost visitors who are using mobile phones and tablets. As more and more people are browsing the web and shopping on mobile devices, this can be a highly effective form of advertising. For maximum impact, you can employ cross-device retargeting, which displays your ads across multiple devices.
  • Use on Multiple Sites or Domains -If you have more than one website or domain, even in completely different niches, you can use all of these with a single Perfect Audience account. You will get a tracking code that can be used on multiple sites.

Perfect Audience vs. Google Remarketing

Google offers just about every type of advertising that is available, including retargeting. Google has a platform called Google Remarketing, which allows users to retarget visitors within Google’s own large network. Many people assume that the Google Remarketing platform is the largest and best retargeting service, simply because it’s run by Google. The fact is, however, that Perfect Audience has a greater reach and offers more features than Google’s service. While Google’s network is certainly very large, it is by no means the only network worth targeting.

With Perfect Audience, you have access to multiple networks, including Google but many others as well. One of the biggest differences is that with Perfect Audience, you also have access to Facebook, which now rivals Google in its reach. Another advantage of using Perfect Audience is that, because it is a focused specialty service, it offers extensive support to all users. Google, by contrast, only has minimal support unless you have an extremely large budget.

Cost of Using Perfect Audience

You can begin using Perfect Audience without a setup fee. Moreover, by using our signup link here, you will receive a $100 credit to use towards your retargeting campaigns within the first 14 days after signing up.

You will be charged on a cost per impression (CPM) basis. There is no minimum spending necessary for your campaigns. Once your account is set up and you have completed the trial period and used the $100 credit (within 14 days), you will be charged based on the weekly budget you set.

Try PA Today & Get $100 Credit

Perfect Audience Review Summary: Value and Recommendation

Perfect Audience is the most powerful and user-friendly platform for anyone interested in retargeting. This is an advertising strategy that has become huge in the last few years and is likely to continue growing. This is a practice that makes it possible to target your audience with precision, by showing your ads to people who have already expressed an interest in your product or website. This is a highly effective strategy to improve your conversions and to capture customers who would otherwise be lost forever.

Until fairly recently, retargeting has been seen as complex and mainly accessible to big players. Perfect Audience has made it possible to get involved in this lucrative form of marketing even if you are a small or medium-sized business. You can begin with any budget you choose and promote just about anything. You can decide whether you want your ads to be retargeted on display networks, mobile sites, Facebook, or across multiple devices.

Perfect Audience provides businesses of all sizes and types the opportunity to use the same retargeting strategies that global corporations are successfully using every day. Its fees are reasonable and the free trial gives you a chance to try out a campaign without any fees. If you want to profit from retargeting, there is no reason not to try Perfect Audience.

Try PA Today & Get $100 Credit

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