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If you have a business and do any kind of online marketing, you will need a variety of tools to help you in areas such as customer service, web design, SEO, and content creation. You may already own various software programs and subscribe to various services or you may be researching your best choices for certain tasks. These apps, programs, and services can be costly, especially as you start to accumulate them. There’s now a more economical alternative: Briefcase. This is an efficient and cost-efficient way to gain access to many tools for the price of a single subscription.

Briefcase is a curated bundle of applications that provides you access to more than $1,000 per month worth of premium software for a single price of $49 per month. There’s a diverse and ever-increasing number of applications that cover categories such as marketing, finance, design, analytics, SEO, content, and more. This lets you replace many costly subscriptions and memberships with a single one. Subscribing to Briefcase provides you with many capabilities to improve your business while saving you hundreds of dollars per month. Here are some of the applications that are included with a Briefcase membership.


Analytics tools help you track your marketing campaigns. Some of the data analytics products that you get with Briefcase include Website Auditor, which gives you a detailed, page-by-page analysis of your website and guidance on how to optimize your site for SEO. This subscription alone has a $49/month value.

Social Insider analyzes your competitors’ social media campaigns and gives you insights on how to make the most of your own campaigns. With Briefcase, you get access to their Pro Plan, a $69/month value. Spark Chart lets you design professional surveys with an analysis of your results with unlimited users and projects, a $40/month value.


You get a good selection of design tools as well, such as Clipman, which lets you create professional business videos that integrate with Facebook ads. These videos are efficient for any type of e-commerce, whether you sell products on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. This service normally costs $97/month. DesignBold is a design tool for creating flyers, brochures, webinars, resumes, and many other items with more than 4,000 professional templates. ShortPixel Large Pro lets you compress and optimize images to help make your website faster and more SEO-friendly. These are just a few of the design tools that Briefcase offers.

Sales and Marketing

Briefcase has a large selection of tools for sales and marketing. If you want to book more leads and improve conversions by providing prospects with instant demos, you’ll appreciate CrankWheel, a $75/month service. Book Like A Boss does just what the name implies, making it simple to book, schedule, and invoice customers for any type of business. FollowUp Personal CRM is a simple and efficient CRM that helps you manage your business relationships. EpicBeat helps you find relevant content for any niche, informs you of recent trends and identifies influencers with whom you might form strategic partnerships.


If you have or plan to start an e-commerce site, one or more of Briefcase’s tools can be a big help. Linklay Pro Plan lets you create shoppable images for two websites. You also get access to Invanto Suite, which has many apps for creating online courses and managing affiliates. The retail value is $297/month. Omnify Studio Plan is a cloud-based system for scheduling, booking, and managing clients, a $49/month value.


Briefcase includes several outstanding solutions for managing your business’s expenses and cash flow. provides you access to more than 600 master classes taught by experts on startups and business management. In addition to classes and live discussions, this membership also gives you several valuable tools: BizplanLaunchrock, and FundableDryrun helps you forecast cash flow and sales and create budgets. The Billy Premium Plan is a simple tool for financial reporting and managing invoices and expenses.

Content Creation and Distribution Tools

If your business needs tools for creating and distributing content, either through your website or social media, Briefcase covers this as well. Slideshop gives you a collection of over 16,000 presentation decks to help you create professional slideshows and other content, a $49/month value. PromoRepublic has many tools for creating compelling social media posts, with 6,000 premium templates. MissingLettr lets you create 12-month social media campaigns that bring you traffic and engagement, another $49/month product if purchased on its own. CloudApp is one of the best systems for creating tutorials for your team or customers on technical topics, with features for creating annotated screenshots, videos, and screencasts.


Many of the analytics, content and design tools already covered are also helpful for SEO. In addition to these, you get access to SE Ranking, an efficient all-in-one SEO tool that has backlink monitoring, analysis of competition, keyword tracking, and website audit to help your website rank better in the search engines.

Briefcase Discounts and Promotions

On Cyber Monday through Black Friday (ending on Nov 24), you can get hundreds of Dollars worth of bonuses, Amazon and Appsumo credits, and a trip to Texas for a Business Growth Experience. See here for more details.

Briefcase Delivers Exceptional Value

Because it includes such a vast array of services for a single price, Briefcase offers businesses an exceptional opportunity to save money on many essential tools. The above is only a partial listing and the membership actually includes quite a bit more. In all likelihood, you won’t need all of these tools. However, if you use even a handful of them, you’ll be saving a substantial amount each month. Many of these subscriptions cost $49 or more on their own. Once you subscribe to Briefcase, you can look at the offerings and perhaps start using tools you hadn’t even thought about before but which could help your business.

Briefcase is not a static membership but one that’s always evolving. The owners are always looking to add new tools and subscriptions to provide even greater value. This is a great deal for anyone who has a business or who’s planning on starting one soon. Many of these tools can help you create a more professional and profitable business for a surprisingly low price. Briefcase also offers a free trial to give you a flavor of what this valuable membership can do for you.

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