ClickMeeting Review and Discount Codes 2021

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Webinars are one of the best ways to engage with customers, introduce new products, build your email list, and more. There are now many choices on the market that let you create webinars using various software apps and cloud-based services. ClickMeeting is a popular webinar software that provides many useful features for both new and experienced webinar creators. In this review, we’ll be taking a close look at ClickMeeting and also compare it to a couple of other webinar-creating tools. ClickMeeting discount codes (up to 50% off), and other promotions will be mentioned in the pricing section of this review.


An Introduction to ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a tool that allows you to create webinars, online meetings, and any type of online event or presentation. It can be used by businesses, content creators, online teachers, and others who need a reliable way to connect in a virtual environment.

While it’s easier than ever to create a webinar, it still involves quite a few tasks. You need to plan the content, create a call-to-action, invite people, decide how interactive you want it to be, and consider if you’re going to record it so you can reuse it. These are just some of the details that help to determine your success. ClickMeeting has tools to cover every aspect of the process.

Preparing Your Webinar

The preparatory stages of a webinar are, in some ways, the most important. You need to consider the format, who you’re going to invite, and what the main topic will be. With ClickMeeting, you can do this in a few simple steps.

  • Choose a room name and type.
  • Choose a date and time.
  • Decide on access rules. Will it be paid or free? You can choose whether to require a password or provide open access.
  • Create a customized registration page.
  • Create a webinar waiting room with content to keep participants engaged before the event starts.

Running Your Webinar

When people enter your webinar, you want to give them an engaging and hassle-free experience. If you’ve attended many online presentations, you’ve probably noticed that little details add up to provide a great (or not so great) online event. ClickMeeting helps you present seamless and professional webinars for any purpose.

  • Display content in any format, including text, slides, images, audio, and video. Compatible with Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and more.
  • Make notes and draw on your content during the presentation.
  • Use a whiteboard format to engage participants. Incorporate drawing tools, shapes, and boxes to keep everyone engaged.
  • Create polls and surveys during the presentation.
  • Moderate and private chat.
  • Multiuser access. Allow co-presenters to log in and help with your webinar.
  • Screen sharing. Share your screen or take control of attendees’ screens remotely (this works well for training and teaching).
  • Present a call-to-action at any point of the webinar.
  • Stream webinars on YouTube and Facebook for greater reach.

Post-Webinar Actions

Once your webinar is over, you can still get plenty of leverage out of it. You have content that can be shared as well as a list of contacts. ClickMeeting has several ways to help you make the most of these advantages.

  • Create a webinar recording.
  • Analyze your results. It’s important to track metrics such as attendee statistics (where they are located, devices used, poll results, etc.) and use this data when planning future events.
  • Send out thank-you pages. Be sure to stay in touch with participants after the event.
  • Easy social media sharing.
  • Turn your presentation into an on-demand webinar.


ClickMeeting works with many apps to help you get more out of each webinar. Integrations include:

The particular apps you can use depend on the ClickMeeting plan you subscribe to (e.g. you need the Automated plan if you want to stream automated webinars on YouTube & Facebook).

Ways to Use ClickMeeting (Beyond Webinars)

ClickMeeting can be used for many purposes. In addition to webinars, it’s ideal for:

  • Online Training -Get your employees or students into a conference room and deliver lessons in an interactive environment. Create exercises, quizzes, and Q & A sessions.
  • Video Conferences and Meetings -If you have remote employees or freelancers who need to check in from different locations, you can easily set up meetings. The main difference from a typical webinar is that meetings tend to be even more interactive, with everyone getting a chance to talk.

Pricing and Plans

ClickMeeting offers several plans, including a free trial. Billing is based on the number of attendees. The “starting at” prices quoted below are for 25 attendees.

  • Free Trial (for seven days) -Online meetings for up to 5 people, webinars with up to 25 attendees, five audio feeds, four video feeds, 500 MB file storage, many other webinar features.
  • Live: Starts at $25/month (billed annually) -For live webinars and video conferencing. Unlimited webinars and meetings, 25 audio feeds, 4 video feeds, 3 multi-users, 6 hours of recording storage, 1 GB file storage, whiteboard, polls & surveys, mobile app, event landing pages, many integrations, more.
  • Automated: Starts at $40/month (billed annually) -For live, automated, and on-demand webinars. All features of Live, 10 hours of recording storage, 2 GB file storage, unlimited automated recurring webinars, auto-stream on Facebook and YouTube, automated thank you and follow-up emails, more.
  • Enterprise: customized plans for larger companies. Includes custom features such as a dedicated account manager, individual training, custom branding services, white-label (present webinars with your branding, without the ClickMeeting logo).

ClickMeeting Discount Codes

Occasionally and periodically ClickMeeting runs time-limited promotions where you can use discount codes for a significant reduction of the cost. At this time, annual plans are up to 20% off the month by month cost. In addition, the following coupon codes are currently active;

Use ClickMeeting discount code JR20 for 20% off all plans

Use ClickMeeting discount code CJ15 for 15% off all plans

Use ClickMeeting discount code JR10 for 10% off all plans

If the codes above have expired, please reach out to us for updated codes. Also, if you plan on getting an annual plan, please contact us as well, for an additional 10% off. That’s 20% off annual plans, plus 20% off discount code, and our exclusive 10% off will get you to 50% off ClickMeeting annual plans.

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ClickMeeting vs. Demio

ClickMeeting, of course, isn’t the only webinar software on the market. There are quite a few services in this sector. While we can’t cover all of them, it’s worth comparing ClickMeeting to a couple of other industry leaders. Let’s start with Demio. Like ClickMeeting, Demio is a cloud-based (nothing to download, compatible with all devices and operating systems) webinar-creating system that offers a nice array of features, such as:

  • A choice to run live, hybrid, automated, and on-demand webinars. Hybrid events use a combination of live and pre-recorded content.
  • Attendees can enter your webinar with one click from their browser.
  • Apply your own branding throughout the webinar with Starter and above plans(by comparison, ClickMeeting only offers this with their custom plans).

Pricing for Demio

They offer three plans (cost is based on annual payment):

  • Starter: $34/month. Up to 50 attendees per room, for live events only.
  • Growth: $69/month. 150 attendees per room, both live and automated events, room and email branding.
  • Business: $163/month. 500 attendees per room, priority support, dedicated account rep, up to 4 hosts.

Demio offers a free 14-day trial that includes all features of the Growth plan.

So how does Demio stack up against ClickMeeting overall? Let’s look at several advantages of each.

Demio Advantages

  • Offers hybrid webinars, combining the benefits of live and automated presentations.

Demio Disadvantages

  • Higher starting price. Demio’s Starter plan is $34/month, more than ClickMeeting’s starter plan of $25/month. Demio’s plan does allow for more attendees, though (50 vs. 25).
  • Lacks resources for web conferencing/meetings and virtual events. Demio is designed primarily for webinars.
  • Not as many integrations. ClickMeeting is compatible with Dropbox, Microsoft 365, Google Calendar, HubSpot CRM, and others. Demio only offers a couple of integrations such as Zapier.

Demio is a justifiably popular webinar platform that offers many of the same features and benefits as ClickMeeting. However, it doesn’t quite measure up when it comes to the sheer volume of features and options. I’d only recommend Demio over ClickMeeting if you like the hybrid webinar model, which is a unique Demio feature. For more information about Demio, see our Demio Review and Discount blog post.

ClickMeeting vs. WebinarJam

Let’s compare ClickMeeting to another leading webinar service, WebinarJam. WebinarJam, like ClickMeeting (and Demio), is web-based, so there’s no software to download or concerns about system incompatibility. Their focus is primarily on sales and marketing webinars. WebinarJam has a good selection of features (though many of these are also available with ClickMeeting and other competitors):

  • Reach between 500-5000 attendees with up to 6 presenters.
  • Powerful call-to-action features such as inserting a timer during a webinar to indicate scarcity.
  • Compatible with all devices and operating systems.
  • Run live chat and Q & A during webinars.
  • Automated recordings.
  • Flexible scheduling for holding recurring or encore webinars.

Pricing for WebinarJam

  • Basic: $499/year. Unlimited webinars for up to 2 presenters, up to 500 attendees, 2-hour maximum presentation.
  • Professional: $699/year. Up to 4 presenters, 2,000 attendees, 3-hour presentations, Always Live rooms (for recurring events), Panic Button (reboots in case of difficulties).
  • Enterprise: $999/year. Up to 6 presenters, 5,000 attendees, 4-hour presentations.

WebinarJam offers a 14-days trial for $1.

WebinarJam Advantages

  • Solid value for larger events. When comparing pricing, you have to look at comparable plans. WebinarJam’s Basic plan, at $499/year, allows for 500 attendees. With ClickMeeting, you’d need the Business plan for that many attendees, which would cost you $1,668/year.
  • Email marketing integration. Allows for advanced segmented marketing. For example, you can automatically send certain emails to people who didn’t show up for your webinar or who left early.

WebinarJam Disadvantages

  • Pricing is more suited to larger events. As noted, it’s a good value if you have close to 500 attendees. There’s no cheaper start plan if you only have 25 or 50 attendees.
  • Templates and features are mainly designed for sales and marketing webinars. ClickMeeting is more versatile if you also want to have conferences and meetings.

WebinarJam is best suited if you have a fairly large audience (or the budget to invest in advertising to attract traffic to your events) who is using webinars to sell high-end products or services. It’s not quite as versatile as ClickMeeting for other purposes. For more info on WebinarJam, see our WebinarJam review, bundle, and discounts post.

ClickMeeting: Value and Recommendation

ClickMeeting is one of the most feature-rich and robust webinar platforms. It has several advantages over most competitors, as you can see from the above comparisons. Here are some of the main advantages of ClickMeeting.

  • Flexible pricing is good for newbies and small businesses, as well as those who want to hold large events.
  • Versatile, equally useful for web meetings, conferences, online events, and webinars.
  • Resources for both live and automated webinars.
  • Many integrations with other apps and services.
  • 24/7 support by email and chat.

I’d recommend ClickMeeting for anyone who wants to get started with webinars/online conferencing or who may not be satisfied with the software or service they’re currently using. The free trial gives you a chance to try out the features and create a few online events. Keep in mind, though, that it takes some practice to get accustomed to the process, so your initial attempts might have some glitches.



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