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FeedbackWhiz is a set of software tools to help you succeed on Amazon. While some e-commerce services focus on areas such as keywords research and optimizing your listings, FeedbackWhiz addresses other, equally vital issues. FeedbackWhizs’ focus is order management, customer service, reviews tracking, and managing the overall reputation of a seller. In this FeedbackWhiz review we’ll look at how this software can help you dominate the Amazon marketplace. Any FeedbackWhiz discounts, if available, will be presented in the pricing section.

A Suite of Automation Tools for Amazon Sellers

FeedbackWhiz helps you automate many essential tasks on Amazon. With e-commerce getting ever more competitive, it’s essential to manage your time and organize the many tasks associated with your business. In areas such as customer service and feedback, delays can be harmful to your reputation and mean lost sales.

Here’s an overview of some of the features and benefits of FeedbackWhiz

  • Advanced order management. Intuitive interface that lets you track customer orders and metrics from one dashboard.
  • Feedback and product reviews management. Entice customers to leave feedback and get immediate notice of negative feedback.
  • Email automation tools. Set up customized email campaigns for any purpose.
  • Web-based software. Nothing to install or download. You can manage it from any operating system or device.

Let’s look at each of these features in more detail.

Order Management

To run a successful e-commerce business, you need an efficient system to manage orders. This becomes a bigger challenge as your business grows. Some sellers find this task overwhelming as it takes up more and more of their time. If you don’t have a handle on order management, you won’t be able to scale up your business.

FeedbackWhiz makes it simple to track and organize all of your orders. You’ll be able to manage all orders and customer data from one platform screen. You can easily pull up data based on filters you set up such as date range or products. The intuitive dashboard shows you product details, order dates, order status, delivery status, and type of order (e.g., FBA).

You also have an easy way to email customers from your dashboard. If you need to send out a notification or reply to a message, you can do so directly from the order dashboard. This helps you stay current with all your communications, helping you fulfill orders efficiently and provide top-rate customer service.

Feedback Management

It’s hard to overstate the importance of feedback on Amazon. Customers often make their purchase choices based on ratings and reviews. Negative feedback harms your reputation and can even result in a suspension of your account.

One of your goals is to encourage as many of your customers as possible to leave feedback. You also need to monitor all feedback so you can respond promptly. FeedbackWhiz helps you with both of these crucial issues.

  • Send out personalized emails. When you stay in touch with your customers every step of the way, you show them that you care about them. You can also politely request that they leave feedback. FeedbackWhiz makes it easy to send customized emails based on events and customer behavior.
  • Product Review Manager. Product reviews are integrated and displayed on a single screen so you can easily see and categorize them.
  • Negative and neutral feedback alerts. You want to know immediately if someone leaves negative feedback. In many cases, you can repair the damage if you respond in a timely and thoughtful manner. Neutral feedback (3 stars) is also harmful as Amazon (and many customers) only consider 4 or 5 stars as positive. You can request that Amazon remove negative feedback if it violates TOS. FeedbackWhiz helps you do all this promptly. You’ll get instant notifications of negative feedback and the ability to immediately send feedback removal request emails.
  • Intelligent analytics. FeedbackWhiz provides useful data to help you identify customer feedback trends so you can improve your scores. You can, for example, learn how to craft more effective emails, so you’re more likely to receive positive feedback.

Email Management

A large part of excellent customer service comes down to prompt and consistent communication. If you don’t have an organized system in place, it’s easy to miss crucial messages and fail to send out relevant notifications. Email management is essential if you want to run a customer-friendly business. Sending out the appropriate messages also dramatically affects the amount and quality of feedback you get.

FeedbackWhiz lets you quickly create optimized emails to stay engaged with your customers at every stage. Sending out appealing, informative, and eye-catching emails help you build trust and credibility. You’ll also get:

  • Email templates for every purpose. Set up emails to thank customers for their purchase, let them know the order is on the way, request feedback, or any other purpose.
  • Click and drop variables let you quickly create and edit elements of your message.
  • Insert product images for more visually appealing emails.
  • Live preview lets you see exactly what the email looks like before you send it.
  • Track conversions and statistics. You can A/B test all aspects of your emails to find out which provide the best open and conversion rates. Send out different emails to different segments to find out which message yields the best results.

These are just a few of the email features that let you stay engaged with your customers.

FeedbackWhiz: Plans and Pricing

FeedbackWhiz offers five plans to meet the needs of Amazon sellers.

  • Free: Includes 150 emails per month and limited support from the team.
  • Starter: $19.99/month. 2000 monthly emails, orders and feedback management, 10 email campaigns, analytics & statistics, and downloadable reports.
  • Basic: $39.99/month. All features of Starter, plus 5000 monthly emails, and unlimited email campaigns
  • Professional: $79.99/month. All features of Basic, plus unlimited monthly emails
  • Ultimate: $199.99/month. All the above features plus unlimited marketplaces

The Product Monitoring add-on plan starts at $5 for 5 ASINs and goes all the way up to $200 for 5000 ASINs.

Features Included in All Plans

These are some of the benefits you get with all FeedbackWhiz plans.

  • Support on multiple Amazon platforms, including, .ca, uk,it,fr,de,and es.
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Graphs & statistics
  • Buyer/order blacklist
  • Repeat buyer notifier
  • Logo & attachments
  • Live email preview
  • Email template builder
  • Email tracking & analytics
  • 30-day free trial.

The 30-day free trial of  FeedbackWhiz includes 10 campaigns, 2000 emails, and monitoring of 50 products.

A 20% FeedbackWhiz discount is given on all annual plans purchases.

You can use our exclusive FeedbackWhiz promo code IMPROMO50 to get 50% off of any plan on your first month.

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FeedbackWhiz: Value and Recommendations

FeedbackWhiz is a valuable tool if you want to save time and run a more productive Amazon business. It helps many sellers fill the gaps when it comes to customer engagement, monitoring feedback, and sending emails.

It’s crucial to remember that a successful e-commerce business isn’t just about selling and shipping products. You need to keep your customers at the center of your business. FeedbackWhiz has tools to help you build trust, elicit more reviews, and manage your customer engagement. These are areas that help separate you from the competition and build your reputation.

You can benefit from FeedbackWhiz no matter what stage you’re currently at with your Amazon selling. You can start with the Basic plan and scale up as you start selling more products. This tool is valuable for anyone who wants to become a professional e-commerce business owner.

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