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Promo is a new service from Slidely that lets you create professional looking videos quickly. It has features that make it especially suitable for businesses that are looking for a simple way to profit from video marketing. There are now a wide variety of ways to create videos. Let’s review and see how its features can help you with your video marketing needs. Seasonal Promo discounts will also be shared further down the review.

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Slidely and Promo

Slidely is a free service that’s been available for a while. It lets you create slideshow videos, collages, and other visual content. Slidely, however, was originally made more for personal and social uses than business. While it’s a simple and user-friendly service, you have to provide your photos and images.

Up until now, if you wanted to create videos for your business, you were limited to a few options. You could hire a professional videographer to create your video, which can run into hundreds if not thousands of dollars. You could create a slideshow type of video using PowerPoint or a video creation service that provides images. The problem with most of these is that the quality of the images is not very good, giving you videos that look very similar to hundreds of others.

Slidely recently introduced Promo, a video creation service that offers premium video footage (as well as licensed music), which makes it possible to create high quality, commercial-grade videos much faster and at a much lower cost than was previously possible.

One of the main benefits of Promo is that it partnered with Getty Images, which owns a library of over two million high-quality video clips. If you were to purchase these individually, it would cost you quite a bit. With Promo, however, you can subscribe to reasonable plans and have access to an infinite library of stock video clips at a sane cost.

How Promo Works

Promo is designed for people who want to make great videos fast, without the need for any advanced technical knowledge. You start by doing a keyword search to find footage that suits your theme. There’s a very good selection of videos from which to choose, including people, animals, nature scenes, landmarks, business, sports, and many others.  Again, these are incredibly high-quality videos, which is really what sets Promo apart from comparable services.

You can customize the videos by adding your logo as well as captions. There are many ways to edit the features, such as changing the colors, fonts, and backgrounds.  It won’t take you more than a few minutes to learn how it works. You’ll find it’s quite easy to create a professional-looking video in just a few minutes.

You also have access to a big selection of music to accompany the videos. You can choose genres of music such as classical, jazz, and rock to give your video an appropriate theme.

The Importance of Obtaining Licensed Images

Another benefit of using Promo is that you have a lifetime license to all of the videos and music you use. This can be a serious issue when you make your own videos. If you take videos and images from places such as Google, Youtube, Flickr, or any other sites online, you risk the problem of copyright infringement. Even when you use images that are supposed to be copyright free, there’s a chance that the footage wasn’t obtained legitimately.

Videos used for business purposes are especially prone to copyright claims, as commercial usage is often more restricted than general usage. The same is true if you hire a freelancer to make your video and choose the images. You have to trust that they have the rights to the images they’re using.

With Promo, you can feel confident that you have the right to use the videos because Slidely has obtained all the rights. The same goes for the music clips you choose for your videos.

Uses for Promo Videos

Marketing videos can be used for many purposes. You may want to demonstrate the benefits of a certain product or service. You may want to introduce people to your business and build your brand. The primary use, though, is for social media advertisements. These video ads draw a much higher interaction and user engagement than regular image/link ads, resulting in more clicks and lower CPC.

When you make videos with Promo, you can use them in any manner you choose. The platform is set up so that it’s easy to upload your videos to your own website, YouTube, or social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

One of the advantages of video marketing is that it’s now possible to get lots of leverage out of a single video. Videos that are impressive to your followers may be shared, bringing you an even wider audience.

Plans and Pricing

Promo offers several options for making videos. All plans come with full access to the video and music libraries and caption editor. You can create your first video for free on Promo. You can’t, however, actually use it unless you buy it or subscribe to one of their plans, which we’ll be looking at next. It’s a good idea, however, to play with the features and make a video just to see how everything works.

  • Basic – $59/month. This lets you make one video per month.
  • Plus – $119/month. Eight videos per month and a custom watermark.
  • Pro – $429/month. Twenty videos per month, custom watermark, white-label sharing, and reseller rights.

Subscribing to an annual plan will result in a 50% discount.

Promo Discounts

Last Black Friday, Promo was offering 50% off the first month on all plans via this promotional page.

On Cyber Monday week, Promo was offering 40% off all plans for the first two months of subscription via this link.

Does Promo Provide Good Value?

Promo is a new kind of video service that offers definite advantages over its competitors. It’s true that you can make slideshow videos for free or hire people to make them cheaply. However, you won’t be getting anywhere near the professionalism you can achieve with Promo.

Promo is mainly aimed at businesses that intend to use the service for marketing purposes rather than people who just want to make nice videos and share them online.

If you think of video marketing as an investment, Promo is really quite reasonable. When potential customers or clients look at your videos, they make an instant assessment of your brand. A low-quality video does not make the kind of impression you want. Another problem is that many businesses find the whole prospect of video marketing so intimidating that they don’t make videos at all.

Promo is a viable solution for anyone who wants to make great videos that will display their business in the best possible light. It’s not a cheap video marketing solution, but it may currently be the one that provides the best overall value.

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