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Viral Launch is a suite of software and services that help you dominate the Amazon marketplace. It has tools for identifying the most profitable products, creating successful launches, analyzing data, and more. In this Viral Launch review, we’ll be taking a close look at Viral Launch to help you decide if it’s a good choice for your Amazon business. We also have a few exclusive Viral Launch coupon codes, and free trial offers to share with you further down the review, so stay tuned!

Why You Need Help With Your Amazon Business

Amazon makes it easy for anyone to start an e-commerce business. You can start listing products within minutes. However, the marketplace is extremely competitive, and without the right strategy, you stand little chance against more experienced sellers. There are many aspects to selling products online that beginners don’t always contemplate. This includes:

  • Finding profitable in-demand products to sell.
  • Identifying keywords that your customers are searching for.
  • Finding the optimal categories for your products.
  • Using professional and engaging photos.
  • Successful product launches.

Viral Launch helps you with these and other aspects of selling on Amazon. The following are some of the features that make it easier to navigate and dominate the challenging world of Amazon selling. Keep in mind that these are integrated tools that are most effective when used in unison.

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is a concept familiar to large companies that must do extensive research before releasing products. It’s equally applicable to Amazon sellers. Whether you’re selling a mere handful of products or have a huge store, market intelligence informs you to make the most appropriate decisions regarding product selection, listings, and price. Viral Launch software provides you with actionable market intelligence in several key areas.

Product Discovery

Finding the right products is your first major challenge. Making mistakes in this area is easy. It’s not enough to simply find products that you think are cool, high-quality, or unique. You need products that you can obtain at a reasonable price and that have solid demand. Product Discovery helps you identify the best products, including hidden gems that most sellers miss.

  • Find untapped markets using Viral Launch’s proprietary search filters.
  • Get accurate sales estimates before you invest in inventory or advertising.
  • Browse thousands of Amazon products armed with the most accurate data available.
  • Customized results that perfectly fit your business model and goals.
  • Research from your browser with the Chrome Extension.
  • Integrated FBA calculator to help you create the most profitable Facebook ads.
  • Track the competition.

Listing Analyzer

The Listing Analyzer lets you perform an automated SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) for all your products. Whether you’re launching a product for the first time or you want to get better results for existing listings, this tool is a valuable aid.

  • Automated Keyword Discovery. Viral Launch uses exclusive ARCS technology (ASIN Relevance and Conformity Search) that evaluates over 100,000 keywords automatically to find the best matches for any ASIN.
  • Competitive Analysis. Lets you analyze top sellers for your products and compare price, sales, revenue, and reviews. You get actionable suggestions to help you optimize your listings and increase sales.
  • Content Evaluation. Compare the content of your listings to competitors to find out how your products stack up. You’ll get a complete list of solutions to improve your listings. This Includes Listing Optimization Score, Photo Set Analysis, Search Volume Measurement, and Character Count Insights.

Keyword Manager

Keywords are just as vital to Amazon as they are to Google. You can think of Amazon as a vast search engine. Customers may type in brand names, model numbers, descriptive words, or sometimes only vaguely related terms. Only by keeping up with the latest keyword insights can you optimize your listings and outrank the competition. The Viral Launch Keyword Manager provides unmatched tools to help you master keywords for your products.

Advanced Keyword Insights lets you discover the most recent keyword information: organic and rank tracking, badge notifications, search volume trends, and keyword scores.

Keyword Manager offers keyword tracking that’s user-friendly and intuitive. Keyword data can be confusing and overwhelming if not well organized. You’re able to curate keyword information as you prefer with the ability to add, edit, and remove keywords. Track up to 2,000 keywords.

Competitor Intelligence

When selling on Amazon, you can’t afford to ignore the competition. Every time you list a product, you’re competing with other sellers who are trying to beat you in areas such as price, accurate and compelling description, listing optimization, image quality, and more. Viral Launch gives you an edge by letting you track your competition.

With Viral Launch, you can identify competitors who are successful with the products you’re targeting and reverse engineer their results. You simply enter the ASIN for a product, and you’ll get a comprehensive list of keywords. This reveals which keywords are profitable and which are a waste of your time.

Competitor Intelligence gives you a shortcut to finding the most profitable keywords. You can simply “borrow” them from your competitors! Another approach is to start using lesser-known keywords that your competition is overlooking.

To succeed on Amazon, it’s essential to position yourself favorably over the competition. On your own, you’re relying on luck or trial and error. With Viral Launch, you can monitor the competition in a systematic way.

Pricing For Viral Launch Software

The Viral Launch software includes the above-mentioned Keyword Manager, Competitive Intelligence, and Listing Analyzer. There are several plans so you can take advantage of the resources, whether you’re a beginner on a limited budget or a more experienced seller.

  • Beginner’s Research Kit: $49.17/month (annually) or $59/month (monthly). Includes Market Intelligence, Product Discovery, and tracking 3 competitors with Competitor Intelligence.
  • Pro Seller: $82.50/month (annually) or $99/month (monthly). Includes all features of Beginner’s Research Kit and Keyword Research, Listing Builder, Listing Analyzer (50 listings), and Keyword Manager (daily keyword rank & ad tracking for 2000 keywords).
  • Brand Builder: $124.17/month (annually) or $149/month (monthly). In addition to features of previous plans, it lets you track 100 competitors with Competitor Intelligence, Listing Analyzer for 100 listings, and 5000 keywords for Keyword Manager.
  • Data Hunter: $332.50/month (annually) or $399/month (monthly). This plan provides you with Competitor Intelligence for 250 competitors, Listing Analyzer for 250 listings, and 15,000 keywords for Keyword Manager.

Viral Launch also offers a free trial with 25 Product Discovery keyword searches, 5 Market Intelligence searches, and one Competitor Intelligence analysis.

Viral Launch Discount Coupon Codes

Coupons updated in 2021


In addition to software, Viral Launch offers several services to help you grow your Amazon business;

Product Launches

As the product’s name is Viral Launch, you would expect that part of its function would involve actual launches. This is certainly the case, though the features are helpful at every stage of selling. Launches, however, are particularly important as they provide you with a quick profit and let you establish a foothold in your niche.

A typical launch strategy is to offer a deep discount on the price to help you make strong sales. This, in turn, helps you optimize your listing and rank well for your chosen keywords. Without the right data, however, it’s easy to miscalculate when it comes to your launch. Viral Launch provides tools to help you identify the right price points and keywords to maximize your profits during the launch.

A strong launch does more than help you make money right away. It can carry over beyond the launch period and help you maintain an optimized listing even after you raise your prices. Here are the prices for launching services.

  • Uber Launch: $400 (one-time). Schedule up to a 15-day promotion. Includes real-time stats, single-use coupons, access to expert coaches, target 4 keywords.
  • Viral Subscription: $450/month. This is for sellers who want to create launches consistently. Schedule up to 90-day launches, access to all premium features. Covers one product, additional products for $300/month each.
  • Master Package: $2500/month. All features of Viral Subscription. Unlimited promotions for up to 12 products; add 3 additional products for $400.

Product Photography

It’s hard to calculate which is more important on Amazon: words (including keywords and product descriptions) or images. Suffice it to say that both play a huge role in determining your success. Without relevant, professional images, even the most optimized listings will not produce the desired results. You need to WOW your audience with striking photos as well as targeted keywords and descriptions.

Viral Launch creates custom, high-converting images for any industry. Here’s the pricing for photography services.

  • Conversion Starter Kit: $597. 3 to 5 stunning photos created based on expert analysis. Choose between white background or lifestyle images. Includes the use of models when necessary, professional post-production.
  • Conversion Master: $797. 6 to 9 stunning photos with all benefits of the Conversion Starter Kit.
  • Branding Expert: $1447. 12+ stunning photos. Includes all benefits of Conversion Master plus professional shot list and branding consultation.

Listing Optimization Service

If you’re looking for a done-for-you optimization service, Viral Launch has lots of experience working with top brands as well as smaller enterprises. This service lets you leverage Viral Launch’s professional copywriting experience combined with expert keyword research to ensure your listings are as compelling and optimized as possible. This includes:

  • Optimal product titles.
  • Precisely crafted bullet points.
  • Helpful and persuasive product listings.
  • Extensive keyword reports.
  • Optimization for international listings.

The pricing for optimization services:

  • Title Curation: $197. Includes an optimized product title.
  • Listing Optimization: $497. Includes title curation, optimized bullet points, product description, and suggested backend search term submission.
  • Optimization and Branding Consultation: $897. Includes Listing Optimization benefits, product presentation, brand analysis, and a conference call with a branding expert.

Listing Dojo: Split Testing

If you’re looking for a free and simple way to test out some of Viral Launch’s features, Listing Dojo is a good place to start. This is a split-testing platform that makes it easy for you to test important aspects of your listings to improve your results.

Listing Dojo is free to sign up for with no credit card required. You can test up to 150 active campaigns with comprehensive graphs and statistics. You also get access to Viral Launch’s expert customer service.

Viral Launch: A Powerful Resource For Amazon Sellers

Viral Launch offers many software tools and services to help you build a successful Amazon business. It will take much of the guesswork out of choosing products, finding profitable keywords, and outthinking the competition.

You should carefully look at the different plans and services offered by Viral Launch. You can take advantage of their free trials or sign up for Listing Dojo if you want to sample some of their products before investing. You should also compare it to its main alternatives, Jungle Scout (see our full JS review and get up to 50% off Jungle Scout), Helium 10 (our Helium 10 review and 50% off), and Seller Labs (Seller Labs review and discounts).


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