Vexels Review and Discounts

Pin is a site where you can find graphics such as vectors, PNGs, PSDs and other images that can be used for many purposes. This is an especially valuable resource if you’re selling t-shirts or other physical products that require attractive images. There’s an on-site t-shirt maker, so you can easily create your own designs and see how they’ll look when they’re printed out. In this Vexels review, we look at some of the features and benefits of Vexels and how it helps you get even more out of the latest Merch and POD trends. Vexels discounts and promotions, if available, will be regularly monitored and updated as well.

Vexels: an Overview

T-shirts and other personalized products (including mugs, baseball caps, jerseys, athletic bags, water bottles, and many others) are trendy right now. With the right designs, entrepreneurs can create profitable businesses with very little investment. Businesses also use personalized promotional products as giveaways for trade shows, contests, and gifts for employees, customers, and prospects. Vexels provides a wide selection of graphics in just about every conceivable niche. Here are just some topics/styles that are covered:

  • Weddings
  • Cars
  • Infographics
  • Cities
  • People
  • Travel
  • Animals
  • Signs & Symbols
  • Holidays
  • Nature
  • Vintage & Retro

There’s a search feature in case you’re looking for a particular type of image. Aside from t-shirts and other commercial purposes, these are great for holiday and party decorations, window decals, logos, or website illustrations. Many graphics are editable so that you can customize them for your purposes. New designs are added every day.

Depending on the plan you choose, you can also order between 1 and 7 custom designs per month.

T-Shirt Maker

The T-Shirt Maker is a simple tool that makes it easy to create your t-shirts from scratch using the designs from Vexels. You choose the color, font style and size, image, and background. You get a view of both front and back, and you can edit elements until you get the look you want.

Vexels + POD Site = Your Own Merchandise Business

If you have experience creating print-on-demand (POD) merchandise, you already know that this is currently a hugely popular business model. There are quite a few sites where you can have t-shirts and other merchandise created for you on a POD basis. This means that the item is only created/printed when someone orders it.

Unlike traditional businesses based on physical products, you don’t have to stock any merchandise. Nor do you have to create the products yourself (e.g., putting the designs on t-shirts) or ship them. The POD company handles all of this. Some of the leading POD companies include:

There are multiple other POD sites, as well. The business model is quite simple as you can sell and market everything on the site. In the case of Amazon, it’s one of many ways to sell physical products. Merch by Amazon, however, at this time is available by invitation only. Still, another option is to sell POD products on marketplaces such as Shopify. Some apps let you do this. The advantage of this approach is that you can enjoy higher profits as the POD sites charge commissions.

As convenient as the POD model is, there’s one “catch” -you have to provide your designs. This means you either need design skills or pay someone to create your designs. Of course, you could find copyright-free images around the internet and use them. However, the results might not be ideal, and you also have to worry about unintentionally violating copyrights.

Vexels provides a one-stop solution for all your POD design needs. With a vast selection of graphics, you can find something for just about any purpose. You then upload the design to the POD site or app, and your merchandise is ready to be printed!

Vexels Plans, Pricing, and Discounts

Vexels offers two plans that cater to different-sized businesses. You can choose whether to pay monthly or annually.

  • Merch: Starting at $$29/month (billed monthly) or $21.99/month (billed annually). Commercial and merch licenses, 2 design requests per month, 100 prints/design, exclusive PSD clothing mockups, and priority support. Merch Plus and Merch Ultimate offer more downloads and design requests of r a large monthly/annual price.
  • Design: Starting at $9.99/month (billed monthly) or $7.5/month (billed annually) for 100 downloads per month, and provide commercial non-merch licenses. Design Pro and Design Business allow more downloads and design requests per month for a bigger cost.

Vexels offers special discounts and promotions on major holidays such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Christmas/New Year’s, etc.

35% off the Merch Plus annual plan is available here, and 35% off the Merch Ultimate annual plan is available here.

We also have exclusive access to discounted lifetime Vexels plans. You can get lifetime access to the Merch plan here and lifetime access to the Business plan here. The advantage of the lifetime plans among the rest is that you don’t have a print limit per design, and they’re a one-time payment that gives you full lifetime access to graphics and signature design requests for approximately the cost of two years. You’ll also be bulletproofing yourself against future cost inflations.

The main difference between the two discounted lifetime plans is the number of design requests each plan has per month (2 vs. 7) and the download limit allowed (200 vs. 2000). The Business lifetime plan also differs from the Merch lifetime plan in terms of exclusivity of the design requests: with it, you get one month of exclusive use, whereas the other doesn’t have this perk.

What Can You Do With Vexels Images?

While Vexels has fairly straightforward policies, you need to understand the different plans and what you can and cannot do with images. The Design plan does not give you access to merch or licenses for POD. You can only use the images for purposes such as flyers, social media, logos, and other non-merchandise commercial purposes. If you want to use Vexels for a POD business, you need the Merch plan.

You also have to understand the difference between different types of licenses. A Single License lets you use images commercially but not for merch. A Single-extended license allows you to use an item for merch. You have the option of purchasing Single Extended Licenses for individual items. Though, if you sell many items, it’s probably more economical to subscribe to the Merch plan.

In the case of designs that include brand names and other copyrighted material, you can only use such images for personal or educational purposes. If you want to use such content commercially, you need permission from the copyright holder.

Getting the Most Out of Vexels Graphics

Vexels provides quite a bit of helpful information that teaches you how to succeed with a merch-based business. There are articles and blog posts on online branding, design and color psychology, building a successful t-shirt business, and much more. They also keep you informed on the latest industry trends, so you know which designs are currently popular.

If you plan to enter the merch or POD world, you should pay close attention to popular trends in the news, entertainment, and everywhere else for clues on choosing designs.

Value and Recommendation

It’s quite helpful to have quick access to such a large library of images in so many categories. The Merch plan is appropriate for anyone who has or wants to start a POD business. The Design plan is good if you want access to images for your website, social media sites, or printed items such as flyers. Vexels is a valuable resource for anyone looking for a large source of graphics for their business.

If you’re looking for a dedicated team for unlimited graphic design or video design requests (and unlimited revisions) check out our Kimp review.

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