Get a Facebook Ad Coupon Code Voucher 2015 (Almost) For FREE


Are you looking for a Facebook ad coupon code or a Facebook voucher? Then you know how hard it is (if not impossible) to find these Facebook ad coupon codes in 2015. But here, not only I will feed you with the fish, I will show you how to fish and thus feed yourself for a lifetime. Alright, and if you don’t get this phrase, it means I will show you how you can get $50 Facebook ad coupons by yourself from now on!

2020 Update: Read the 2020 Facebook ad coupons post here.

FB Coupon Sellers On Fiverr

Services That Provide Coupons To Users

Oh yeah, and magic has its price, so read below the restrictions (who can’t use these Facebook coupons) and requests (why do I share this info);

Short note; you can easily get unlimited amounts of these ad coupons here for $5-$15 ( Verified and working. Just sign-up/join Fiverr, search for Facebook vouchers in the search bar, and get the FB coupons along with many other promotional materials for your fan page and business, such as; more fans, likes, banners, practically a bank of unlimited Facebook promo methods for your FB page).

50 usd facebook couponPin

In order for these Facebook ad coupons to work you have to:

  • Have a new Facebook ads account. Meaning you created your FB advertiser account within the last 15 days, otherwise, you cannot redeem the coupon. You don’t fit? Find a friend or a relative who does and wouldn’t mind letting you use his FB account in order to both get the coupon and use it on his account.
  • You can use only 1 Facebook ad coupon per 1 account.
  • The coupon code must be activated within 30 days and the credit expires within 90 days of activation.
  • You do need to enter your PayPal or CC to Facebook in order to activate the coupon.
  • You can not use the same PP or CC to activate coupons on multiple accounts.
  • The coupons should work worldwide, however, some countries might have a problem sometimes with these, probably due to high fraud occurrences.
  • And how do you activate the coupons you’ve received? Read all about it on Facebook advertising credits & coupons guidelines.

Snap Your Coupon!

My account after redeeming a $50 Facebook ads coupon code

Okay, so that’s all with the restrictions. And now to my request:

So Look around first. Find a tool you need and want.

Now send me an email to info[at]impromocoder[dot]com  (or use the contact form), with the line “Facebook ad coupon” in the subject. Write down what tool you would like to buy once you learn how to get the $50 Facebook coupons. And that’s it. I will send you the method and if it works for you, I trust your word on it that you will also get one of the best internet marketing tools offered here as well.

Why do I force you to go through this process? Well, because this method is worth a lot. Yes, you can even make money out of it. And I want to give it to my friends and readers first of all. Plus, there is no risk at it for you at all. If the method doesn’t work, you don’t have to buy anything (unless you want to).

So what are you waiting for? Send me an email with the details specified above and get your own $50 Facebook ads coupon!

p.s. If you’re too shy to drop an email or can’t find anything on this site that you want, you can always buy these Facebook advertising coupons here (for $5).

32 Comments To Get a Facebook Ad Coupon Code Voucher 2015 (Almost) For FREE

  1. Vikram CL says:

    Hello bro,
    I Want to buy your Products, if your trick works for me for sure.
    Thanks a lot 🙂

    • IMPromoCoder says:

      Hi Vikram, please read again the post and see whether you profile fits (You need a new FB ads account and a valid CC). Many people enjoy using these Facebook ads coupons on a daily basis, and no reason for this not to work for you as well.

  2. Facebook Coupon Code says:

    Hi there, thanks for the post!! I tried on of the sites you listed: and ordered a code. Got it instantly like advertised and it worked like a charm!! So thanks!

  3. Frank Beni says:

    Hey there, since I was interested in purchasing micro niche finder – shot you an email already. Though didn’t get any response – wondering if you actually got it?


  4. Tadas says:

    Thanks for everything mate! Your website is very interesting for me.


  5. Ahmad says:

    Hey, you would be amazing if youre post completely applicable… but ive got one question:
    lets say I use many friends FB accounts to apply these coupons, can it be utilized on the same fan page? and can I use one single paypal account?

    • IMPromoCoder says:

      Regarding whether you can advertise the same page using several different accounts & coupons, I can’t say 100% for sure but I believe it shouldn’t be an issue.
      Regarding payment methods – no, these have to be unique and valid credit cards on the users accounts (even if you eventually make payments with PayPal after the coupon was used).

  6. jessy says:


    I have 1 question, So if I use my PP to activate fb coupon in friends account then I can’t use that pp in my account ? Is that you mean to say ?

    • IMPromoCoder says:

      No, you need to have a valid CC to activate these. One CC can activate these coupons only once. So your payment method can fund advertising on various accounts but can activate a coupon only on one.

  7. neha arora says:

    I need 6X$50 facebook coupon, but i dont hav paypal (paypal not working) do u have any payment gate way

    • IMPromoCoder says:

      As long as you have a valid, bank issued credit card (not some virtual/pre-paid card), you shouldn’t have any problems with redeeming the facebook ad coupon.

  8. shelly bik says:

    i wonder ur selling fb coupons.. but gota only “448 people likes” “IMPromocoder”
    hav u ever try ur coupon on ur Page 🙂

    • IMPromoCoder says:

      I am not selling the coupons, I merely show you where/how to get them.
      One person can use the coupon only once ( per account/per payment method), and yes I have used a coupon successfully. Not sure how many likes you think $50 are worth? It’s all about the audience you’re targeting. Besides, you can’t force people to hit the like button.

  9. Thanks for sharing the link to that fiverr gigg. it’s been long have been hunting for such gigg. Gracias!

  10. Cyracks Zenda says:

    Thank you for dropping these facebook coupon codes and where to get them cheap. I have bookmarked this page because i intend to purchase one in few days. Especially the one on fiverr.

  11. Anayo Xzynwa says:

    Thanks for exposing such a great information.Off to the fiverr link to get myself a facebook ad coupon.

  12. Dezione Davis says:

    After reading the comments (good) I am so anxious to receive my coupon. Man if this works, I will definitely advertise for you! Thanks in advance. 24hrs feels like a kid at Christmas Eve.

    • IMPromoCoder says:

      Well, Christmas is still a long way to go, but no reason for this not to work for you. Hundreds of people have used facebook ads coupons successfully and saved some promotion money while at it. Best of luck and invest what you saved in additional marketing efforts.

  13. Sujit Dubey says:

    I got 50$ from Facebook and also got promotional code but i am confused that is this code free or will Facebook take any charge instead of this promotional code? kindly suggest me….

    • IMPromoCoder says:

      You do need to have a valid payment method. Once you enter the facebook coupon you will see $50 in your balance. Your first $50 expenditure will be taken of that balance and any further expense will be taken of your credit card / PayPal.
      Good luck.

  14. Ian says:

    does it mean, that I can have old FB account, but if I never advertised before in this account, I can use your coupon to get 50$ free ads?

    • IMPromoCoder says:

      That’s right. If the FB account didn’t create an advertising account, nor did your payment method was used by another FB account, then you are eligible to get and use the facebook advertising coupon.

  15. Rohin says:

    Hi There, I have used a facebook coupon that I receieved with my hosting account. Can I use another facebook coupon straight away?

    • IMPromoCoder says:

      No, you can use only one coupon per facebook account and per payment method. Thus, to use another facebook ads coupon you will need to activate it by another FB account, and entering a different payment method than the one used for your first coupon.
      Hope that helps.

  16. giay nam says:

    facebook ad coupon ! thank you

  17. suc khoe says:

    Thanks for exposing such a great information.Off to the fiverr link to get myself a facebook ad coupon.

  18. humayun says:

    Sir please give me the proper Fiver website link where i can purchase the Facebook voucher. i searched but i did not find it.

  19. Peter Vu says:


    1. Coupons’ expiry date: 30 days after delivery. Facebook Ads Credit will valid 90 days after.

    2. Use only for NEW Facebook Ads Account less than 14 days old that NEVER used coupon/voucher before.

    3. Only 1 code per 1 Account & per UNIQUE Credit card.

    4. Works Worldwide

    Quantity is very LIMITED.

    Coupon $50 Facebook Ads for $7 in here.


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