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Anyone who creates games or writes fantasy or science fiction understands the importance of creating vivid and believable worlds. The world you create determines how realistic and compelling the story is. World Anvil is a tool that helps you create and manage rich and original worlds for your readers or players. In this World Anvil review, we’ll take a look at the features, benefits, and special World Anvil discounts for our readers.

The Challenge of Worldbuilding

Writers and gamemasters need to create rich, original, and believable worlds. Consistency is critical, as readers are quick to notice contradictions. For example, if your planet has two moons in one section and three in another, your credibility is immediately harmed. Keeping your worlds consistent is a real challenge when you’re writing a novel or, perhaps, even a series. World Anvil helps with every aspect of creating and managing your world. The following are helpful features for anyone involved in worldbuilding, whether you’re a gamemaster, player, writer, or another creative.

  • Interactive maps. Maps are fundamental to worldbuilding. They are for you as well as your readers or players. You can even create articles from your maps.
  • Create to-do lists.
  • Embed audio and video. Add words, sound effects, or music to make your worlds more realistic and compelling.
  • Search bar. As your worlds get more complex, you may need to search for characters, events, or places. The search bar lets you find anything by typing in 3 letters.
  • When creating a world with a history, it’s essential to keep your timelines straight. Create timelines for characters, countries, planets, etc.
  • Organize worlds. World Anvil lets you group characters and events into nested categories so you can keep track of everything. You can also display categories on your world page.
  • Resources for worldbuilding. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced creator of worlds, there’s always more to learn. World Anvil has a useful Worldbuilding Knowledgebase to guide you.
  • Get followers and subscribers. The site functions as a social network to attract followers and subscribers to your work. Many members support each other’s work, so it’s an excellent place to attract fans.

World Anvil also offers various features for different types of users. Access to features depends on whether you’re a free or paid member.

Tools For Writers

World creation is a crucial aspect of writing if you’re in fantasy or science fiction genres.

  • Plan your entire novel. World Anvil has its comprehensive writing software, Manuscripts, with features such as split-screen viewing to access your worldbuilding Bible easily. Cloud-based software lets you work from any device and import or export your files from other applications.
  • Be part of a writing community. Writing is usually a solitary process, so it can help to draw inspiration and share ideas with others. If you have a question or run into a complex problem regarding world building, you can get help from the large and growing World Anvil community.
  • Build your brand and platform. You can use World Anvil as a base to build your influence and monetize your writing. With access to flexible tools that let you release a chapter or whole book at a time. You can also add music and create audiobooks.
  • Make your world public or private. You have a choice of creating public worlds that anyone can see or keep them private. Even when your world is public, it’s still your intellectual property, and others can’t use it. However, you may want to share your ideas for discussion or build your fan base.

You might also be interested in other tools for writers. See our Scrivener review (and a Scrivener discount), as well as ProWritingAid review and discount.

Tools For Gamemasters

World Anvil has a comprehensive set of features to create worlds and manage RPG campaigns. The following are some gamester (GM) tools to help you manage your campaigns.

  • Create and run your campaigns. Invite players, manage sessions, have control over everything from one screen.
  • You can either work on your own or collaborate with other players to contribute to each other’s lore and stories.
  • Save notes for future use. You can easily save your ideas, so they don’t get lost.
  • Be part of a global community. The Anvil World community consists of over 750,000 users, with whom you can exchange ideas and tips.

Tools For Players

If you’re an avid player of D&D or other RPGs, World Anvil helps you in many ways.

  • Supports more than 30 systems, including Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Star Wars, Cyberpunk, Fate, Call of Cthulhu, Starfinder, Star Trek Adventures, Battletech, and many others. You can also become a grandmaster and create your own.
  • Create and keep track of your characters. RPG character creator helps you create and manage your characters. Create profiles of your original characters. Easily keep track of important information such as game notes and spell slots.
  • Manage equipment, special items & spells. It helps you keep track of essential items and use them effectively.

Free and Paid Accounts

You can join World Anvil as a free member or upgrade and access more features. Here’s a summary of what you get with each plan.

  • Freeman: Free access to all basic features. Create two worlds, 100 MB storage, maps, timelines, article templates, 175 articles.
  • Journeyman: $50/year. Includes all basic features, 1 GB storage, unlimited articles, five worlds, five subscribers, two co-owners/editors/writers, advanced world homepage, ads removed, themes & CSS personalization, productivity tools.
  • Master: $58/year. 2 GB storage, ten worlds, four co-owners/writers/editors, ten subscribers, advanced map features, advanced customization, family trees, more.
  • Grandmaster: $105/year. 5 GB storage, unlimited worlds, 9 co-owners/editors/writers, 100 subscribers, customizable content trees & charts, custom article templates, RPG character sheets, customizable categories, more.
  • Sage: For those seeking to earn income from their worlds. $175/month or $300/year. All Grandmaster features plus 1,000 subscribers, 20 authors, 10 GB storage, white-label worlds, Google Analytics integration, custom world domain/URL, and more.

World Anvil Discounts

World Anvil offers evergreen discounts to students – see the student discount details here.

Additional World Anvil discounts are offered periodically on holidays and special occasions. At the time of writing, the discount code WELCOME22 provided a 50% discount on all annual accounts.

Additional discounts are available for new users after signing up for a free account. Contact us if you don’t see any discount available.

World Anvil 50 0ff coupon codePinWorld Anvil: Many Useful Tools for Worldbuilding

Building worlds is an exciting yet challenging process. The better organized you are, the more vivid and coherent your worlds will be. World Anvil has an impressive set of tools for gamesters, players, writers, and creatives that simplify the process. It also provides you with access to a large community of fellow world builders, including potential fans and collaborators. World Anvil is a powerful resource if you want to enhance your worldbuilding abilities as well as your ability to network with fellow enthusiasts. If you want to check out the resources, it’s worthwhile to sign up as a free member and try out some of the tools.

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