LinkedIn Premium Discount Coupons 2014


Unless your employer is paying for it, the following LinkedIn Premium discount coupons are a great way to save at least 60% of the yearly cost, and still enjoy the vast majority of the benefits a LinkedIn Premium account offers.

What do I do with the $144 saved annually? I invest it right back into my business by promoting it with cool and cheap crowdsourcing jobs. I would also suggest the LinkedIn addicts invest in the most appreciated online LinkedIn course, which will turn you into a real LinkedIn pro.

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Alright, and now back to the LinkedIn Premium discount. We are all well familiar with the three LinkedIn premium plans offered – the  Business account offered at $19.95 a month, the Business Plus account offered at $39.95 a month, and the Executive account, offered at $74.95 a month (prices as if all billed annually).

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However, by pressing this link here, you will reach LinkedIn’s unfamiliar, somehow hidden, cheap premium account – the Personal Plus account. Priced at $7.95 a month (billed annually), it is very similar to the Business account and differs from it by only two visibility parameters. It lacks the 3 monthly InMail messages and the ability to see the full profiles of the 3rd-degree persons in your network. The latter is very easy to bypass (simply look for the person’s partial name, plus his position on Google, and you will find a link to his completely visible LinkedIn account). So the only actual difference is the 3 monthly InMails. It is up to you whether this alone is worth paying more than twice as much.

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And that’s the story of LinkedIn premium discounts, no LinkedIn coupons are needed. Have you tried the Personal Plus account? Did it meet your expectations? Share it with us below!

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