Adzooma Review and Discounts in 2020

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Adzooma is a platform for managing online advertising. It covers Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ads, helping you gain an edge over the competition and improve your ROI. In this Adzooma review, we’ll be looking at what this platform offers and determine if it’s a good investment for your marketing strategy. Any Adzooma discounts or promotions, if available, will be mentioned in the pricing section of this review.

An Introduction to Adzooma

Adzooma is designed to help businesses of all sizes make the most of their online advertising budgets. Advertising has gotten quite a bit more competitive and expensive in recent years. It’s hard for small and mid-size businesses (not to mention solo entrepreneurs) with limited budgets to compete with larger companies.

To create affordable yet effective ads, you need to do extensive research into things like customer demographics and keywords while doing painstaking analytics on your campaigns. Without the right tools and expertise, this is time-consuming. Your other option, to outsource advertising to an agency, makes your campaigns even costlier. Adzooma makes it possible to keep your advertising in-house, automate essential tasks, and help you get better results. Let’s look at some of Adzooma’s main features and benefits.

Software Powered by Machine Learning

Digital advertising comes down to numbers and formulae. You try to optimize your ad campaigns by paying as little as possible while getting the best possible returns. What makes it complex is that the variables are constantly changing. Keywords get more and less popular.

The price of ads is always changing based on how much your competitors are bidding. Without automated tools, you’d need a whole team of dedicated experts analyzing data all day long. Adzooma uses advanced machine learning to track all data relevant to your campaigns. You don’t have to do any calculating, simply press a few buttons to see the results.

  • Data is analyzed 24/7.
  • Quickly identifies ways to optimize your campaigns.
  • The system learns what you need and makes recommendations based on past data. In this way, it gets more helpful the more you use it.
  • Identifies unique opportunities tailored to your particular needs and budget.

Opportunity Engine

Adzooma’s Opportunities provide you with customized recommendations based on your business’s needs and current keyword trends. There are countless potential suggestions you might see, including:

  • Enable particular ads or ad groups.
  • Increase or decrease keyword bids.
  • Remove duplicate keywords.
  • Landing page warnings, such as speed and loadability.
  • Enable search network.
  • Pause underperforming ads.
  • Apply an ad schedule.
  • Add location targeting.
  • Add a call or callout extension (e.g., promote special offers such as free shipping).
  • Automate mobile-only campaigns.

These are only a few examples of Opportunities that may be identified. When you consider all the variables involved in ad campaigns on complex platforms such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, you start to appreciate the value of such an automation tool. Even someone with years of online advertising experience can easily overlook one or more details on a campaign.

Any of these Opportunities can make a difference in your results, especially when you add them up. Saving a few pennies or dollars here and there, enabling a feature such as a callout extension, removing an unprofitable ad, and many other actions can be the difference between profit and loss.

Automation and an Intuitive Interface

Many of the calculations and recommendations made by Adzooma could be made manually -if you had the time and expertise. What makes it such a useful tool is that it automates so many crucial aspects of online advertising. While it’s easy to place ads using Google, Facebook, or Microsoft’s platforms, it’s not nearly as simple to optimize your ads, improve your results over time, and learn from your mistakes. This is why automation is so valuable.

  • Set up simple automation rules that Adzooma performs around the clock. For example, you can pause campaigns when they’ve reached a certain spending limit or limit spending on keywords that are performing poorly.
  • Get notifications when your automation rules are triggered.
  • You can easily implement or ignore suggestions.
  • Schedule opportunities so they are applied only when you’re ready.

Custom Reporting

Analyzing data from your campaigns is essential to understand what you are doing right and what needs changing. The more you’re spending and the more campaigns you run, the more complicated it is to track your results. Adzooma makes it simpler to understand your data by letting you generate reports in a single click.

  • Measure vital metrics, such as campaign performance over a given period. Focus on numbers that matter most to you, such as impressions, clicks, commissions, cost, etc.
  • Filter reports based on what you want to study.
  • Brand reports with your logo and layout (ideal for agencies).
  • Save templates to reuse whenever you want reports.

New Features Based on Your Needs

Adzooma is a constantly evolving platform that’s always adding features such as Opportunities based on users’ needs. If you identify a particular feature that would save you time or help improve your campaigns, you can simply provide feedback via Slack, Facebook, or email, and there’s a good chance Adzooma will add it.

Business Web Pages

No matter what you’re offering, your online advertising strategy starts with your business web page. In addition to its ad management tools, Adzooma helps you create targeted, optimized web pages for all types of businesses.

The quality and relevance of your website are critical for the success of your advertising campaigns. Not only do customers want to see a professional web page that provides them with the information they’re seeking, but Google and other advertising platforms consider your website to form quality scores. That’s why having a great website can lower your ad cost.

  • Web pages are created by design and SEO experts.
  • You get a simple web page optimized for conversions. You can still have your own multipage website if you want, but a simple web page is generally best for generating leads and sales.
  • Web pages are mobile-friendly.
  • Maintenance and updates are automatic.

If you are satisfied with your existing website, you don’t have to use one designed by Adzooma. However, if you’re struggling with conversions, it’s an excellent complement to their ad management services.

Plans and Pricing

Below is a rundown of the regular pricing. The plans are based on your monthly ad spend.

  • Freelancer: $99/month. Up to $10K/month ad-spend. Manage campaigns, budgets, and bids. Campaign manager, ad creator, Opportunities, reports, user roles.
  • Marketer: $249/month. Up to $25K month ad-spend. Includes “coming soon” features such as budget plans and budget optimization.
  • Growth: $499/month. Up to $50K/month ad-spend. Client management, and coming soon features such as Google Analytics and Prospect Management.
  • Agency: $799/month. Up to $250K/month ad-spend.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing. Bespoke features, unlimited ad-spend, unlimited users, Adzooma API.

Important Notice: Adzooma is offering all of its plans for free for 30-days if you sign up before June 30, 2020, and then 50% off the following three months. This is due to the COVID-19 crisis that is affecting so many businesses. If you’re able to take advantage of this, it’s an excellent opportunity to gain access to some powerful advertising tools for free. Keep in mind when signing up, however, that when the free 30-days period is over, you’ll be billed for 50% of the tier you sign up for.

Adzooma: Value and Recommendation

Online advertising can help make your business more profitable or, indeed, help you build a profitable business from scratch. Without the right tools, however, you can easily sink thousands of dollars into losing campaigns. Adzooma can help you get the most of your advertising dollars. It can work for:

  • E-commerce stores. If you sell physical products on Amazon (or anywhere), it’s crucial to find keywords that are affordable and profitable.
  • Affiliate marketers. Get more leads and sales by optimizing your ads.
  • SaaS (and other service-based) businesses. Online ads can help you capture targeted leads. Once again, though, you need to target the right customers.
  • Anyone building a brand through email marketing. Online ads, when used properly, are one of the fastest ways to build a targeted list.

If you are new to online advertising and aren’t sure how to get started, Adzooma can largely eliminate your learning curve. You will have to learn how to use the system, but you can mostly avoid the costly “trial and error” phase of advertising campaigns.

Perhaps you’re already advertising with Google, Facebook, or Microsoft but are having trouble turning a profit. Businesses that have been advertising for a long time often find that the same ads that were once profitable are now too costly. As the cost of advertising gets ever steeper, it becomes more critical to manage and optimize your ads. Adzooma is a powerful tool to help you do this.

Adzooma is a platform that’s trusted by many large companies, yet it’s also a good way for smaller businesses to level the playing field. If you’re able to take advantage of Adzooma’s special offer of completely free services until June 30, 2020 (actually, you just need to sign up before that date), it’s an especially favorable time to try it out. Even if this special offer is over by the time you read this, Adzooma always offers a free trial.



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