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If you market or promote a product or a service online, you likely need to create ads. Either that or you pay someone to create your ads, which can be quite costly. is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate targeted ads (or creatives). In this AdCreative review, we’ll take a close look at the features, benefits, drawbacks, promotional offers, and pricing of AdCreative to help you decide if it’s a tool that can help make your marketing more effective.

What is is designed for all types of businesses (or individuals building their personal brand) to quickly generate targeted, high-converting creatives using the latest AI technology. This tool has several purposes.

  • Generate ads quickly. Coming up with relevant ads is a painstaking process for even the most talented copywriters. The ability to generate creatives almost instantly makes it possible to scale your business faster.
  • Improve conversions. Artificial intelligence can identify the most effective ads by analyzing the latest data.
  • Simplify advertising across platforms. You can easily integrate with all major online platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Designed for collaboration. Up to 25 team members can work together on a single account.

The Power of AI For Marketing

For most of the relatively short history of online advertising, companies have collected data using cookies, small files that allow users’ data to be tracked via browsers all over the internet. However, major browsers such as Firefox and Chrome are phasing out the use of cookies, meaning that new ways to collect data are needed.

Leading-edge companies such as focus on collecting data using a permission-based model. AI can interpret data and make accurate predictions on consumer behavior based on historical behavior and generate effective creatives without the need for cookies.

How Does Work?

Although uses sophisticated AI technology, it doesn’t require any tech skills. The platform lets you generate ads in a few simple steps.

  • Connect to your advertising platforms such as Google or Facebook.
  • Upload your logo so that your creatives will be branded.
  • Select up to 3 brand colors and the size of your ad.
  • Provide text. Choose your headlines and descriptions.
  • Select or upload a background. You can use your own background or select one from a provided, extensive database.
  • Generate the creatives you like.
  • Push to the advertising platform where you want to use the ad. Pricing

You can choose between multiple plans, depending on your budget and the number of creatives you need.

  • Starter: $9/month. 1 brand, 1 user, 10 credits, unlimited generations, Facebook & Google integrations, image search engine, AI text generator.
  • Premium: $19/month. 2 brands, 1 user, 25 credits, all starter features.
  • Ultimate: $29/month. 2 brands, 2 users, 50 credits.
  • Scale-Up: $59/month. 2 brands, 4 users, 100 credits.

There’s also a 7-day free trial. Each plan comes with a number of credits. Each creative you download equals one credit. You can generate unlimited creatives; only those you download are counted as credits. This allows you to experiment with as many potential creatives as you want while paying only for those you wish to use. Discounts and Free Credit Promotions

At the time of writing, you can get 25% off any package for 12 months by using the AdCreative coupon code FIRSTYEAR25 on the settings page after sign-up.

AdCreative is an official Google and Meta marketing partner, and as such, they can provide up to $500 in Google Ads credits and $150 in Meta (FB) ads credits. These are available when you upgrade to a paid AdCreative plan and if you are new to advertising on these platforms.

Who Can Benefit From

Most brands that do online marketing do at least some paid advertising. In particular, Google and Meta (Facebook/Instagram) are the largest platforms that let you reach vast audiences for any niche or industry.

  • If you have an agency that runs ads for your clients, can help you save time and deliver better results. You can generate hundreds of high-converting ads in minutes, allowing you to serve more clients and grow your business.
  • E-commerce brands. If you sell products on Amazon, Shopify, or your own website, you need to create compelling ads. You may need multiple variations for products in different styles, sizes, and colors. With an online store, your ability to grow depends on how well you manage many products. When you can quickly generate quality ads, you can scale more easily.
  • When you’re launching a new venture, you often operate with a limited budget. You also need to save time as you’re juggling dozens of tasks every day. gives you a way to generate lots of publicity without spending hours writing ads or thousands of dollars outsourcing promotions. You can send traffic to your website, crowdfunding page, videos, or anywhere you’re active.
  • Personal creative projects. Targeted ads can be the fastest way to grow if you’re a solopreneur, speaker, author, musical artist, or anyone who needs to promote a project or personal brand. can help you build a responsive fan base on Facebook or direct traffic to your project’s pages.

Pros and Cons


  • Several plans, starting at just $9/month, and you only pay for the credits (ads) you actually use.
  • A user-friendly system makes it quick and easy to generate creatives.
  • AI-powered ads can convert up to 14x better than ads created without a data-driven method.
  • Works for individuals as well as teams with good collaboration support.


One drawback is doesn’t currently integrate with all popular ad platforms (e.g. Microsoft Ads, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.). It’s mainly designed for Google and Facebook. However, it’s a relatively new company, and new integrations are likely to be added in the future. Value and Recommendation

Advertising online is getting more expensive and competitive all the time. Advertisers who want to compete and find high-converting and cost-effective ads must stay current with the latest technology and platforms. offers an innovative solution with plans to fit every budget. It’s also a way to tap into AI technology without special technical knowledge. The system operates in a simple click-and-point manner, allowing you to create ads in seconds.  is for anyone who wants to get more out of paid advertising. It’s also a powerful tool for scaling up your ad output without spending hours crafting ads or needing to outsource them.

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