Vidnami (Content Samurai) Review and 55% Discount – UPDATED 2020

Vidnami discount

May 2020 Update: Content Samurai is going through a rebranding phase in Q2 2020 to turn into Vidnami. Same software, same team, just a different name, and logo. And while this transition is in its finalizing stages, you can take advantage of the team’s lastest promotion and lock in your special discount on the Content Samurai (Vidnami) monthly plan by purchasing it directly through this page, provided to us by the Noble Samurai team, creators of Content Samurai (and Vidnami) ($47/m $35/m). Locking in this price will keep you at the low price level of the unlimited plan forever, even when they fully transition to Vidnami.

Not sure it’s the right solution for you? We’re confident you’re going to love it, and that’s why if you get the 14-days free trial (no payment method needed), and contact us, we’ll send you $5 just for trying it out (new users only, PayPal required). In case you keep Vidnami after the trial, we’ll send you an additional $5. Looking for a big discount on the annual plan? Keep on reading this review.

Content Samurai / Vidnami Special Offer ($35/m + Bonuses)

Vidnami Free 14-Days Trial

This is also your last chance to get a special discount on the Content Samurai (Vidnami) annual plan (just $297 instead of $397). Once they fully transition from Content Samurai to Vidnami, this offer will be forever gone. To get the special annual offer you need to download The Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet for free here, and you will be presented with a video and an offer to get Question Samurai for just $3 (Question Samurai helps you discover the exact content your customers are actually looking for when they search for your keywords on Google and YouTube). After that, you will receive an offer to get Vidnami / Content Samurai for just $35/m or $297 for the whole year (which is $24.75/m, half off the regular monthly price). Additional, evergreen discounts are available below, in the pricing section of our Vidnami / Content Samurai review (including, how new users can get the Content Samurai (Vidnami) annual plan for just $252, with a $45 bonus to our readers. See new discount offers near the bottom of this review).

Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai) Overview

Vidnami / Content Samurai is a service that produces videos based on text, audio, and video content that either you provide or use the extensive video and image stock library that comes with the license. The objective of Vidnami (you can get a free trial here or go directly to a discount checkout page here) is to enable anyone to make rich videos quickly and with minimal effort: the software does most of the heavy lifting.

Content Samurai was released in 2015 and is regularly updated by the team of Noble Samurai, who are responsible for the notoriously successful keyword research tool Market Samurai (see our Market Samurai discount), the scarcity plugin Scarcity Samurai, the sales copy assistant Vidsy, and many other marketing tools. In mid-2020 the team has decided to rebrand Content Samurai and turn it into Vidnami.

In this post, we will provide you with a full Vidnami review, explain why it might be valuable, make an honest recommendation about whether or not it is worth the money and provide you with an exclusive Vidnami discount we offer our readers (Content Samurai’s / Vidnami’s discount for under $25/m when buying the discounted yearly plan).

Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai) Monthly 25% Discount Direct Offer + Bonuses

Vidnami 14-Days Free Trial

Additional Discount Options- These are Content Samurai promotions you can still take advantage of;

Get the Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet for free, upgrade to get Question Samurai for $3 (Question Samurai is a keywords research tool that helps discover the exact keywords and content your potential clients and viewers are looking for when they search on Google and YouTube). You will then receive an offer by email to get Vidnami / Content Samurai for just $35/m or $297 for the whole year (roughly, half the regular full monthly price).

Download The Free YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet and Get Vidnami / Content Samurai For $35/m or $297/year

Content Samurai Discount upsell

Content Samurai Special Discount Offer (Question Samurai Upgrade)

Another Content Samurai discount available if you get Video Traffic Blueprint from the Noble Samurai team for just $49 $7 and as an upsell you will be offered a massively discounted annual Content Samurai plan for just $297, which is less than $25/m.

Buy VTB & Get Vidnami / Content Samurai For Just $297/year

Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai) Features

The first thing to know is how Vidnami / Content Samurai works. The process itself is simple and straightforward. First, you write a script. The script is a set of text content that can be of essentially any form: a blog post, a media packet, an article, anything.

After you upload your script, Content Samurai will break it up into short sentences and phrases, then suggest backing images and transitions. Content Samurai has a wealth of images that you can use for free, or you if you own the rights to an image you want to use, you can upload that instead.

Next, you have the option of adding audio. Read out your text script and Content Samurai will line it up with the appropriate sections of your script. You can also add music instead of, or in addition to a narration.

Lately, a new feature was added- You can upload your own video clips into Content Samurai! This means you can easily add intros and outros or product demos with just a few clicks.

Finally, you have the option to preview the finished video and then download it if you are satisfied. Then the video is yours. You can put it anywhere you want and use it for whatever purpose you choose.

A lot of the automated software is quite cool: it creates logical and reasonable cuts in the video for the script so that the message rarely gets garbled or confusing. The timing works very well, with the pace of the videos feeling natural. There are many free images, although in many cases you will want to use at least some of your own.

Content Samurai cannot make infographics or graphics of any kind. It is up to you to handle the visual design of any image you want to add. That makes sense because Content Samurai is meant to be a video tool and not an image tool. However, it does have the effect of creating what is essentially a more dynamic style of Powerpoint presentation.

If you’re looking for inspiration in creating great-looking videos, once you get the Vidnami trial, you will be invited to the Vidnami community group, where users and admins help newcomers, while others showcase their successful videos.

Pricing and Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai) Discount

The price is likely to be the biggest concern for any potential customer. A little under fifty dollars a month is expensive for some who essentially need a tool to spruce up some of their marketing material and change its format from images and text to a video.

It is important to sit down and ask whether using Vidnami / Content Samurai will really bring in the marginal fifty (or twenty-five if you go annually) dollars a month that it needs to make it a good decision. Part of this will depend on the length of time you intend to keep and use Content Samurai. If you have your material ready, you can do all the work in just one month (or have a virtual assistant do that for you). You can get a lot of videos done in 30 days, pause and resume the license only if/when you will need it again in the future.

May 2020 Update: We have a special Vidnami discount offer for our readers. Get Vidnami now for 25% off, only $35 a month instead of $47! Don’t miss this deal while it lasts.

Content Samurai (Vidnami) Direct Discount Offer

Another great Content Samurai discount option would be to purchase the Video Traffic Blueprint from the Noble Samurai team for just $49 $7, and as a one time offer, you can grab an annual Content Samurai plan for just $297, which is less than $25/m. You can also download the free YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet, and if you watch the thank you video and get the keyword research tool Question Samurai for $3, you will be presented with an option to get Content Samurai at a discount for just $35/m or $297/year.

Download The Free YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet and Get Content Samurai For $297/year

Buy VTB & Get Vidnami / Content Samurai For Just $297/year

Content Samurai (Vidnami) lifetime plan: We had many readers ask us about a discounted lifetime plan for Content Samurai. The Noble Samurai team has never offered a lifetime plan before, and we can’t predict if they ever will in the future. However, once you get Content Samurai at a discount ($35/m or $297/year), you lock that discount price for the lifetime of your account, including recurring charges.

New Content Samurai (Vidnami) Users Discount Offer; If you are a new Content Samurai user and decide to get the discounted annual plan by using any of the offers you see above, send us an email, and we’ll send you an additional $45 bonus to your PayPal within 48 hours. That’s just $21 per month when buying for a whole year (55% off the regular monthly cost)! Can’t commit for the whole year? Contact us to get $5 for just trying out Vidnami for 14 days, and another $5 for sticking with it.

Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai) Review; The Verdict

Video is becoming an ever more important marketing asset nowadays. Video content gets a big boost in search engine results pages, so it makes for good SEO. It is also growing in popularity, especially among young people. A good video can draw a lot more attention than a text blog and somewhat more than a nifty infographic.

Up until now, those videos were pretty hard to make and took a lot of time. Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai) makes the core process of video production for marketing far more accessible. Will there be an audience for these videos in great enough quantity to justify the price tag? That will come down to the individual business. Some have audiences that are more amenable to video, and others do not. The 50% Content Samurai discount offer above makes this matter slightly more affordable.

There are a few technical quibbles with Content Samurai, like the fact that you can’t upload to Youtube/Vimeo/Facebook directly from within the interface, but these are relatively minor. For the most part, Content Samurai does exactly what it claims to do: turn text, audio, video, and images into one video product very quickly and easily. If that sounds like it would benefit your marketing efforts, then you owe it to yourself to at least try Content Samurai.

Once you’ve got one of the best video creation software in the world, what’s next? If you need more eyes on your YouTube channel, we recommend VidIQ (free or pro plan) to scale your video marketing efforts or get help from Fiverr freelancers. Having issues with clear voice recordings from your home/office? Check out Krisp for background noise removal.



5 Responses to Vidnami (Content Samurai) Review and 555 Discount – UPDATED 2020


    Not sure the discount to purchase yearly works.

    • IMPromoCoder says:

      Hi Whitney, thanks for leaving your comment about the upsell.
      I want to understand it better and see if it ended up okay.
      There are two paths for a discounted annual Content Samurai license.
      One is buying the Video Traffic BluePrint for $7 and then receiving the CS $297 annual license offer as an upsell.
      The second option is the Ultimate Youtube SEO-Cheat-Sheet which is free, but the upsell then offers Question Samurai for $3 and after you purchase that, there’s the Content Samurai $297 offer.
      Which one of these methods did you try and didn’t work?
      I’d be happy to hear more.

      Update: After following up with Whitney, the issue was resolved.

  2. Lorraine Phillips says:

    This site is amazing. Please do not hesitate to order products from this site. This site offered a discount for Content Samurai which I promptly received.

  3. Esther says:

    I signed up for Content Samurai and am amazed at the quality of the videos it generated. So I purchased the annual plan for US 297 today and received an additional discount of US 45 via PayPal right after I informed the owner of this blog via email. Thanks a lot for your prompt delivery. I really appreciate it.

  4. Han says:

    After checking out the various video creation platforms, I decided to purchase Vidnami (content samurai) from this website due to the detailed reviews. In addition to the generous discount for the annual plan, Arye (owner of this site) gave a further rebate of USD45 back to my Paypal once I emailed him. The best part? Vidnami is so easy to use that as a newbie, I’ve created 2 professional looking videos in 2 days, and even adding in my own watermark. Thanks for the awesome recommendation, Arye!


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