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Writing is a skill that almost everyone needs. Whether you’re a student, business owner, job seeker, or an actual writer, you need a fairly complex set of skills. Good writing has to be grammatically correct, free of spelling errors, and easy to understand. You have to find the best word for the occasion and use it in the right place. You also have to be careful to avoid plagiarism.

All of this isn’t easy if you’re not an experienced writer (and even if you are!). ProWritingAid is a tool that simplifies many of these tasks and makes writing easier for everyone. It’s designed to cover the whole gamut of writing needs, including fiction, academic, business, and other types of writing.

We’ve reviewed the main features of ProWritingAid, and also got an exclusive ProWritingAid discount code (25% off). Read further below to find and use the code. [April 2023: A limited amount of 40%, 45%, and 50% discount codes for new users are available; contact us to claim yours while supplies last].

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Features of ProWritingAid

Here are some of the most notable features of ProWritingAid.

  • Editing – At the very least, you want your writing to be error-free. If you have spelling or grammatical mistakes, your message is immediately discredited. It’s easy to make mistakes even if you’re familiar with the rules of spelling and grammar. ProWritingAid will spot your mistakes and help you correct them.
  • Improve Style and Usage – Writing can be grammatically correct and still suffer from awkward phrasing, run-on sentences, clichés, and other issues. A typical spelling and grammar checker won’t help you with these problems, but ProWritingAid will. For example, it will inform you if you overuse certain words in a letter, article, or story. You can then use the thesaurus to find synonyms that help it flow better.
  • Integration With Many Platforms – ProWritingAid works with many popular applications, including Google Chrome, Scrivener, Open Office, and MS Word.
  • Word Explorer – This is a tool unique to ProWritingAid and includes a contextual thesaurus, cliché dictionary, rhymes (if you’re writing poetry, songs, or advertising jingles), alliteration dictionary, and more. This lets you find the perfect word no matter what kind of writing you’re doing.
  • Reports – ProWritingAid generates up to 25 reports to help you focus on whatever issues are most important to you. There are reports for grammar, clichés, overused words, writing style, and much more. This helps you identify areas in your writing that need work and guides you toward making improvements.
  • Works with Windows and Mac – All of the applications work with Windows. Mac users can use the desktop app, the Google Docs add-on, or the web-based online editor.

Free vs. Premium

You can use many of ProWritingAid’s features for free, though you have to register. This includes the editing tool, which is tailored to your writing style and has more than 20 reports. With the free version, you’re limited to editing 500 words at a time, and you can only use it online.

There are no word limits with the Premium version, and you can also download the desktop application. Another benefit is that you have integration with Google Docs, MS Word, Chrome, and Scrivener. This lets you write on your favorite platform while ProWritingAid guides and edits. The cost for Premium is $120 per year.

ProWritingAid Discount Codes

We reached out to the ProWritingAid team and negotiated a 25% discount for you and us!

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  • We also have a limited amount of 50% off ProWritingAid discount codes for new users. Contact us to claim yours.

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Avoid Plagiarism With Premium Plus

If you plagiarize (use content that’s not original), you face some serious consequences. At the very least, the search engines won’t consider your content original, and it will lose SEO value. Worst yet, you can face legal consequences if someone accuses you of plagiarizing their work. If you’re a student or academic writer, plagiarism can get you expelled and ruin your reputation. It’s easy to plagiarize without even realizing it. For example, you might read something and unconsciously rewrite it using similar phrasing at a later date. You need a reliable tool to spot plagiarism and avoid such problems.

ProWritingAid has the most advanced plagiarism-checking system available anywhere. To access it, you can either purchase packages as you go along or join ProWritingAid Premium Plus, which also includes all of Premium’s features. Premium Plus is $130 per year, only $10 more than Premium, and includes 60 plagiarism checks.

If you prefer to use the free version and still want plagiarism checks (if you opt for Premium, you may as well spend the extra $10 and go for Premium Plus), you can buy packages such as 10 checks for $10, 100 for $40, 500 for $120 or 1000 for $200. Unless you’re an academic writer or produce a very large number of articles, blog posts, or stories, it’s probably more economical to opt for Premium Plus, which still gives you almost one plagiarism check per week.

The same ProWritingAid discount code works on the PWA Premium Plus plan as well, so with the coupon code IMPROMO25, you will get 25% off.

Value and Recommendation

There are many writing tools online, both free and paid. ProWritingAid is one of, if not the most comprehensive. Unlike many such tools, this one goes far beyond simply checking for errors and provides a detailed analysis of style issues. This not only helps you identify problems, but it can also help you become a better writer.

ProWrtingAid is a good value for students, writers, business owners, and anyone who needs to communicate clearly with writing. Writing well helps you make a better impression on people and, if you’re in business, attract more customers. Students can use these skills to get better grades and avoid the always-looming danger of plagiarism. ProWritingAid is highly recommended if you want to simplify writing tasks for any purpose and improve your writing skills.

Try ProWritingAid For Free!

Use ProWritingAid Discount Code IMPROMO25 for 25% Off Any Plan

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