Glen Allsopp (ViperChill) New Product – Marketing Inc. 2.0 Review


This is a short intro into Glen’s ( new product, Marketing Inc. 2.0. This review is mainly aiming his long time readers and followers, ones who are familiar with his writing on and his previous products. Glen’s blogs are on the must read list of many top online marketers, and I recommend it as well to anyone who wants to open his mindset to new ways of thinking. Other than that, the man can write! In an era of so many blogs, it’s hard to keep me eager reading someone’s content, but Glen does that, time after time.

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What Is Marketing Inc. 2.0?

Glen and his partner Diggy are releasing a training course in which they teach people how to use skills they already have to build a highly profitable niche marketing company. That is NOT another course on how to build a niche website, affiliate offers and etc and etc. This is about using the skills and knowledge you have by now (as online marketers, we know about the online world more than 99.98% of the population) and build an online agency/service, targeting specific niche clients. In some way, it reminds of the Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency program. You will see 4 free informational videos dripping daily, before receiving the offer to upgrade. The offer will be closed on July 2nd.

Marketing Inc. 2.0 Costs

First, you can watch the 4 free videos and get a sense of the course. Afterward, the price would be $1997 or 4 payments of $547.

Am I Buying This?

I have previously bought three products by Glen and Diggy. One is the OptinSkin plugin you can see on the right of this page (the subscription box). Though Glen sold ownership over this a while ago, this has always been one of the best products for this purpose and you can see it being used by top bloggers, including on Pat Flynn’s site.

The second product I purchased from them buying into their private blog network. I have been a member for a few months and left afterward. The service was legit and as promised- lot’s of customer care involvement in the process, links provided on time and etc. However, at some point, I did not want to proceed with this type of risky marketing and that’s why I seized this offer (though their network is still active and effective).

Third product I bought into was their VIP niche ideas premium info. This was not an expensive product (about $67 as far as I remember) however the ideas I got there are worth way more. Again, a legit and worth the money product.

I will not be getting into Marketing Inc. 2.0 at the moment because I believe one needs to have the mindset and the time to be dedicated to this cause at this given time. And at this time I am very occupied with other projects. However, I am confident, that as with previous products they have released, this one will have tons of value – to those who are willing to dedicate themselves to this cause.

Learn More About Marketing Inc. 2.0

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