Demio Review and Discount 2018


Webinars are now a popular way for businesses to connect with potential customers. In an age when it’s getting harder and harder to get people’s attention with traditional methods such as email and even social media, webinars provide an interactive platform where you can describe your product’s features, answer questions, and present compelling calls-to-action.

Despite their advantages, webinars also present certain challenges, especially for smaller businesses with limited technical expertise and limited budgets. Although there are many platforms for webinars, it’s not easy to find one that’s user-friendly and affordable. Many webinar platforms are expensive, difficult to learn and prone to technical glitches. Demio is a service that was designed to fill this gap. It’s a flexible and user-friendly way to hold online presentations for any purpose. In this Demio review, we’ll be exploring some of the features and benefits of Demio to help you decide if it’s the right platform for you. The best Demio discount promos will also be updated.

Demio 30% Off Annual Accounts

Demio’s Automated Launch Discount (Watch Webinar)

The Benefits of Webinars

Webinars are online presentations where participants can tune in and interact with hosts. You can use a webinar to interview an expert, describe a product or service, or talk to existing customers who have questions about your product. People can access webinars from any device with an internet connection.

You can present screenshots and images to clarify points. Another nice feature of webinars is that you can record them and show them later to people who missed the live version. An informative webinar can even be offered as a bonus to sell your product. The trick is finding the right platform, one that’s easy to use for both presenters and attendees. Demio is full of features that make it simple to create webinars. It also offers flexible pricing depending on the size of your events.

How to Create a Webinar With Demio

With Demio, you can create a webinar in a few simple steps. First, you schedule the date and time for your event. This can be a single date or a series. The application is simple and intuitive to use and there are only a handful of essential settings. You can set up your event in less than a minute.

Then you create a registration page which you can place this on your own website. People can register for your webinars with a single click. Add any materials you want to enhance your presentation, such as slides or videos, and you’re ready to go!

Here are some of the features and benefits of creating webinars with Demio:

  • High-quality pictures with no delays. A common complaint with webinar software is low quality and frequent delays. This reduces the overall quality of the experience and can even cause participants to leave. Demio allows for real-time streaming with no delays, allowing for more engagement.
  • Add up to 15 coordinators. Depending on your needs, you may do the webinar solo, with a partner or with a whole team. Coordinators have the ability to moderate comments and enable mics and webcams.
  • You can go live with your event from your browser without downloading any software. This also means you can use any device you want, from any location.
  • Present high-quality screenshots, slides, webcams, or other material with your audience. You can add presentation slides in PDF format as well as videos from YouTube.
  • Create calls-to-action that motivate people to buy your product, sign up for your mailing list, or another action you want.
  • Interact in real time with your audience. You can incorporate live chat where people can contribute questions and comments. You have a choice whether to make chat public or private. If it’s public, participants see everyone’s comments. If it’s private, only coordinators can see the comments.
  • Analytics to help you understand your results and improve in the future. You can add tracking codes to registration pages, thank you pages, and webinar rooms to collect helpful data about participants.
  • Download the recording and share the event with anyone who missed it live.

Marketing Tools

There are many ways to use webinars to help you build your business and sell products. Live online presentations are powerful for creating momentum and getting people to take action right on the spot. It’s easy for people to put emails aside. A webinar, however, is more like being at an in-person event. Participating with other people helps to create excitement and a sense of community. Demio has many automation tools with behavior-based triggers to help you make the most of webinars for marketing and brand building.

  • Automated reminders. One of the biggest challenges with webinars is to get people to show up, including people who register. Automatic reminders help you increase attendance rates. Send reminders at strategic times such as a day before, an hour before and 15 minutes before the presentation.
  • Integration with other software. Demio integrates with CRMs and autoresponders. You can add people to your contact list and add tags. This makes it easy to segment participants to different lists based on their actions.
  • Behavioral triggers. People who attend webinars don’t all behave the same way. Some arrive late or leave early. Some interact while others are more passive. Some take action at the end of the webinar. Behavioral triggers help you understand your audience and market more effectively in the future.
  • Send out replays automatically. It’s useful to send participants your webinar replays. Not everyone who signs up actually attends while some leave early. The replay allows more people to see the presentation. Some people may also share it with others.


Demio offers tiered pricing options, with discounts if you pay annually. The Starter plan offers unlimited webinars and space for 100 webinar attendees. The Growth plan provides Automated events and also gives you custom room and email branding. Webinars are limited to 250 attendees and the price is $154 per month. The Business plan is $234 per month for 500 webinar attendees and includes 3 sub-users and a dedicated rep. All plans are 30% less if you pay annually. Early in 2018 Demio ran a 50% discount promo on their annual plans, check below to see if the offer still valid.

Demio Up To 50% Off Annual Accounts

New! For the launch of Automated, there’s a special discounted price on Demio’s Automated Only and Growth Packages. See the Automated webinar here for the special offer.

Demio’s Automated Launch Discount (Watch Webinar)

Who Can Benefit From Demio?

Demio is a useful service for anyone who uses webinars for marketing or is thinking of trying this method. Many people who have had less than stellar experiences with other webinar software appreciate the ease of use and high-quality streaming offered by Demio. Webinars are an increasingly popular tool for engagement and Demio provides one of the best services for delivering live presentations.

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