Track Your Time Online With TimeCamp – Review and Discounts

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Keeping track of time is essential for running a successful business. TimeCamp offers a suite of tools to simplify and automate time tracking. In this TimeCamp review, we’ll explore the features, pros and cons, and pricing of the service. TimeCamp discounts, if available, will also be mentioned down below.

The adage “time is money” is still as accurate as ever. Improving efficiency for a task by seconds quickly adds up to hours and dollars over the days and weeks. Tracking time and making improvements require the right tools. TimeCamp has quite a few functions that make it easy to track time and boost productivity. The primary benefits of TimeCamp are:

  • Lets you track a team’s productivity. Compare teams’ performances within and across departments.
  • Be aware of and reduce distractions. Track how much time you or team members waste.
  • Measure project profitability. Make sure projects stay within budget.
  • Automate tasks such as billing, timesheets, and invoicing.

The following are the specific areas that TimeCamp helps you enhance productivity.

Productivity Tracking

Tracking productivity is at the heart of what TimeCamp does. These tools can track your own productivity and time management or for your team, virtual assistants, or employees. It is also great for agencies to show their clients proof of work.

  • Set goals. It’s easier to stay focused when you have a definite time-sensitive goal to work on.
  • Track idle time. Just because someone is “at work” doesn’t mean they’re actually working. Track the amount of time you or your employees spend idling.
  • Website and app usage. How much time do you or your employees spend on random websites or social media apps? Tracking this is valuable for improving productivity.
  • Private mode for turning off tracking. The app can be turned off for breaks.
  • This optional feature provides proof of work to employers, managers, or clients.

Attendance Tracking

Tracking attendance is crucial for any business with more than a handful of employees. Knowing when people arrive, take breaks, and leave, is an essential metric relating to productivity. The old systems of signing in manually or using punch cards are largely obsolete, especially when so many employees now work remotely.

TimeCamp has several features to make attendance tracking easy and accurate.

  • Employees can clock in and out with a single click, whether they are in the office or working remotely.
  • Employees can apply for vacation time or a leave of absence without paperwork.
  • Payroll automation. Calculating payroll is a complicated task when done manually. TimeCamp makes it quick and simple.
  • Overtime tracking. Tracking overtime pay is another challenging task when you have employees and departments in different locations and differing pay rates. Employees are more motivated to work overtime when the system is simple to use and accurate.

Automated Billing

TimeCamp helps you stay organized with your billing.

  • Set customized billing rates for different projects and clients.
  • Budget notifications. Receive notifications if a project’s budget is about to exceed its limits.
  • Track costs and timespans. Define the overall cost of a project or the cost within certain timespans.
  • Detailed financial reports. Get detailed reports on revenues, costs, and margins.

Smart Timesheets

TimeCamp lets you automate timesheets for businesses and teams of all sizes.

  • Simple to submit and approve daily or weekly timesheets.
  • Automate reminders and approvals.
  • Lock timesheets after approval to ensure data isn’t altered later.
  • Manage comments and feedback.


If you have a Pro account, you can automate your invoicing with TimeCamp.

  • Create invoices based on timesheets.
  • Clients can make PayPal payments directly from invoices.
  • Fast sharing and exporting.
  • Adjust tax rates for different locations.
  • Automatic reminders and approvals.


TimeCamp works with many popular applications.

There are many other integrations as well. TimeCamp doesn’t have to replace the apps you currently use; it can help you get more out of them.

Pricing For TimeCamp

TimeCamp has several plans, including a free one. Let’s see what’s included with each plan.

  • Free: Unlimited users, projects, and tasks, one integration (work app), Project templates, desktop & mobile app, PDF export, tags.
  • Basic: $7/month billed monthly or $6.3/month billed annually. Everything in the Free plan, custom reports, unlimited integrations, billable time & budgeting, track team productivity, hide time from users (limit access to data), time rounding.
  • Pro: $10/month billed monthly, $9/month billed annually. Basic features plus custom user roles, invoicing, timesheet approvals.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing and features. Private cloud implementation, self-hosted server, personalized training.

TimeCamp Discounts

TimeCamp annual plans are at a 10% discount compared to paying month by month.

Normally, TimeCamp offers a discount around the Black Friday/Cyber Monday season. If you are on this page and it’s not sale season yet, please reach out to us for current deals.

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Who Can Benefit From TimeCamp?

There are many ways that TimeCamp can help you and/or your company simplify tasks and get more productive.

  • Individuals who want to boost productivity – Solo business owners, remote workers, freelancers, and creators (e.g., writers, web designers, etc.) can track how much time they spend idling or on social media to make improvements.
  • In addition to improving productivity, you can show your clients evidence of work completed.
  • In addition to improving productivity among employees, a small and medium-size business can make use of TimeCamp’s invoicing and timesheet features.
  • Larger businesses and organizations. Any organization that needs to track employees across many departments may need better tools to track attendance, overtime, timesheets, invoicing, and gauging the profitability of projects. TimeCamp can work well to enhance any tools you already use.

TimeCamp: Value and Recommendation

Productivity is an essential issue for everyone. TimeCamp provides an impressive range of features that can benefit employees, businesses, and just about anyone who wants to track and improve efficiency. The plans are set up to accommodate the needs of individuals and businesses of all sizes.

The free plan is a good introduction to the services, though it doesn’t provide benefits such as invoicing and timesheets. Yet the free plan does provide helpful productivity tools such as goal setting, project templates, and integration with one work app. You can sign up and start tracking time right away using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. If you’re facing challenges with efficiency, distractions, attendance tracking, invoicing, or time management, TimeCamp is a flexible software that can help you improve your productivity in those areas.


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