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We live in a world full of distractions and background noise. While there are countless apps to help us connect and communicate, sometimes what we really need is a way to focus better on the tools we already have. Krisp is a noise-canceling app that can help make you look, feel and be more productive and reduce the stress of background noise. In this Krisp review, we’ll explore the main features and benefits of Krisp to help you decide if it can help you improve the quality of your communications. Krisp discounts and promotions, if available, will also be mentioned in the pricing section of this review.

What is Krisp?

Krisp is a powerful app that lets you cancel out background noise on a variety of communications platforms. It’s a tool for anyone who wants a clearer, distraction-free experience for calls, conferences, and presentations. The benefits of this app include:

  • Remove outgoing background noise. Press a button, and the person/people you’re talking to won’t hear background noise on your end.
  • Remove incoming background noise. With the push of a button, you won’t hear background noise coming from the callers’ end.
  • Krisp supports many devices -microphones, headsets, speakers.
  • Krisps works with over 800 apps -recording, streaming, voice messaging, conferencing. It helps make your communications clearer and distraction-free in just about any environment.

The Problem of Background Noise

People today work and communicate in many different environments. One of the advantages of the digital economy is that you’re no longer confined to an office. One of the downsides to this is that there are often distractions that can make communicating difficult. Krisp is a solution for a variety of situations.

Suppose you are working from home, either full time or only on certain days. While it’s comfortable and convenient to work out of your home, there are countless potential distractions and sounds.  It’s hard to stay focused and sound professional with a baby crying, a dog barking, or a washing machine rumbling in the background. With Krisp, you can eliminate these and other background noises around your home.

Then there are the sounds of public places. Many conversations these days take place at unpredictable times when you’re out and about or commuting. You may have an urgent phone call, video conference, or team meeting while you’re on a train, in a busy cafe, or walking on a busy street. Imagine how much smoother such calls would be without the interference of traffic, conversations, and other distractions.

Even in the most professional environments, background noise can be a problem. If you’re doing a virtual meeting in a conference room, for example, a door opening and closing, people talking, rustling papers, and other sounds can detract from the sound quality. Krisp is a solution for any environment in which you want to eliminate such distractions.

Who Can Benefit From Krisp?

In an increasingly connected world, there are countless situations where Krisp can improve the quality of your communications. Here are some examples of people and businesses that can use Krisp:

  • Content creators. If you’re making a video, podcast, or webinar, the sound quality is of the utmost importance. Even minor background noise makes your broadcast harder to hear and detracts from your professionalism. Krisp lets you record anywhere without these distractions.
  • Online teachers. If you’re giving courses online, either as an employee, independent contractor, or through an agency, it’s important to have a clear and undisturbed connection. For some types of instruction, such as languages or music, it’s crucial to be able to hear everything without distractions.
  • Gamers. The whole idea of a game is to escape your current reality. You don’t want the experience diluted by everyday noise. With Krisp, you can completely immerse yourself into strange and exciting worlds.
  • Webinars and live stream presenters. More and more performances, lectures, courses, and other events are offered via webinar or any type of live stream. Whether you’re the one delivering the content or part of the audience, background noise can be anything from a mild annoyance to completely spoiling the event. Krisp is a simple way to upgrade any live streaming experience for everyone involved instantly.
  • Call centers. For businesses that sell products or provide customer service by phone, Krisp can make a huge difference. A call center with many employees produces lots of distracting noise. Aside from this, many customer service reps today work from home. Either way, you want customers to have a distraction-free experience when interacting with your business.
  • Businesses that hold virtual team meetings. If your team is scattered in different locations, online meetings are the best way to get everyone together. With people in all different environments, background noise can make these meetings a real challenge. With Krisp, you can eliminate many cases of “Can you repeat that?” and make meetings more productive for everyone.

Krisp Discount – Covid-19 brings a free tier and Pro & Teams plans discounts 

On March 2020 (ongoing until September 2020) Krisp released a free plan (limited to 120 minutes per week), unlimited free plan for students, teachers, hospital and government workers, and discounted its’ premium plans by 30%. All plans can be accessed via Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Chrome OS.

  • Free -Mute microphone and speaker noise for 120 minutes per week. 240 minutes/week of noise-free calls to US and Canada (iPhone and iPad), and 240 minutes/week of noise-free meetings anywhere.
  • Pro: $5/month or $40/year. Unlimited muting of the microphone and speaker noise. Three devices for work or home.
  • Teams: $5/month or $40/year per user. All Pro features. Admin panel lets you manage members, centralize billing, and configure & deploy centrally.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing per workstation with volume price discounts, 24/7 support, executive business reviews.

Krisp Rooms

Another tool from Krisp, distinct from the main app, is Krisp Rooms, which provides noise and echo cancellation for online meeting rooms.

  • Provides room echo cancellation. An annoying echo is a common issue in conference calls that makes it harder to understand what everyone is saying.
  • Works with all of the most popular conference room software, including Zoom Rooms, Webex Room, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and others.
  • Multi-voice support. Lets you hear everyone in a room, even if they aren’t right in front of the microphone.

Right now, Krisp Rooms can be downloaded for free. The current version only works with Windows, but a Mac version is coming soon.

Krisp: Value and Recommendation

Communication is central to businesses today, especially if you have a remote workforce, create audio or video media, provide online customer support, or have virtual meetings or conferences. The quality of communications makes a big difference. Krisp helps you:

  • Improve productivity. Miscommunication leads to mistakes and wasted effort. Improved sound quality also shortens meetings as there’s no need to keep repeating words.
  • Enhances your brand. Whether you’re an individual content creator, a SaaS business, or anyone who talks to clients virtually, poor sound quality detracts from your credibility. Krisp is an economical and straightforward way to project a professional image.
  • Lets you turn any environment into an office. If you’ve been reluctant to hold conference calls or create presentations because it’s too noisy where you are, Krisp provides you with the freedom to remove background noises.

Krisp is a tool that you can use for free or a few dollars per month. It’s compatible with most devices and operating systems, so even if you have a large team, it’s easy to get everyone on board with using it. There’s really no downside to Krisp, as it will help you make your calls and conferences more productive and distraction-free.



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