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If you want to build a successful business on Amazon, it helps to use the right tools. Sellics is a comprehensive software that automates many important tasks such as product research, finding the best keywords, tracking analytics, running paid ad campaigns and much more. In this Sellics review, we’ll explore the top features of Sellics and see if it provides good value to Amazon sellers. Any Sellics discounts, if available, will be monitored and mentioned as well.

What is Sellics?

Sellics is an all-in-one e-commerce software that performs a variety of functions. There are three separate editions: the Seller, Vendor, and Agency editions. If you sell products directly to the public, you’re a seller. Vendors sell products wholesale directly to Amazon. Agencies cater to clients who sell on Amazon. We’ll be focusing primarily on Seller features but will also discuss the other editions.

Product Research

Your results on Amazon start with the products you choose. Many sellers err at this crucial stage, selecting products with insufficient demand or massive competition. Sellics helps set you on the right track by finding profitable in-demand products. Sellics has a simple process for generating product ideas.

  • Search by category. Get products using filters such as Jewelry, Automotive, Beauty, Sports, and others.
  • Get product suggestions with sales rank, weight (important for calculating shipping costs) buy box price, average star rating, and more.
  • Niche Analyzer. When choosing a niche, you need to consider factors such as sales volume and competition. Sellics lets you pull up this information quickly so you can calculate the potential profits of a niche.

Improve Your Keyword Rankings

If you want customers to find you on Amazon, you need to identify the keywords they’re using to search. Research indicates that 90% of customers don’t search beyond the first three pages of product listings. This means you must find keywords that let you rank on the first few pages.

Once you type in a seed keyword, Sellics will provide you with a list of suggestions along with the search volume. Sellics pulls data from the latest sales figures on Amazon, so you’ll be able to find the most profitable keywords. This will help you uncover valuable keywords that you may not have known about, including longtail keywords.

Sellics also lets you track your keyword rankings and see the results in simple charts. You can look at rankings over time to help you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Inventory Management

Managing your inventory is a crucial aspect of running a profitable e-commerce business. If you run out of popular items, you lose sales. On the other hand, overstocking products can harm your cash flow. Sellics provides an efficient system for keeping track of your inventory.

You upload the lead time for your products, and you’ll get a recommendation, based on sales velocity, on the optimal time for re-ordering. You’ll be able to know exactly when you’re likely to run out of an item.

Monitor the Competition

As an Amazon seller, you need to keep a close eye on your competition at all times. You want to know about it if someone selling the same product lowers their price or starts using new keywords. Sellics provides useful tools to track your competition.

  • Monitor prices. You’ll be able to see the lowest and highest prices for products and stay alert to price changes.
  • Monitor the Buybox. You’ll be able to quickly find out which products you hold the Buybox for and which you don’t. You’ll also see statistics for Buybox share for the top 5 sellers of any product. This informs you about who your most dangerous competitors are.
  • Track competitors’ sales. The Spy feature lets you see the exact sales figures for your competitors.
  • Stop hijackers. Hijacking is a major challenge on Amazon. Dishonest competitors may undermine your sales by undercutting your listing with a lower price. In many cases, hijackers sell knock-off versions of brands. Sellics will instantly inform you of anyone hijacking your products so you can have their listing removed.

Manage Amazon PPC Campaigns

Amazon pay-per-click advertising is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your listings. It’s essential, however, to invest wisely, so you bid on the right keywords and don’t overpay. Sellics helps you maximize your Amazon PPC listings.

  • Automate your campaigns. Automated bidding software lets you create optimized campaigns to save time and get the best possible ROAS. Your keyword bids are raised or lowered automatically based on ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale).
  • Track Performance. Sellics provides more detailed and intuitive charts than Amazon Seller Reports. You’ll get easy to understand visual data for all KPIs.
  • Access to historical data. Make more informed decisions based on past campaign data you don’t get from Seller Central.

Manage Reviews

The reviews you get (or don’t get) on Amazon have a powerful impact on your sales. Even a single negative review can scare away potential customers. You need to keep close track of reviews at all times.

Checking reviews manually is not efficient when you have lots of product listings. Sellics makes it easy to manage your reviews by providing you with instant notifications for each new product review. You can sort reviews by rating so you can quickly respond to negative ones.

You can use filters to highlight positive reviews so you can extract useful information. For example, if customers are happy about a particular feature, you can list it in the bullet points for the listing.

Pricing for Seller Edition

The Seller Edition includes all Amazon markets, unlimited products & keywords, and all other Seller Edition features mentioned above.

  • Monthly: $67/month, pay-as-you-go.
  • Biannual: $57/month.
  • Annual: $47/month.

Only one Seller Central is integrated per marketplace. For every additional Seller Central/ Sellics account created, you will receive a 20% discount. Reach out to the Sellics team via chat once you’ve created all your accounts.

We also have the following exclusive Sellics Seller Edition coupon codes to share with our readers;

Vendor Edition

The Vendor Edition has several modules to make your Amazon business more profitable.

  • Customer Feedback. Lets you monitor and respond to feedback quickly.
  • Content & SEO. Optimize product listings and Amazon SEO.
  • Monitor Buybox shares for yourself and any third-party sellers that market your products.
  • Retail Analytics. Track live ARA sales data.
  • AMS module. Automate bidding for AMS campaigns.

Pricing for the Vendor Edition depends on the number of modules, marketplaces, and ASINs per marketplace. The more modules you add, the lower is the price for each module. You can get a 14-day free trial for whichever combination you make..

Agency Edition and Managed Services

Sellics also has authorized agencies who will manage your campaigns, whether you’re a seller or vendor. This is appropriate for companies that don’t want to spend the time or resources handling these tasks themselves.

You can search for an agency that meets your needs based on criteria such as location, services offered, and languages. In addition to the services mentioned above, many agencies can help you with other e-commerce tasks such as photography, AdWords campaigns, and more.

Sellics also has in-house managed services to manage your Amazon ad campaigns. They’ll set up automated bidding for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns.

Free Resources

Sellics has quite a few free resources to help anyone get better results on Amazon. These are worth studying whether or not you decide to try their paid services.

  • Sellics Academy. A series of video courses on topics related to Amazon selling such as Amazon SEO, Product Research, Amazon Sponsored Brands, and more. These courses are a valuable resource if you have or plan to launch an Amazon store.
  • Sonar Keyword Tool. An extensive database of product/keyword combinations. It only shows keywords for ASINs ranking on the first page of search results.
  • Weekly Webinar. An introduction to Sellics for Amazon Sellers. This webinar is designed to encourage you to sign up for the service. However, it’s a good resource to find out more about how the Amazon marketplace works as well as the benefits offered by Sellics.

Is Sellics a Good Value?

There are many aspects to running a successful Amazon business. It’s challenging to keep track of everything manually. It also gets confusing if you start using lots of tools and services for different tasks. Sellics is a powerful all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to gain an advantage on Amazon. It can save you a great deal of time on tasks such as product and keyword research, tracking the competition, managing your inventory, and more.

If you want to save time and get better results with Amazon, it’s worth trying the 14-day free trial and checking out some of the free resources such as the video courses and webinar. Sellics can make a real difference when it comes to making real inroads with your e-commerce business.



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