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Let me know if this sounds a bit familiar to you. You come up with a great idea and want to pitch it to your team or boss. Everything is mapped out perfectly in your head, and you’ve already gotten the water cooler approval from your most trusted ally at work.

But then you find yourself scrambling to put together an engaging presentation, and you burn yourself out because designing a presentation is not as easy as it seems. Next thing you know, your bootstrap presentation doesn’t hold a candle to your brilliant idea, and you scrap the entire thing. 

Luckily, now there’s a way to make your presentations fun, fast, and creative; it’s called Ludus.One. In this Ludus review, we’ll cover all of its unique features and benefits to see if it can help you bring your next idea to life. We’ll also cover the Ludus One pricing and see if you can get your hands on any Ludus discounts.


What is Ludus.One?


Many people think presentations are just marketing tools. Ludus.One wants to expand this idea by having an extremely user-friendly platform to create communication content among teams, clients, and partners.

They don’t focus heavily on editing text or creating vibrant images. Instead, they’ve created a place where designers and developers can share ideas using informative and engaging presentations. 

Some of the key benefits of using Ludus include:

  • Lighting Fast Design. The drag and drop presentation builder is super quick and easy to use. Find the elements you want, such as a text box or graphics, and drag it anywhere on the slide. 
  • Third-Party Integrations. Adding pictures from your Dropbox account or embedding code into your presentation is just a few clicks away with Ludus. You can even throw in some cool YouTube videos as backgrounds for your slides or GIFs to break up any monotony. 
  • Seamless Live Collaboration. Do you and your team need to get a presentation done ASAP? Ludus offers a live collaboration feature so you and a team member can work on one project simultaneously without getting in each other’s way. 
  • Work Offline. Ludus allows you to export your projects to either PDF or HTML to work on them even without internet access. 

The Problem With Other Presentation Software

Today, people want their information faster than ever. Whenever there’s a new idea or a product launch, companies need to have a presentation ready in a matter of days. Other presentation software platforms either have outdated features or don’t have a user-friendly interface. Ludus is a solution for companies to create mesmerizing presentations without any technical skills. 

Suppose you’re a developer and you have an idea you want to run by upper management. However, you primarily handle C++ and don’t have any idea of how to make a presentation.

Perhaps you were “certified” for Microsoft Powerpoint, but that was over a decade ago, and none of that information is applicable today.

Now you’re in a pickle because you have this brilliant idea and cannot create a presentation to showcase your creative genius to the higher-ups. With Ludus, anyone with basic computer knowledge can create winning presentations and effortlessly share them with team members. 

Even tech-savvy individuals struggle to make an attractive presentation. They spend far too much time trying to master the software, rather than creating the presentation itself. Ludus allows you to keep your focus on your idea and create a beautiful presentation in the process.

Who Should Use Ludus.One?

In the digital space, there are numerous areas where Ludus can be helpful. Here are a few examples of professionals that could enormously benefit from this presentation software:

  • Designers. If you’re a designer with a series of designs you want to showcase to your team, Ludus is a great tool. Since you already have the design skills, the super simple interface should be a piece of cake. 
  • Developers. Mapping out a new app or software project will require a presentation at some point. Having this handy tool by your side is sure to help.
  • Team Leaders. Whether you’re head of sales or director of marketing, Ludus can be at your side. Anytime you want to broadcast a new goal or campaign, having an engaging presentation for your team will help get the point across better.
  • Sales People. Going to pitch your company to new prospects can be intimidating. However, knowing you have a stunning presentation at the ready should ease some of your nerves.
  • Freelancers. Whether you already have customers or still looking to acquire ones, using Ludus will make you look like a real pro. Presentations of this quality are sold for $300-$1000 on freelance platforms such as Fiverr.

Ludus.One Pricing & Discounts

If you’re sold on Ludus and are curious about the price, we’ve got you covered. Ludus has two different pricing options: 

  • Solo Plan ($19.99/month)
  • Team Plan ($29.98/month)

Both plans give you access to all of the features and offer unlimited storage and presentations. The only difference between the two options is the Team Plan allows you to have two users instead of one. 

You can also add more users, which will increase the price by roughly $15 per user per month (or $10 if you go yearly). Not too shabby if you work in a large team and are continually churning out presentations. 

If you decide to go with the annual plan you will save 25% on the Ludus Solo Plan and 33% on the Ludus Team Plan.

If you’re a student or a teacher, you can contact Ludus at covid19@Ludus.One and ask for a 75% student/teacher discount.

Other than that, Ludus offers a free trial where you can test run their software for 30 days, no payment method required. A 30-day free trial is pretty generous, and we believe it’s more than enough time to learn whether or not this presentation software is for you.

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Creating presentations can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With Ludus, you can wow your co-workers and deliver informative information all neatly wrapped in a stylish slideshow presentation.

We hope this Ludus review has given you a better idea of their software and might help you determine whether or not it’s for you. Since they offer a 30-day free trial, there’s no risk involved with giving Ludus a try. Start making beautiful presentations and bring your ideas to life today.



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