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Online events became extremely popular in 2020, when the pandemic made it impossible to hold live events. Even as live events resume, however, people are discovering the advantages of virtual events. Crowdcast was created to help you easily create online events to grow your audience for any purpose. This review will cover Crowdcast’s features, pricing, and discounts to help you decide if it’s a tool you may want to acquire for your own virtual events.

An Introduction to Crowdcast

There are now lots of ways to livestream. You can simply log on to Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube and go live. However, it will be hard to reach a large audience unless you already have a large following on these platforms. Crowdcast is a live events platform with features that make it easy to share and publicize your events to grow your audience.

One-Click Registration

The simpler it is for people to register and join your webinar, the better your attendance will be. With every extra step, there’s more of a chance of something going wrong. For example, if participants have to fill out a complicated form, receive a confirmation email, and download webinar software, you’re likely losing viewers.

With Crowdcast, all someone has to do is click to join or register from a professionally designed landing page.

Accessible From Any Device or Operating System

Anyone can join a webinar from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, whether they’re using Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. One of the most convenient features of Crowdcast is that there’s no software to download. This is a big advantage over popular platforms such as Zoom.

Built-in Landing Pages

A compelling landing page is necessary to motivate people to sign up for your webinars. Crowdcast has built-in landing pages that make registration fast and simple. You can customize pages for all your events. Add your own images, videos, and customized URLs for each event.

Broadcast on Multiple Platforms

As noted, there are limits to what you can do by going live on Facebook and other social sites. This doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t broadcast your events on these sites. The more ways you have to reach your audience, the better. You can create your event on Crowdcast and also stream it on YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, Periscope, and other platforms. Multi-streaming lets you get all the benefits of Crowdcast’s easy registration process while also tapping into your social media audience.

Many Integrations

Crowdcast integrates with over 750 apps and services, including:

Create a Free or Paid Event

With Crowdcast, it’s easy to create either a free event or one that attendees have to pay for. This is something you can’t do by simply going live on social media or YouTube. You can integrate Crowdcast with Stripe to charge for events.

Aside from charging for webinars, Crowdcast has a couple of other ways to make your events profitable. You can accept voluntary contributions during a free event. It’s also possible to connect Crowdcast with Patreon. If you have supporters on Patreon, you can create events that are only accessible to your supporters.

Interactive Features

Crowdcast has many features to help you engage with attendees.

  • Chats & Polls
  • Timestamped Q & A. Attendees can ask questions and upvote other people’s questions.
  • Invite co-hosts or attendees to share your screen at any time.
  • RTMP Studio — Integrate with professional live streaming software such as OBS, Ecamm Live, and Wirecast.
  • CTA — Include call-to-action buttons with external links.


Track metrics such as the number of registrants, attendees, and engagement.

Profiles and the Discover Page

Crowdcast is not only a site for creating webinars and live events but also a social media platform where creators can feature their work. Every Crowdcast member has a profile, where people can follow them as on any social site.

Followers receive notifications of upcoming events. Building a following on Crowdcast, in this way, can help you grow your audience. There’s also a Discover page aimed at potential fans and webinar participants who can browse through the listings and join events.

Crowdcast: Plans and Pricing

You can choose among 4 Crowdcast pricing plans. There’s also a 2-week free trial, but no long-term free plan.

  • Starter: $29/month or $20/month billed annually. Includes 50 live attendees, 5 hours per month, streaming up to 2 hours per session, multi-session events, RTMP Studio.
  • Lite: $49/month or $34/month billed annually. 100 live attendees, 10 hours per month, event & session analytics, Zapier, ConvertKit & Drip integrations, export emails, and other data, 5% transaction fees.
  • Pro: $89/month or $62/month billed annually. 250 live attendees, 20 hours per month, 4-hour sessions, present up to 6 screens, custom registration fields.
  • Business: $195/month or $136/month billed annually. 1,000 live attendees, 40 hours per month, 6-hour sessions, multistream to 3 locations, 2% transaction fees.

For each plan, you pay 15 cents per attendee over the number your plan allows.

Crowdcast Discount Coupons

This section will be updated with current Crowdcast discounts and discount codes.

Ways to Use Crowdcast

Anyone who creates or would like to create live online events can benefit from Crowdcast. Here are some possible uses.

  • Webinars — Create educational presentations to explain or presell a product, interview experts, and answer questions.
  • Online Courses —Present courses and training.
  • Live Events — Stream anything from a local concert to a global conference.
  • Hybrid Events —Combine in-person and virtual events for work, business, or entertainment.

Drawbacks of Crowdcast

No application is ideal for everyone. Crowdcast is fairly complete when it comes to offering the features you need for any type of live presentation. I can think of two limitations that might affect some users.

  • You’re only allowed presentations of up to 2 hours unless you have the Pro plan, when you can broadcast for 4 hours. 2 hours is sufficient for most webinars, courses, and training sessions. However, if you want to broadcast something longer, such as an all-day virtual conference, you may be frustrated by this limit.
  • No auto-webinar option. You can create replays of all webinars and turn them into videos for YouTube or elsewhere. However, you can’t create auto-webinars as you can on some platforms. These are recorded webinars that users sign up for and can attend at their convenience. This isn’t fundamentally different from watching a video replay, but auto-webinars are designed to have a live atmosphere. As Crowdcast is primarily for live events, you’ll have to look elsewhere if you want to be able to feature auto-webinars in your marketing funnel.

Crowdcast: Value and Recommendation

Online events are only going to get more popular in the coming years. Even as in-person events make a comeback, it’s simpler and cheaper to broadcast online. You can also reach a much wider audience. Even in-person events can be bigger and more profitable if you make them hybrid.

Crowdcast is one of the simplest and feature-rich platforms for creating online events. In addition to holding webinars, it provides useful features for building your audience and sharing your content on multiple platforms.

The plans offered by Crowdcast allow you to pay for the services you actually need. You can start small and scale up as your audience grows. If you’re interested in finding out more about Crowdcast, you can sign up for the 14-day free trial and test drive the features.

Want to keep looking for a solution? See our reviews of comparable tools and services such as EasyWebinar, Demio, WebinarJam, and ClickMeeting.

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